Now, people and friends have endlessly questioned me if

1) Was I ALWAYS bald?

I have been asked this question too many times and in the words of a certain politician, “I will tell All!”

It must first be stated that I was not always bald.

See, see. I had LOTSA hair (technically this counts as I was 6)

As evident in 2005, guess what, I still had hair. So when did ‘it’ happen?

In 2007, I definitely ‘became’ the way of baldness and entered the realm of coolness.

2) The million dollar question actually is, WHY am I still bald?

That my friends is for me to know and for you to find out. By you its specifically for you Riki, take up this challenge and blog! Yeah and to the rest of the world to guess.

I have a few theories and please feel free to guess by dropping comments.

Theorem Numero Uno: I am actually a secret hero and the bald head helps with quickly putting on a mask. The baldness was a result of radiation suffering where I gained super powers of being brave enough to wear my underwear on the outside. I only save damsels in distress and rodents (I’m born in the year of the rat) on Mondays when I can ponteng (play truant at) work and public holidays

Second Theory of Baldness: I am actually undergoing mental damage observation and a clean shaven head allows doctors to get a quick look in case I act weird. This also explains why I tend to drive in a figure 8 in lonely roads and chase my colleagues like the coyote in road runner. I have also been reported to be seen munching my toes and speaking in reverse tibetan while injuring myself with a stick yelling “pinata! pinata!”.

Trifecta Theory: I’m simply too lazy to maintain a ‘proper’ hairstyle and can’t be bothered about how I look. I prefer to be a hippie and chase butterflies around the airport instead of writing press releases. And I would very much appreciate that extra 10 minutes of my life still in bed while you hassle about your hair!

So, whats it going to be? Option number 1, 2 or 3? And who feels that Riki should blog and tell us why am I bald?



  1. Wow! Got a post dedicated for me. You look handsome man (no matter with hair or bald). I highly believe you are the superhero or Ultraman that fight space monster. No worry, we will cheer up this blogsphere together.

  2. I think you are the lazy-but-mental-secret-superhero-who-got-radiated-and-need-weekly-brain-scan. And Riki, you should definitely blog! Answer the challenge!!* eye of the tiger cue*

  3. i’d say reason #3. cannot be reasons #1 or #2 since you’ll do those things anyway regardless you have super powers/mental damage or not.

    you’re just a low maintenance guy who needs more time to pick the perfect underwear to wear on the outside instead of wasting those minutes to fuss with your hair.

  4. Derek Reply

    people continue to laugh at me kiddie pic saying i look like a gurl. So your insults Karen just roll off me. Nothing can be more bruising than the girly comment

  5. no worry,u know there is a theory that bald people are more handsome & moreover u look better without hair

  6. Hey Derek, I was twice bald hahaha…
    Next year will be my third time.

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