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13 July 2010

Why is London a great place for people like me?


By Safina

Working for this huge, fast growing company, other than the workload and the stress that comes in a package, we also get to travel at a discounted rate. And 2 weeks ago, off I went to England, on one of our AirAsia X flights to Stansted.

Because I am a cheapo when I travel ( if you have been reading my postings, I stay at really cheap guest houses/hostels), I am lucky that my brother is there in the UK, so at least I didn’t have to pay for the accomodation, which is considered to be quiet expensive unless you manage to book a room with Tune Hotel 😉 So, off I went for a 8 days holiday, on a 13hours flight on my favourite ‘Oakland’ aircraft coz I really love the levery!!

They called it summer but it was still really, really cold. Just imagine the sun was shining brightly, and while my face gets really tanned, I was still wearing 2 layers of thick clothes because it was 17degrees celcius and windy!! Hmmm, but I looked at it as a bonus too because I managed to ‘model’ some clothes complete with scarf!! hehehe…..

One of the things I love doing is to travel to other small towns and took lots of pictures. I don’t really love history but looking at the buildings and houses there which could go back as far as the 1800 (during Robin Hood’s time), it just amazes me. Different towns or cities have different look and feel. Amazing.

And killing 2 birds with one stone, I also did some ‘charity contributions’. hehehe….How? There are a lot of charity shops around. These shops sell items contributed by publics such as books, clothes, shoes, accessories and others, which later, the profits will go to certain organisations such as British Heart Foundations, Cancer Research, People with Cerebral Palsy etc. And most times, we could get really good 2nd hand branded items at a very good price!! So, its contributing while shopping quality items at a very low price!

Another thing that I love to do and the place I fell in love with are the Museums. I covered 3 interesting Museums in London which are different from each other: Science Museum, Natural History Museum and V&A Museum. All these museums have different themes and attraction. Definitely something that we don’t get here in Malaysia!

The food that I love most there are the fish and chips and jacket potato. This is where they said the original fish and chips come from. A huge piece of cod(covered with crispy batter) served with chips, served hot, with vinegar and salt. And my all time favourite,jacket potato, which you can request with any toppings they have. I love to have mine with butter, cheese, tuna and mayo and sweet corn. It is a perfect comfort food while sitting at the park during the cold weather. Yummyyyy!!

But…..as a person who’s height is 1.76m and weighing at……(come on! no way I’m putting up my weight here!! hahaha) let’s just say that I wear a size 14 or 16 for ladies clothings, the thing that I love most about being in the UK is I get to shop for shoes and clothes easily. Easily!!! (you can’t imagine being our size, it is so frustrating most time to get good and cheap clothes).
So, for value for money and quality clothings, this is where my brother brought me for some major shopping but with minimal hole in my pocket.

Especially for a person who wears a size 8 shoes (malaysia ladies size 10/11), this is definitely a shopping heaven if you know where to find these outlets. They have quiet a number of it across the UK!!!

And these are the shoes which I got from there (from 2 well known brands) and it all costs me only GBP70 for 7 pairs!!! (equals to RM350)

So, thank you to AirAsia X, I guess I don’t have to worry about searching and buying shoes for the next 2 years!!

  • Norlilawati

    It is very interesting to read your experience esp. the shopping spree….
    love shopping & travelling too! Most probably, I will be there too, one day (huhuhu..)Anyway, congratulation on the well-written blog.

  • Safina

    Hi Nor…thank you for your comment.oh yes…believe in it and you will be there one day, definitely.
    thank you for the compliment, i don’t think i’m a good writer…I just write from the heart. Something that I love…

  • Zahtasia

    Hi there..

    How was your flight to London? Hows your experience with Air Asia? I am thinking of going to UK this november, it would be very nice if you could share your experience. thank you

  • Zahtasia

    Hi there..

    How was your flight to London? Hows your experience with Air Asia? I am thinking of going to UK this november, it would be very nice if you could share your experience. thank you

  • Safina

    Hey Zahtasia, the flight was great. well, honestly, the crew were friendly, food was good. It will give you a different experience altogether!

  • Muneer

    London is very fascinating city to be in Britain is beautiful country to visit but that if you don’t mind the wet and cold weather at that time of the year. Nov temperatures will droped to about 8-12C and usually continues to do so as you approach end of Nov and the beginning of Dec.Great place for Shopping,Theater going and visiting Museums etc…etc.. A london visit is always worth it, therfore go for it after all Air Asia made it possible for every one to fly ,good luck.

  • Zahtasia

    I am so glad to hear that. I am aerophobia.. hee the fear of flying, therefore overall the flight was great so i need not to be scared of it.Its a smooth fly,right?

  • Safina

    Zahtasia, honestly, if you take any flight with any airline, there will be possibilities of turbulence. This depends on the weather and other things (maybe a pilot can explain about this better).
    Anyway, our pilots are well trained to go through any situation. And if you might have issues, and you are travelling alone, just approach any of our crew onboard and just share with them your fear they might be able to assist during those moments!

    They are well trained, professional and fun and friendly too!!