Even before joining AirAsia, I have always love traveling and I have traveled to a few domestic destinations with AirAsia. I love to go places, try their food, learn about culture, get to know a few local people, enjoy the view and scenery and others…

But being with this company, this year 2009, I am luckier to be able to go to more places. The places I didn’t even dare to dream of going earlier…

January….Chieng Mai for 4 days. They said Chieng Mai will be cold in January because of winter.With cool weather and friendly people. I managed to cover a few places which I wrote here. I might be going there again sometime next year. Oh…and this time round I want to cover Chieng Rai too 😉

February….my first trip to Bandung – famous known as a shopping paradise. My friends ( the girls) are all crazy about Bandung. They have a yearly shopping trip there. Just imagine one of them, during the recent AirAsia sale, managed to book seats to Bandung for every month next year which costs only RM80 return per trip!!! Its a shopping heaven definitely because the main town areas are all the factory outlets. Since I am not into shopping, I explored the food places (that explains why I failed in trying to lose weight) and also went up to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu. And don’t forget to enjoy the view and the temperature as you go up to the mountain 😉 Oh ya!! And they have lots of avocados there…should try the avocado juice. Yummy!!

April…. again, I’m lucky to be with AirAsia. I went diving in Sipadan again and only had to pay for the dive costs. Well, you can do that too if you plan your trip in advance. Everybody should go at least once as it is listed as one of the best dive site in the world.

May….I had the opportunity to go to Bali for the 1st time. Its true what people always say, Bali is lovely. I only had the opportunity to cover Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.I know! I know! There’s a lot more in Bali but since I can’t take long leave, I need to break it down into a few trips. I plan to go to Bali again soon. Hopefully this time the beautiful Kintamani and Lovina.Maybe dive with the Molar-Molar fish.

August…..instead of waking up at home on a weekend, I planned to wake up in Krabi and spend the weekend there. I wrote a post about the food in Krabi here. I just love the place, the food and the people. I went kayaking at the caves and didn’t manage to go to the islands meaning…..I will definitely return and this time it will be for the beautiful islands.

September….. I wrongly booked a trip to Yogyakarta during the fasting month. Yes! You heard it right, wrongly booked. However , I was determined to go and still manage to complete my fasting. And I didn’t regret it at all. Yogyakarta, as I’ve written here, is a really special place. I’ve never dreamt myself of loving a historical place…but I did. And I got to know new friends too!!

October…. I returned to one of the place I love most in Malaysia…Kota Kinabalu. Its the only place in Malaysia you could be at the beach side in the morning and drive up to the highest mountain in South East Asia on the same day.

And in December…. a few days ago,to end this amazing year, I brought my sister to Bangkok. It was her first time. There was no concrete plans however we listened to some advise and we didn’t want to miss Chatuchak Market, Platinum Mall (they have clothes for people like us!) and also the famous Patphong area. We had a great time exploring the city by bus and the trains. We did minimal shopping but lots of eating definitely!!

To do all these, you don’t need lots of money.You just need to do some planning and change the way you travel.

a) You can just do backpacking (like I always do!). You can get accomodation at a guest house as low as RM20 per night. Clean and safe.
b) You just need to do proper planning for your holidays. Make sure you know where you want to go, when and most importantly, your boss must be sporting enough to approve your much more in advance leave. Hey!! He should be grateful that you apply your leave much, much more in advance!!
c) And you need to book your seats with AirAsia. 😉

One more….now with Koolred, you can get to know someone local easier and asked for some help. If you are lucky, you can even get someone to host you in their country! I am sooo looking forward to this new experience.

Don’t believe that you could do this with a limited budget? Well, you could also ask my friend who had booked her trip to Bandung for next year every month from January to December!!

With AirAsia, you just need to Believe the Unbelievable.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!


Safina started her journey with AirAsia as an instructor at AirAsia Academy. She love everything that happened in the Academy. Be it teaching, facilitating, handling visitors, motivating, every single thing. She’s passionate about teaching and sharing her life experiences. She's currently based in Jakarta with Indonesia AirAsia team. Apart from loving her job very much, she also love basketball (once a basketball coach), diving (she said it's the only place she could float and "fly" like superman!), running and writing. So, here she is, being part of the World's Best Low Cost Airline, hopefully to share all the experiences, stories, places or anything and everything under the sun :-)