Thank you all for participating in our ‘Korean Secret Box Challenge’! We’ve had an overwhelming response that just left us speechless.

We know a lot of you’ve been cracking your heads and searching every nook of cyberspace the past few days to find the answers. Fret no longer as we have the answers to the hints right here:
1. BB Cream
2. Kimchi
3. Ginseng / Red Ginseng / Korean Ginseng
4. Super Junior Album
5. Janggu / Korean Hourglass Drum
6. Spectacles / Glasses

If you’ve got all the answers correctly, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve done wonderfully! Now is the time to reveal our winners!

Drum roll please…

The winners are:

Grand Prize – A pair of Premium Seat to Seoul, South Korea

Queenie Lim
I and my fiance love Korean drama and we love Korean foods. And, we wish we could fly ourselves to Korea as our honeymoon trip. AirAsiaX, please grant our wish, please let us win the free flight and fly us to Seoul, South Korea from Kuala Lumpur, please make it the most exciting trip for us!

Second Prize – A pair of Economy Seat to Seoul, South Korea

1. Shane Lim
I deserve to win a Free Flight to Seoul because I had to sit through this korean drama (winter sonata) which my gf loves so much and would like to take her there to experience it herself. I personally just want to eat the food there, but I know she would LOVE to go and I’d like to give her that.

2. Amilyn Liew
I would like to visit my son who is currently studying in Seoul. He hardly comes back every year and this would be a great chance for us to reunite. Thank you, Airasia for offering this golden opportunity.

Congratulation! All winners will be contacted individually for the prize redemption. You are required to board the Inaugural Flight with us this November.

Please note that the winners were chosen as they were the fastest (entries from 11:01am [GMT+8] onwards) & most correct entry. If a tie occurs, the best slogan among the ties wins!

Mr. X (Azran) who is currently conducting a press conference in Seoul, South Korea to announce our new route opening; has a message for all of you!
(Click Here if you can’t preview)

Yes, you heard that right! We are flying to Korea from only RM99 one way. We’re not mad, we’re just doing it the low-fare way. Now everyone can fly long-haul with AAX!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your family, friends, travel buddies and fly with us today! Fly low-fares to South Korea and Discover your Seoul today!

All the best,
AirAsia Social Media Team