Finally, the miniature version of 9M-XAC has arrived.

I found it at the Air Asia LCCT kiosk yesterday (11th Oct).

It’s a Limited Edition 1:200 scale model with landing gear.

I heard the best seats are towards at the rear end of starboard… hmmm, wonder why?

So, for all you avid collectors (and I know there are many of you out there), you better make a “home run” for this limited edition miniature before they run out. Retailing at RM 139 per piece, I’d say it’s an “excellent” buy.



  • Kenneth

    Hi rahman, nice plane you got there. Lucky for me, my brother was in KL during the weekend and I manage to get him to buy me one. You are absolutely right, my name IS on the plane!! Hahaha! Enjoy yours, I’m certainly enjoying mine! Cheers mate!