In June 2008, our AirAsia flight from Sandakan to Kuala Lumpur arrived at the KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal just past midnight. We had booked to stay at a hotel near the main terminal building at KLIA and, unfortunately, we missed the last shuttle bus between the terminals by a couple of minutes. As the taxis at KLIA operate at a fixed rate, we were faced with a hefty bill for transferring between terminals in order to take the courtesy shuttle to our hotel.

However, we were lucky to bump into Muhammad Fairul Azhar Bih Hazli, a member of AirAsia Cabin Crew that joined around 9 months ago. We asked him whether he knew of any other way to transfer between terminals and he told us to wait a moment. Within minutes, and quite unexpectedly, Muhammad returned with his personal car and told us to jump in! He then insisted on taking us directly to our hotel (instead of the main terminal building)!

Muhammad seemed so enthusiastic about his job at AirAsia and I simply couldn’t let this act of kindness pass without informing others of it. As you will agree, this kind of treatment is certainly above and beyond the call of duty (particularly as this was after midnight and Muhammad must have been tired at the end of his shift!).

I wish that Muhammad could be formally commended for his kindness and dedication. He would certainly be my employee of the year if he worked for me!

All that remains is to say ‘thank you Muhammad,’ for the best possible service by a member of crew!