I can’t believe my luck. Still. I got a twitter DM from Katherine two weeks ago and she told me that I’ve just won the 25,000th Facebook fan prize for Tony Fernandes’ page. And guess what my random click has won me? A fully sponsored trip to Abu Dhabi by Air Asia, along with the tickets by Lotus Racing to enjoy the final and the most exciting race of the Formula1 2010 season! Yes, you read it right! I’ll be at The Yas Marina this weekend with Tony and rest of the Lotus Racing Team. Woot!

I’m an engineer by profession. I love gadgets and technologies that relate to speed, anything from bits and bytes per second to the spinning set of carbon-rimmed wheels. That simply translates how fantastic this experience is going to be for me. On top of the tickets, Lotus Racing is also getting me the paddock access *woohoo*,and that means I’m going to be at the heart of the action, watching every second of the thrilling minutes unfold in front of me – the speed, performances, game mechanics, the winning moments and the extraordinary team spirit of the champions. And needless for me to say about the exceptional surroundings, magnificent foooooddd and race queens 😉

On the other half, I’m a photographer by passion. I practice photography as a creative art. I always take time to look at amazing tiny little details and to concentrate breathtaking moments that breeze my way. I focus on moments that give a gesture and capture them all through my lens. Usually, my photos speak louder than my words. Travel photography being my favorite niche, I enjoy framing places, nature, people and moments. Now, that couldn’t complement better to what I have just won. Expect some brilliant photos to come soon. I’m aching to freeze some spectacular moments around the paddock, behind-the-race actions, off-the-track scenes, The Yas Marina and breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi at once.

On top of everything, I’m most excited about meeting Tony and rest of the team. Tony is a man who has always inspired me not to give up on my dreams. Not just him alone; I tend to find the entire Lotus Racing Team to be full of inspiring and passionate bunch of people. If you happen to flip through AirAsia’s Travel3Sixty issue for November, you’ll believe me more. I’m so thrilled at knowing I’ll be meeting Heikki, Jarno, Fairuz, Ananda, Mike, Cyril and rest of the Lotus Racing Team very soon. It’s going to be absolutely amazing! My sincere thanks to The Group CEO, Tony Fernandes and Air Asia for this great opportunity.

You’ll be hearing more from me this weekend. Keep an eye on my Facebook, tweets and my blog space at www.puvanan.com for interesting updates and frame-ups. Cheers!!


  • James Lim

    Congratulations Tony Fernandes on your winning the bet against Richard Branson.

    Now we want to see Branson wearing the AirAsia flight attendant’s uniform on the longest destination flight AirAsia had at the moment!