Calling all youth who wants to see positive changes in themselves, their community & their country. If that’s you, join us and be part of the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 (YES2009) and be a driver of change, together with the world’s most engaging & inspiring global change icons such as:

Sir Bob Geldof , Founder of Live Aid & Live8
Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter
Randi Zuckerberg, Director of Market Development at Facebook
Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood megastar & TV host
Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, Former Managing Director of the World Bank
Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes, Malaysian entrepreuner & founder of AirAsia
Nando Parrado, the ultimate survivor & inspiritional speaker
Garry Kasparov, Russian living legend of chess
Lorraine Hahn, noted former presenter for CNN & CNBC
Long Yongtu, Former Vice Minister of Trade in China
Yashwant Sina, Finance Minister of India (1998 – 2002)
David Magliano, Director of Marketing for London 2012

We’d like to have you with us at YES2009 in impacting the future. We have passes to give away to all who wants to be part of this momentous summit.

All you need to do is to tell us, if you could change one thing in your lifetime, what would it be, and who will it be for? Yourself, your community, or your country? And how will you contribute to it?

You can participate by sending in comments via this blog post. All winners will be notified via email by end of Friday (13 November).

We look forward to your entries, it starts from 1700hrs (GMT+8) 11 Nov 2009 and ends on 1200hrs (GMT+8) 13 Nov 2009. All the best!!

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• ONE (1) entry pass worth USD300 to the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 (YES2009) held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre from Monday , 16 November 2009 – Tuesday, 17 November 2009. (Prize does not include transportation to & from winner’s original destination to Kuala Lumpur and accommodation as well.)

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  • Kiran Kumar

    I would like to change the world’s perception on the importance of providing a good primary and secondary school education for each and every child freely which should break the poverty barriers once and for all as poverty shouldn’t be a reason to withhold one’s right to a decent education.

  • Noni

    Apabila saya ada kesempatan untuk mengubah sesuatu adalah mengubah Indonesia menjadi lebih hijau, pembangunan perumahan dibatasi, gedung-gedung bertingkat dilarang menggunakan kaca untuk mengurangi pemanasan global dan tidak menggunakan area-area yang sebelumnya adalah hutan hijau karena hal itu menyebabkan banjir.
    Saya juga ingin, di Indonesia ada tempat untuk melindungi hewan-hewan asli Indonesia, jangan sampai dalam beberapa tahun ke depan, hewan-hewan tersebut musnah.
    How will i contribute to it?
    bergabung dan menjadi donatur di WWF.

  • Jason

    *My guess is either I am posting my submission at the wrong place or that people are currently engross with the free 1 million Airasia seats and new promotional stay period for Tune Hotels.

    All you need to do is to tell us, if you could change one thing in your lifetime, what would it be, and who will it be for? Yourself, your community, or your country? And how will you contribute to it?

    I would like to change the way people travel around the city of Kuala Lumpur by introducing the habit of cycling to their destination. The city will be cooler when there is more trees and lesser pollution, safer when there is more bicycle lanes and lesser motor vehicles, accessible and fun for both tourists and peoples entering it. I will try to cycle to work and see how it would work out in all aspects, especially a private intervention solution to ensure such practice remains at a minimum cost.

  • Tiara

    Disasters are like everywhere nowadays. Flood happened many times. Quakes happened very often lately. Climate is like so unpredictable. Does anybody realize?
    Speaking of this problem, I really would LOVE to make a change. (I won’t get anybody to change before I change myself). I’d like to change the way I treat our environment. I’d love to change the way I live. It starts from the little things I do. I don’t litter. I keep the energy safe. I will gain informations about (for example) how-to-build-a-strong-house-to-avoid-earthquake. Then, I will tell the others and let them do the same. So that, we build a BIG CHANGE together :)

    Me as a youth really care about this Earth, because by caring the Earth, I care for my future, I care about other’s people future. And I truly believe, by doing this, I will make a contribution at least for my own self, my community, my country, and sure, my lovely Earth.
    I make a change in order to make the world smiles, I want the world proud to have me, so that everybody loves me for sure. Just like Amitabh Bachchan does :)

    Tiara (

  • Mohamad Jusri

    The change that I want to see is the introduction of a more pronounced moralistic education in schools.

    Its not only about the basic subjects that allow you to survive in the world, but also subjects that gives you integrity as a human being. It should teach about life principles so that it will form us into better beings with better souls. As such, there will be more cooperation in this world.

    On my part, i’d like to do volunteerism visit and stays in deep parts of the rural areas of underdeveloped countries. That will give me the education of a lifetime in teaching about humanity kindness.

  • Dinagaran

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • Abbey

    All you need to do is to tell us, if you could change one thing in your lifetime, what would it be, and who will it be for? Yourself, your community, or your country? And how will you contribute to it?

    I would like to change the mindset of our youths today so that they will be motivated to make a difference in the world.

    We are currently selfish. As we only think of ourselves. Many people in the world are suffering and dying as we are going on with our daily routine.

    How will I do this?
    1. By reminding people that we live in a big planet. Everything that happens in this world will affect us sooner or later.

    2. I will write an e-book on my experience in Padang which can be downloaded for free at by the end of December.
    I had the privilege of doing a little bit of charity in Padang, Indonesia. The reasonable fares of Air Asia allowed me the opportunity to travel there and witness with my own eyes how 40 seconds shook the whole state.
    I pray that this book will inspire other youths and organisations worldwide to make a difference.

    3. I want to begin writing a monthly Newsletter starting January on the problems we are facing in this region and how we can help by making this world a better place.

    4. I also hope to make presentations in conferences and meetings based on my experiences and aspirations.

    5. If all the above receives good response, I believe that in 5 years, I would like to start an NGO based on my mission.

  • Deepti

    To me before changing others and the surrounding, it’s important to change myself first. I would want to change my attitude towards how I look and do things. I would want to be able to dream big and believe in those dreams. I would want to be able to take risk and do the necessary to achieve those dreams without worrying what others have to say or think about it and without worrying about the end result. I believe that most of the time that I have failed to achieve those dreams are because of the fear to take the risk. This should not be the case. It is always good to try and fail then never try and regret. At least I would I know did my best and if it didn’t happen the way I imagined I’m sure there is a reason for it. Maybe something better would pop up. The next question would be how would I contribute to it? Well, I’m working towards changing my attitude and believe “Nothing is Impossible”, I would take the initiative to give my level best instead of just dreaming and hoping for things to happened and most importantly I would face the challenges and risk that comes across without the fear of others and the surrounding. Its all about the Attitude and Believing in your dreams.

  • Deepti

    and… Thanks Tony for being an inspiration to all of us!

  • Jimmy

    I would like to change the perception of the people and community back home about traveling. It’s not just another way to splurge your money, but it’s the way to learn and appreciate the kind of people you ignore at home. Who lives see much, who travels see more.

  • Ili Izyan Syazwani

    I would improve the quality of the environment so that we can breathe in a much better air quality, be on top of the unspoilt food chain and to be proud that we, the human, are ruling this third rock from the sun. This change will definitely be good for myself, my community, my country and our planet. As a starting point, I am contributing all my knowledge and direct effort on green technology researches with a hope and strong will that these researches will solve the problem we are facing right now.

  • Ili Izyan Syazwani

    I would improve the quality of the environment so that we can breathe in a much better air quality, be on top of the unspoilt food chain and to be proud that we, the human, are ruling this third rock from the sun. This change will definitely be good for myself, my community, my country and our planet. As a starting point, I am contributing all my knowledge and direct effort on green technology researches with a hope and strong will that these researches will solve the problem we are facing right now.

  • Renuka

    I would want to abolish discriminations and change the world to have one determination and destination. Apart from each countries’ governance, another supreme ruler of the world should be enforced. This will eliminate the controversies, racism and terrorism. Promotes better environment, knowledge sharing, balanced economy. With 1 world concept, people will be governed under one good care and learn to share. All countries should be given funding to perform equally well. After all, nature is the big source of today’s economy. Hence, it doesnt make sense by claiming belongings of nation and country just because a human being is born in a specific location. It is all a single earth and all of us are human being.

    This change will bring peace and harmony to the world. May be this is what supreme power, or another word, GOD, is failing to meet the service level agreement (SLA) :)

    Lets help the supreme power.

  • Wan Siong

    The change that I really want to see is to have an association or a community where all the youths come together and pool their minds together. To turn their ideas into practical working solutions for the modern society. Since the youths today will dictate what will the future be like.

    So I believe by starting an “Open Source Entrepreneur Community” for youths to turn their ideas, say, an career magize for youths by youths, and make it happen. Instead of just 1 youth wondering how to find the manpower and capital, we’ll take 10 youths with the same interest and guide them to achieve their goals.

    Youths today starting off in a business or an idea are mostly viewed by veterans businessman as immatured and has no credibility. I would love to change that view!!! Please help me to help the youths around the world!!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Eswaran

    If there’s one thing I would like to change in this world – that would be to ensure kids around the world, should never be allowed to trade books for armed weapon. Children around the world, like in Israel, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are taught how to carry armed weapons around with them at a very young age. And violence is all, these kids would probably now know. And this might have been brought about by a quarter century of war in their countries. Front pages earlier this year were dominated by stories of the Sri Lanka civil war where thousands were left homeless of the guerilla warfare. Where some of us after the holidays, turn to the new school year, some of these kids still remain without a sense of direction for their future. They continue to fight and disrupt their communities. But, as a new school year starts, all of us should not only ask why things are getting worse but also when this will become a global issue for long-term serious debate and political discussion . The history that makes us wish fairy tales did happen, that life was like a children’s book and we all lived happily ever after, is not an easy history to read or write. If we persist in thinking that children need hope and happy endings then the stories we give them will be shaped by those expectations. Who would tell us yet another fairy tale, one in which the mass murder of thousands of children did not happen. How can we write history with a happy ending like how fairy tale does? As i single person i shoot a video of this kids smashing the guns they used. then the guns are sent for metal scrapping and the metal made into keychain and it will be put for sale. the donar(customer who buy the key chain) will have a direct connection the the problem he is holding in his hand a piece of what he helped destroy.He will have a strong sense of fullfilment and this sense of fullfilment will be spread like i viral and as more people come forward to purchase this item,the donations going to this kids will increase.Hence the donations made will be used to build a school for these children.

  • Chenghoow

    If I could change one thing in my lifetime, I would want to advocate for respect of individualism while working towards common advancement.

    Stop marginalizing minority in the name of helping the majority. Stop stereotyping those special ones as freaks and social misfits.

    Stop killing the alternative views of the youths just because they do not follow the rules. Stop oppositions that oppose for the sake of opposing, while those in power carries too much historical burden that hinders their transformation.

    We can do better than that. We must.

    The era of change has arrived and we are in the process of being ousted in the international competition.

    Young people like me need these new paradigm to release ourselves from the mental prison we have created for ourselves.

    Our society need to learn that there are better ways that clinging to the historical burdens and siege mentality; it has hindered our advancement too much.

    Our country need to know that diversity is a gift, not a curse. Our rulers need to see that advancement need not and should not be a zero sum game.

    In this flat world that have a long tail, the ancient mass production concept need to be tuned to appeal to individualism (with the help of ICT and web 2.0) we need to have better penetration of awareness to reach the tilting point for the essential change.

    I would like to advocate for a movement of more youth participation in understanding how their country work and take part meaningfully in it, before being polluted by the infightings of the politics now, like

    I really hope that one day I can hear a youth expressing their view this way: