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04 December 2008

Windows of The World – Shenzhen China

By Chee Keong

Windows of the World, Shenzhen China is a place where all the attraction places of interest around the world are in miniatures here. This place is suitable for whole family, from young kid to old folk. At least prepare to spend 1 whole day here, it’s very big and prepare yourself for a long long walk. Remember to bring your own water, you will need it. Come early, as some places, games and peformance here are closed after 5pm.

To get here, take the metro to windows of world station, and locate just accross the raod. The ticket for adult is RMB120, children half price, and kid below 1.1cm free. At the entrance, don’t forget to take the map. The first thing i recommend you do here is to take the bus and let it take you round the whole area one round, don’t drop by half way, take one complete round trip first, then you will get the idea of the whole area. And check your map see the timetable of the shows. At around 7.30pm, don’t miss the grand dances and performance show at the center stage, which perform by hudreds dancers. The costumes, the sets, and the dance is great, it last about 1.30 hour. Around 9.45pm, go and watch the volcano eruption. On saturday and sunday, or public holiday, there will be a fireworks show before the closing time 10.00pm.

  • Kee Keat

    AirAsia launched the On Time Guarantee programme, proudly being the first in the world, beating the more established carriers liek SIA, MAS etc. But, I was told that the OTG is discontinued effective 15 Jul 2009. Any reason why such a brilliant business initiative ceased?