I was driving down to work and it has been gloomy weather all week. Real depressing and me was caught for 2 days in a row running to the airport! Blasted rain and me friends like Krin of CRM and Amos and Celine of webteam were in buses too.

Accidents reported on the Malaysian radio everyday and it is sad. People stuck in traffic congestions. Times are also said to be bleak but when Blinky heard Obama speak yesterday of hope Blinky felt that yes, maybe its not all depressing. That yes, the world brought this problem on itself and things are looking ugly for everyone, but we have the power to make it better.

I was grumbling miserably all the way in my pikachu car to the office when I saw this…..

Without wasting time, I quicky snapped a photo with my nimble fingers and my stolen mobile phone and its true..in the darkest of clouds, there is a rainbow. Some see it and some don’t bother but always believe that life is beautiful..la vita e bella

But you know what, that rainbow I saw today made me believe that all rains will go away no matter what form they are in. You may not have seen your rainbow today but it may just be hiding or you’re too busy to enjoy it.

Smile today and always! remember, your rainbow is just around the corner! To all my colleagues in webteam and new media, blinky loves all of you and in these times of crazy work, lets smile together ya!

And the sun will shine all the more beautiful when you smile too!


Officer Blinky is the official spy that goes around sniffing for clues of misdeeds and he would like to warn all evil-doers to beware. Although Blinky can't make any recognisible sound but to squeek, this flurry fellow will be going around and sharing insider tips and interesting snippets from various sources (not paid for of course). Be sure to keep tuning in for interesting insights from our smallest but surely not most insignificant evil addition to the clan. By the way, he insists on being called the Adorable One. Remember, if you do bump into him in the night.

  • Safina

    I love rainbows too!!

  • Andrea

    aw… what a sweet post…