I have been flying with AirAsia since they started and I regularly see letters to the editor in AA’s inflight magazine, asking why there are no diet drinks available for sale on AA (short and long haul) flights. To date the letters are published, but the call for diet drinks appears to fall on deaf ears.

Not only are people more health conscious nowadays, but some people due to health reasons can’t drink the sugary drinks that are for sale onboard. I know there is always good old H20 to buy, but come one AirAsia, it’s time you thought about those of us who want to enjoy a beverage without all the sugar, especially on your long haul flights! It’s high time to expand the drinks range and include diet drinks PLEASE!!



  • AirAsia

    Dear Gopi,

    Your prayers will be answered! We will start selling Pepsi Max from Feb 1st.

    Thanks for your feedback and support.

    William Tan
    In-Flight Services

  • Earl Gopi Krishnan

    Hi William

    Thanks for that great news!! Praise the Lord!!

    Looking forward to my next flight already!!!



  • Muqaddis

    Dear Gopi,
    I am not against Pepsi or Coke, but indeed plain H20 is rather crucial to our body and soul. I used to drink plenty of soft drink during younger days ( >5 bottles daily of Coke) but decided to finally put a full stop after realising the not so-encouraging facts about it. Anyway, AirAsia is ‘listening’ to its customers – Bravo!