We were flying back from Hanoi on AK763 on 11 Oct recently where we had our management review there. There were about 37 passengers and we made up the biggest group and hence naturally we conquer the plane. Though everyone was tired, we could not sleep since we were waiting for the Pak Nasser nasi lemak after a few days consuming Vietnamese food.

As the stewardess pushed the cart along, we ordered variety of dishes and also requested them to ‘pull’ the tea for we are missing teh tarik at home. The stewardess (Haslina, Maisara, Norizwani & Zainudin) sportingly entertained our request. We ordered about 10 teh tarik and Haslina was the one who did it all. Though we teased her, she kept smiling all the way until we landed at LCCT.

We really enjoyed our flight and we would like to record our appreciation and thanks to the whole crew of the flight. Their courteous, not forgetting pretty & beautiful, manner really made us happy and welcomed. Their service are an example of the best in AirAsia. It was a pleasure for us to know them and cherish the memories.



  1. It’s nice to know that the stewardesses have some hidden skills! 😉

  2. I read somewhere that the stewardess are trained to handle hot drinks (coffee, tea..) in a crowded aisle on a moving aircraft..but teh tarik? I’m impressed!!

  3. Dzil Hisham Reply

    Well, you can ask Nina (Haslina) to demonstrate for you. She is quite adept on that. Dont know whether she learned it from the mamak or somewhere else. Hehehehe

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