Wow! That’s about the first response the AirAsia blog team had to the number of guests submitting their stories to us since we launched less than a week ago. We thank each and every one of you for your posts and look forward to more of you sharing your stories.

One thing we did notice was the overwhelming queries and suggestions on where AirAsia should fly to next. Everyone has a wish list. Believe us, we know. Some want us to be able to fly to Istanbul, others to Shanghai but all wanting to pay low fares of course! Check here if you’re not sure where AirAsia currently flies to.

So now is your chance! We want to hear your comments on where you wish AirAsia would be able to fly to next. Imagine a world of low-cost travel where flying to any destination on low fares is possible….where do you want to go? Tell us now.

  • Earnpin


  • Anthony Dylan

    I did made a mention on AirAsia’s Facebook. I asked as to why Kuching-Bali was stopped and no mention was placed within the website? The same with KK and Bali. My friend had to change his and go earlier when the Oct one pre booked was not able to be honoured then lest he changed. I think this is a niggling and very irritating problem. The Bali and Macau routes can be good for Kuching but not promoted well enough. I think Kuching and KK are not really promoted well as hubs. Perhaps, flights with Malaysia’s AirAsia instead of Thai AirAsia to and from Bangkok would work to Kuching and KK as with a Bali one instead of Indo AirAsia. Perth is another destination that would be well received as with Melbourne for Kuching and KK.

  • Mohd Syahrur Azri

    I have three lists here, the first is about new destinations, the second is on new potential routes, and the 3rd one is suggestions to increase frequencies.

    New destinations:
    India (huge potential there!)
    Japanese cities
    More Chinese cities (perhaps Beijing)
    European cities (don’t focus on London only, consider low yield, holiday maker marketsl perhaps Athens, Madrid, Austria, Scandinavian cities).

    Potential routes:
    Bali is a good hub for connection, make some more connections out of there, such as to Australian cities. Australians love to come to Bali, maybe Bali-Perth, Adelaide, even Melbourne.
    Jakarta-Singapore is a great addition too.

    Increase frequency:
    Kuala Lumpur-Alor Star (much needed attention)
    Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong
    Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur-Singapore(huge potential to capitalise the route)

    I think that’s all for now, these are what comes on top of my head. Any blogger agree with me?

  • Chak

    I would certainly add Sydney to the list of new destinations. With the demise of Jetstar’s flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, there now a vacumn waiting to be filled. It has often been mentioned that the landing fees is too exorbitant to be profitable. Certainly even with the extra cost, the relative cost of fares by AirAsia would still be very attractive and competitive. For this reason, I can’t see why the Sydney – Kuala Lumpur route cannot be profitable and popular. Presently, the distance and inconvenience caused by travelling to catch the flight from Gold Coast or Melbourne, is proving to be rather prohibitive. Do it Tony and they will come!!

  • Mohd Irwan

    Johor Bahru-Bali. it will be lucrative as it can tap passengers from JB and singapore

  • Choon Ki

    I did mention before in facebook regarding the route from KUL -> TPE
    I’m wondering how come jetstar’s A320 can fly from SIN-TPE but AirAsia can’t?
    TPE is already become the hottest place to visit.

    2nd places is Korean & Japan
    Korea -> Incheon (ICN)
    Japan -> Nagoya – Chūbu Centrair (NGO)
    -> Osaka – Kansai (KIX)
    (Really give up to Tokyo-Narita International Airport due to over high landing fee?)

    3rd places is USA
    -Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
    -Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
    -New York – (JFK or EWR)
    (Wondering can A330 fly over transpacific?)

    Hope AA & AAX can really think bout it.

  • Jeremy

    New Zealand would be a great destination if AirAsia X flies there.

  • Tracy

    It’ll be great for AirAsia to have routes to:

    1) Sydney

    2) Taipei

    3) Beijing & more parts of China….

  • Lim


    I do hope our wish will come through because of u , AirAsia !!

    All the Best,

  • Chun Phui

    Perhaps can consider connecting fight from Sydney and Adelaide into Melbourne.

  • Surat

    I’m Thai passenger who’ve flew 4 flights with Thai AirAsia b4. And will be more.

    I hope that one day I can fly to destinations in Europe with the same concept “Everyone can fly”

    Other destination is cities in China but I’d like to fly from Bangkok. Becoz now my favorite cities like Guilin, Hangzhou and Guangzhou must fly from KL only . So I cant join them.

  • Shih Ween

    Maldives, Honolulu and New Zealand would be great!

  • Liao


  • Jacqueline Koh Bee

    Any cities in New Zealand would be nice!

  • Che Ramadan

    Dubai , Sydney, London. I’m look for Kuala Lumpur-London route that I think it much cheaper or half prices compared regional airlines.

    Hope AirAsia will start flying to London as soon as possible.

  • Che Ramadan

    London, Dubai, Tokyo.
    Favourite for Malaysians.

  • Russell

    Congratulations on your great flights and prices Melbourne to Malaysia (KUL). I have already booked two flights. Plus associated flights to other holiday link destinations such as Bangkok and Clark (Manila). Bali will be my next trip.

    Your destinations are fine (great choice). However if you could increase the number of flights from KL to say two flights per day for Melbourne and Clark it would be great for linking up with other destinations. Rather than spending wasted time in the airport or an overnight hotel waiting for connecting flights.

    Also your AIRASIA BLOG it is great it is great to see an airline listen and communicate with its customers and report good and bad comment so it can improve. Plus the destination information is very informative.

  • Krshna

    I still don’t know why AirAsia stop route from Jakarta to Palembang?
    Palembang is my second home town.
    Hopefully, AirAsia will fly again to Jakarta- Palembang.

    It will be cool for AirAsia to have new route from Medan to Palembang directly (No connecting flight to Jakarta first). Until now, no air planes are doing this route (MDN – PLG) so It will be great potential and profitable for AirAsia as it can tap passenger from Medan and Aceh.

  • Chang Pong

    Here’s one vote for Taipei. Please fly to Taipei.

  • Daniel

    lots of request on Taipei via Discussion Board on AirAsia Facebook Page :)

  • Elizabeth

    taipei please…

  • Mohd Ammarr

    Saya merupakan pelajar UUM di Sintok, Kedah berasal dari Kelantan. Saya cadangkan AirAsia membuat penerbangan dari Kota Bharu ke Alor Star dan sebaliknya. Dari teori ekonomi, AirAsia mampu mangaut keuntungan besar untuk penerbangan tersebut. Untuk makluman pihak AirAsia, perkhidmatan pengangkutan dari Kelantan ke Kedah hanyalah bas yang dipelopori hanya dari 2 buah syarikat sahaja iaitu

    Transnasional dan Mutiara yang sentiasa tidak cukup untuk menampung bilangan rakyat Kelantan yang tinggal di Kedah. Sebagai contoh, jualan tiket bas transnasional pada 26 Ogos yang dibuka pada tarikh tersebut untuk cuti hari raya habis dijual dalam tempoh 24jam.

    Saya percaya, penyediaan perkhidmatan sangat berharga. Selain itu, sememangnya bilangan rakyat Kelantan sangat ramai di Kedah. Sebagai contoh, di Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah, Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang, Kolej MARA Kulim, IPG Sultan Abdul Halim dan sebagainya merupakan institut pengajian yang mempunyai bilangan rakyat Kelantan yang sangat ramai.

    Kebanyakannya merupakan majoriti rakyat Kelantan. Disamping itu, bilangan pekerja juga turut ramai.Bahkan saya percaya, pihak AirAsia juga mengetahui bahawa permintaan rakyat Kelantan dalam perkhidmatan penerbangan amatlah tinggi. Saya berharap, pihak AirAsia dapat menyediakan perkhimatan ini dalam tempoh terdekat.

  • Meng Oye

    Taipei and Beijing pls

  • Ahmad Fadhil

    1) Istanbul
    2) London
    3) Cairo

  • Almond

    Please fly us to these wonderful places.

    1. Japan
    2. Taipei
    3. Guam (the Hawaii of Asia)
    4. Italy
    5. Ipoh.. :)

  • Aileen

    Here is one more vote for JB-Bali.
    Singaporeans will be glad to hear that.

  • Hemala

    New Zealand! New Zealand! New Zealand!

  • Azam

    Urgently required:

    Kolkata- Bangkok sector.

    We guys otherwise have a tough time flying out from India and catching up with the connections in Bangkok.

  • Jeremy

    Yeah lets get the London route. Theres a vacuum left by Oasis Honk Kong which failed in March. AirAsia X will be successful because it will link London tho the whole of Asia. I want to be the first passenger on the London KL route! Recently flew Bangkok to Shenzhen. Perfect!

  • Vanessa

    I would like direct flights to Bali from Australia. I had heard that AirAsia might start flying from Newcastle to KL which would be fantastic for us. We currently go to Bali via KL but direct to Bali would be better. I am positive there would be a market for this with more and more people going back to Bali.

  • Jasvinder Kaur

    We PUNJABIS out here is waiting for AirAsia X to fly directly to “Amritsar – India” and Delhi. Trust me there will never be an empty seat on those flights.

    BTW when is AirAsia planning to do so?

  • Tee Heng

    taipei is a great place – KL-taipei route would be great…definitely a profitable route

    as for china, pls cover sichuan (either chengdu or chongqing) would be good

  • Siew Yin

    I would love to see AirAsia flying from KL to Kathmandu, where the dream place for mountian climbers. Is there any possibility Tony?

  • Akhmad

    Saya berharap kepada AirAsia membuka penerbangan Palembang – Surabaya PP langsung, tks

  • Boon Kee

    i want fly with airasia X to taiwan,when airasia x fly ??

  • Anthony Dylan

    I would like the following wishes done:

    a. Kuching Bali
    b. KK Bali
    c. Kuching Bangkok
    d. KK Bangkok
    e. KL Incheon
    f. KK Incheon
    g. Kuching Taipei
    h. KL New Zealand
    i. KL India
    j. KL Hawaii

  • Fahiruz

    For AK ( AirAsia Flights departing from Malaysia)
    Samui (USM)
    Sanya Fenhuang (SYX)
    Nanning (NNG)
    Bengkulu-Padangkemiling (BKS)
    PangkalPinang (PGK)
    Jambi-Sultan Thaha (DJB)
    Pontianak-Supadio (SQG)
    Port Blair (IXZ)
    Chiang Rai (CEI)
    Kunming-Wujiaba (KMG)
    Chengdu-Shuangliu (CTU)
    Heho (HEH)

    For D7 (AirAsia X)
    MILAN either Malpensa or Linate would do, so we can go and watch Serie A matches live! haha..while the girls can go shopping

  • Rebin

    Of course Taipei, I’ve heard like thousands of suggestions like these. The route would not only be lucrative but grow like a boom I reckon. Tony, please consider this but if it is too expensive to land at, probably Kaoshiong and Taicheung would be good choices as well.

  • Seamus

    Thank you for all your route suggestions, please keep them coming. I work for the Commercial team in AirAsia, amongst other things we help to decide where to fly our shiny new Airbus A320s. With so many new aircraft arriving we are kept busy.

    Unfortunately it’s not as easy as picking where we’d like to fly and launching the route, there are a number of hurdles we have to overcome . These include Government Rights (a lot of Governments restrict flying rights to protect their own high-fare national airlines), slots (at busy airports they have to limit the number of take-offs and landings) , aircraft availability, airport charges etc etc.

    Believe it or not most of the routes you’ve suggested are already in the planning phase.
    We’ve recently launched KL to Melbourne, Makassar and Manado as well as adding extra frequencies to Alor Star, Bangkok, Sandakan and Tawau. From Jakarta we’ve just added Makassar and Yogyakarta plus even more routes from Bangkok and Singapore. For a full list please visit our website

    COMING SOON: London (yes the rumours are true), India and a lot more Singapore flights amongst many others.

    Please keep the feedback coming and make sure you sign up for our AirAsia e-newsletter, RedAlert to get all the latest route information.

    Oh and top of my own wishlist: KL to Dublin!!!

  • Mohd Syahrur Azri

    One suggestion, what about Pontianak-Kuching, Pontianak-Kuala Lumpur, and Pontianak-Jakarta? My friend told me that the AirAsia office is available in PNK despite no AirAsia flight there. What happen? I think many Malaysians fly to PNK. But they have to either stop in Kuching or fly to Jakarta first. Very very inconvenient. Thanks

  • Mahani

    New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world. Everybody dreams to be there. So, why don’t AirAsia flies there to Wellington? It will sure be the most favourite route from KL. AirAsia will be more famous and will be the number 1 choice to fly there as your fare is affordable to the citizens of Malaysia.

    Hope to see AirAsia flies to NEW ZEALAND soon!!!!

  • Dayang Siti

    Please make Tokyo part of AirAsia planning phase too :)

  • Yin Yin

    Not so much of where I want to go but more of “where I want to go FROM”. I reside in Penang and sad to say that even tho AirAsia has so many newly added destinations every month, none of them are flying out directly from Penang. It seemed that no direct flights from Penang being added since the day AirAsia was born in Penang. We don’t have much choice here. So sad…. :'( .. please don’t leave us out ya.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Seamus, cant wait to be on that flight from London to KL. Don’t worry about KL-Dublin, just give us KL to London and hop on Ryanair.

  • Edy

    My own wishlist :
    Jakarta – Banda Aceh !!!

  • Wan Fong

    Looking at regional low cost long haul players, there aren’t many players except Jetstar flying from MLB/SYD to Honolulu or Cairns to Nagoya/Osaka. Commercial team, we can’t wait for AAX to take off to EU region. KL-LON (Luton/Stanstead) should be able to generate high traffic, but KL has to have enough traffic, like in Changi.

    Once in London or Dublin, passengers can go to anywhere via EU LCCs. Hope we can sort cost management, fuel hedging and operational complexities. Despite different Operating model of LCC L/Haul, many passengers are highly anticipating KL-LON and KL-DUB to be materialized.

    Nearer to the region, AirAsia should capture the following:
    1)KL-Samui (Berjaya Air costs too much!)
    2)KL-Taipei/ Kaohsiung (middle class segment would be very keen! )
    3) Set up AirAsia Hong Kong !
    Hong Kong location itself is a gateway to everywhere!

    Lastly, I am amazed how much consumers are taking interests in these topics! The world is getting smaller.AirAsia is also letting the market shaping it’s business.

  • Lim

    How about fly to BKI/TPE or KHH or KUL/TPE.

  • Azlizam

    -My wish route-

    Kul-Denpasar-Australian Cities

  • Chun Tseng

    My wishlist would be :

    1)New Zealand
    3)Taiwan (any airport will do)
    6)Xi’an or Chongqing
    7)South Korea

    It will be a dream come true for many but I also hope AirAsia/AirAsia X can make profit from these routes in long term.

  • Po Wen

    AirAsia ROCKS! Never again will I fly MAS if I don’t have to. My wish list for AirAsia’s (near) future routes:

    1) London
    2) Sydney
    3) New York/Los Angeles
    4) Cape Town
    5) Tokyo
    6) Christchurch/Auckland
    7) Scandinavian cities
    8) Korea

    Well, basically all around the world with the above being top priority!

    Po Wen

  • Ai Leng

    Voting for Japanese cities, more Chinese cities and Europe.

    How about Nepal? Political turmoil there not so suitable?

  • Eu Hon

    Can we have KL – Seoul?

  • Jack

    KL – Taiwan & KL – London is practicle to commence. As Taiwan is one of the country that is good luring tourist, investment on electronic and oversea student especially from Asia…However further analysis need to be study carefully whether it is profitable to fly thr?
    As for KL – London, as far as I can see MAS and other airline that operate direct flight or flight that required one or two stop are making money and after more airline closing down especially Oasis HK, thr should be hugh gap to be fill?! Since AirAsia do fly KL – HK, I think AAX stand a good chance to be at least breakeven.

    I actually planning to fly to Macau before KL-HK route launch and made my way to HK to catch Oasis to London. I am not sure how many out thr having the same tots? well… I think it shud be profitable but analysis had to be carefully study to avoid cases like Oasis HK to happen again. All the best AirAsia!!!!!May the force be with you!

  • Tee Heng

    KL to Taiwan – any airport with the cheapest airport tax/charge will do..either taipei, taichung or kaoshiung – since they have this high speed rail connecting these cities

    i’m also for KL to Szechuan – Chongqing probably?

  • Eu Hon

    I have a thought. KL to LN.
    Then codeshare or acquire EasyJet.
    And built the Low Cost Carrier that span across 2 continent. Can acquire Virgin Blue later to have the lucrative Kangaroo Route…

  • Kelvin

    I’ve read all the comments.. Sydney is quite a big amount. Can AirAsia fly to Sydney please. :) Thanks

  • Rizky

    Why Air Asia stop its Jakarta-Palembang flight?? since Garuda Indonesia still have 7 flight a day, I think thats route still give a lot of revenue,,,
    I hope Air Asia will start Jakarta-Palembang again,,,,

  • Wai Tian

    AirAsia added a new route for domestic.. (Kuantan-KUA) I think AirAsia should intorduce some other routes beside KUL-KUA
    I don’t think it’s a profitable route becouse the city is only about 2.5hrs away & even about 3hrs away by express bus.
    The flight is only suitable for traveller who taking AirAsia’s flight leaving from LCCT.
    Therefore i hope AirAsia would introduce new routes such as:

    Besides, I wish AirAsia or AirAsiaX would introduce new destination such as:
    -New Zealand
    -even US or Canada

    Hope AirAsiaX will starts its KUL-LONDON route as soon as possible.

    Ofcourse LOW Fares, Airport Tax & Fuel-Charge are what a traveller wish for. =P

  • Peggy

    please fly to tokyo and taipei..i wish to fly to taipei next year!!

  • Siew Kim

    When can Penang be a hub with flights to China and India? How soon for Tianjin? Looking forward to flying with you to Haikou in November. Tks

  • David Andre

    I wish for flights out of Bali to Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. And what about KL to the Maldives or Fiji. I would be on the first flights out! Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen would also be very nice for us Scandinavians, but I doubt it will ever happen.

  • Aneke

    Recommended destination
    please make a new destination in Indonesia
    it is from Surabaya – Makassar – Surabaya

  • May Yee

    KL-Adelaide, Adelaide-KL. Please!

  • Jeremy

    Hey Seamus – Any news on when the KL London will happen? I guess with the expansion now approved at London Stanstead, AAX will get a great deal as the airport issues new slots. I’m holding back my holiday pound until you announce your launch date. My plan is to tour asia on AA with my family. KL-BKK-YGN and maybe more in one tour! Regards Jerry

  • Tian Siung

    KL to Taipei, Taipei to KL. Taiwan is always a great place to travel.

  • Wai Tian

    Recently i heard from NST that AAX will start its flight to London in March 2009 after receive its A340 in January and online booking for KUL-LON flight will start on this Nov…
    Is it true?
    I really hope so… Can’t wait to experience a live EPL match in England…
    Hope GoHoliday will organise a trip along with EPL match since airasia have sponsership with MU.. ^^

  • Chong

    As a great supporter of AirAsia, i want to inquire and request AirAsia about is there any new direct flight routes from Kuching to Sandakan and from Sandakan to Kuching as well? There is no any directed flight for it and the currently indirect one also need to stay in Kota Kinabalu for one day because of the crashing flight depart time problem. Most of the students think of taking the other airline as the prices are almost same after comparing both the advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays AirAsia is getting more compete with the other airline, why don’t AirAsia just pick an advance and think of adding this new flight route as the the other airline don’t have this kind of flight route yet? We all hope Airasia can fullfill our dream. Students who fly from Sabah to Sarawak to study are very inconvenient and parents just too hard to pay a visit to their beloved children. For those employees, they just hard to go home as well. I sincerely hope that AirAsia can take this suggestion into consideration as I am one of the representative from Sandakan who voice out our great concern to AirAsia. I wish a direct flight from KCH to SDK and from SDK to KCH as well..Hope to hear any good news from AirAsia!!! Thanks.

  • Princess

    I’m in love with Greece, those little white houses on Mykonos island are so lovely. Please fly there AirAsia…

  • Bee Ching

    Why Kuching people have less choice to fly? Why Macau flight cancelled?
    I remembered the first time when AirAsia just launched I bought flight to KL and when entered the plane, I was….OMG the plane so so so old looking and scary when take off…after that experience, I promised not to take the flight again..frightened. Added heard my friends say flight always many negatives rumors..

    But after awhile because of the promotions, I was attracted to give it a try again..well its getting better..the airplane so new…and so comfy…my friend who always laughed at me using cheap air flight also now tend to use it as its really one star price at five star service…Now i only use AirAsia because i can afford it so much..and can share with my family…

    I am from Kuching and i work almost everyday and hardly have time for holiday the most maybe 2 to 3 days…that’s the longest…i am very sad why there is no direct flight to places like Bangkok and other interesting places compared to KK, i thought our airport is big enough?

    And why Macau is being canceled, a direct flight from KUching… ?I have bought ticket to Macau Feb 9 to 12 2009, bringing my mum, my daughter and hubby go there as we planned to take ferry to HK also..Why? This will be the second time i will be visiting the place..First time is last June, since its business trip i plan to revisit. I want bring my daughter to Disney Land ..

    I really hope kuching can have many direct flight to Guangzhou also, to Senzhen, Macau, Bangkok !!! Hong Kong also? Japan perhaps? London ? wow! Australia also??? AirAsia has done many impossible…why not another time this time…with more direct flight from Kuching….i have better chance to enjoy life, seeing more places and at the same time can take care of my business here in kuching…

    I hope AirAsia can full filled my request…it will be a dream come true for me and hubby…

  • Wai Tian

    Bravo AirAsiaX..
    Finally launch KL-London flight..
    Starting 11th March 2009
    -Now Everyone Can Fly To Europe!!!-

  • E

    1. Dhaka, Bangladesh
    2. Delhi/Jaipur, India
    3. Mumbai, India
    4. Colombo, Sri Lanka
    5. Male, Maldives
    6. Taipei, Taiwan
    7. Honolulu, USA
    8. Kathmandu, Nepal
    9. Paro, Bhutan
    10. Jeddah, Sauid Arabia
    11. Luang Phrabang, Laos
    12. Semporna, Malaysia

    All from KL

  • Kc

    1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    2. Frankfurt, Germany
    3. Taipei, Taiwan
    4. Kaoshiong, Taiwan
    5. Tokyo, Japan
    6. Osaka, Japan
    7. Shanghai, China

  • Jun Leong

    Looking for AirAsiaX to fly to Istanbul/Vienna

    I’m here to request that if possible,AirAsiaX can offer fly to Istanbul/Vienna or even both.
    Both are very nice destination and preferred by many tourists.
    Hope to get any positive feedback from AirAsiaX.


  • Kui Fern

    ‘m so glad to hear that airasiaX aiming fly to Japan by next yr end, my honeymoon planning to go to hokkaido Japan,so pls pls fly to Hokkaido ya, we luv u all… Japan quite popular ppl flying to Hokkaido or Tokyo for disneyland.

    btw possible fly to more China cities due to there’re limited options,Taiwan,
    US, Europe such as Venice..etc

  • Kui Fern

    oh yea …switzerland as well. MAS very expensive

  • Boon Kee

    taiwan taiwan.we all wan go to taiwan fly with air asia X

  • Tan

    hopes AirAsia X will fly to
    a) Taiwan
    b) Japan

  • Cheryl

    oh god

    fly to taiwan please

    cant believe that air asia had flew to london but not taiwan!!!


    desperately hope tht it will fly to taiwan

  • Meng





    PVG(direct there is better)



    EWR or JFK

    there’s all….

    Okinawa(Naha Apt) IS amazing island..

  • Shih Ween

    So what’s next after London? Any new routes coming up? Looking foward for it

  • Amirah Kausar

    New Zealand

    will start saving money from now … errr i mean for japan .. but hey .. i read somewhere they claimed japan not dat expensive .. please name d places ya :)

  • Terence

    Amsterdam to Singapore or KL
    i do this trip very often So Airasia
    would have me as a regular !!

    Amsterdam is central so i think it would be a great route

    Air Asia is great , i have had many flights & always a good service…

  • Mohd Irwan will be nice

  • Afarina

    To anonymous,
    if u stay in shinjuku, tokyo u may want to try Nishitetsu Inn which about 8min walk to JR Shinjuku Sta.The train sta is an access for u to go Akihabara (electronics place), Harajuku, Ginza or even to Tokyo Disneyland.Single room only 9300 yen bt the bed is spacious.Most of hotel provide daily tour that u can choose.If u plan backpacking u can try homestay in Mt.Fuji.They say its breathtaking where u stay in their traditional hse with hot spring bath.Im nt sure the rate bt u cn try google to find info cz someone did that.If you stay out from shinjuku then im nt sure cz ive only know there.perhaps other ppl can guide u.

  • Chen

    my wish list is TAIWAN

  • Ye

    I am still waiting for the KL to Tianjin route to open up. It has been advertised for a long time (possibly over 1 year?), still showing on Airasia China site. Too much pressure from China? What’s the deal?

  • Jasvinder Kaur

    My wish list,

    I am eagerly waiting for Air Asia to fly to New Delhi and Amritsar. With Air India and Indian Airlines not flying directly to New Delhi this will be a very good route for Air Asia to grow further. Hopefully my wish will be granted and I am able to fly with Air Asia to New Delhi before 2009 year end. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….

  • Jasmir

    amristar(punjab) n new zealand….remmeber punjabi express?25 % of ppl flying frm new delhi airport r frm punjab

  • Saila

    New Delhi PLEASE***…….
    Luang Phrabang, Laos***

    Colombo, Sri Lanka**
    Male, Maldives**
    Cape town/ Johannesburg, South Afric**
    Dar es Salam, Tanzania**

    Paro, Bhutan*
    Lhasa, Tibet*

    Other European countries would be great. What about Maui, Hawaii?

  • Chee Chau

    Senai to Taiwan !!!

  • Neil

    New Zealand – Kuala Lumpur or New Zealand – Sydney – Kuala Lumpur

  • Jaseline

    If only AirAsia would consider Auckland and Christchurch from LCCT …..

  • Wai Tian

    Airasia heard from us, every1 can now travel to Taiwan with low fare. ^^
    I have a ticket to taiwan already.
    therefore my next dream destination:
    Thanks alot Airasia making wish come true~!

  • Wei Seng

    I’m waiting for you…
    Waiting for you-U…
    Waiting for you come to New Zealand :) lol
    (it’s a song all bloggers)

  • Wei Seng

    Come to Wellington.
    Air Asia please come to Wellington.
    (It’s still a song :) lol)

  • Rahamat Tulla

    USA..IRELAND and more europe country

  • Dayang Faridah

    I hope that Air Asia will launch flight KL-DELHI soon. if can get 30-50% less then the others international airlines then it would be better!!!.

  • Saila

    When is Luang Phrabang coming? Waiting….

    Also, Bhutan, Mongolia and other countries where there is no low cost is available… Please Please….

    Any news on the Africa and South America routes?????

  • Purwoko

    pls add routes to indonesian network

    CGK – PLM
    CGK – PNK
    CGK – SRG
    CGK – AMI
    CGK – AMQ
    CGK – SGN
    CGK – CRK
    CGK – HKG
    CGK – BKK (add fequency)

    DPS – DRW

    SIN – MES
    SIN – SRG
    SIN – BPN
    SIN – PNK
    SIN – UPG
    SIN – SUB
    SIN – AMI
    SIN – PDG
    SIN – PLM

    KUL – PNK
    KUL – SRG
    KUL – BPN


  • Edward

    I would love to fly with Air Asia to destinations in India, Nepal as well as Tibet.
    Best wishes Air Asia.

  • Harshinder


    An Air Asia flight from KL TO Chandigarh, India would prove to be a hugely successful and popular one. Chandigarh also known as the city beautiful is a capital of two Indian states and the gateway to the whole of Northwest India with a combined population of 50 million and regions overseas residents number over 5 million!!! The first international flight to the new Chandigarh airport starts this month with Air Fly Dubai- the LCC of Emirates already announcing its inaugral flight from Dubai to to news report below:-

    Hope the Air Asia Management considers such a proposal and make an announcement on the matter soon!!!


  • Sabrina

    – Auckland / Christchurch
    – Vienna / Prague / Salzburg
    – Paris (!)

  • Jet Yaw

    It’ll be great for AirAsia to have routes from Kota Kinabalu to:

    1) Sydney

    2) Taipei& Kaohsiung

    3) Beijing & more parts of China….

  • Jet Yaw

    My wish list for AirAsia’s (near) future routes from Kota Kinabalu
    -New Zealand
    -even US or Canada

  • Wai Tian

    Why isn’t there is a KL-Xiamen route?

  • Robert

    I think Air Asia should fly Kota Kinabalu to Cambodia. I work in Cambodia in a garment factory.

  • Robert

    I am having a lot of problems with maids and so are my fiends and neighbours, because maids from Indonesia are becoming too proud.

    I have a close friend who runs a food business in Cambodia and she said she can help me find a maid, but the cost of travelling to East Malaysia is too high.

    I hope you will fly the KK-PPenh sector. I am using my husband’s account to write this message. He works in Cambodia.

  • Saila

    My family and I are grateful to AirAsia for taking us places we only dreamed of being in. Despite the occasional lateness and bad service- the airline remains as be our favorite, mainly because of the low fares it offers. It has been one of the few airlines that offers transparency about the fares in it’s advertising- until now. We have been dissapointed at the recent “Biggest seat sale of the year” campaign starting August 10th. Neither fares are the “Best” of the season, nor it is available on all dates and destinations. What does the airline mean by saying “even better than free seats”? Is AirAsia tring to follow suit of Ryanair in it’s misleading advertising? Would anyone like to clarify?

  • Zamsir

    denpasar sydney or denpasar melbourne

  • Iamsterdam

    AMSTERDAM pls! I think the dutch market is very good. A lot of dutch travel to Asia/Malaysia.
    hope Air Asia X will fly to Amsterdam soon.
    greeting from Amsterdam;-)

  • Wai Tian

    IS there possible having KL-Toronto?

  • Russell

    I would love Melbourne to Clark direct and return.

    Plus Melbourne to Dempasar (Bali) direct and return. You already have Perth to Bali.

  • Prasan

    Just operate every flights from Bkk, just as you do with KL. And i’ll be fine. Thanx.

  • Wei-te

    I want AirAsia can fly to New Zealand from Australia or Kuala Lumper.

    New Zealand is the most beautiful tourism country,so I think it’s a pretty nice route can be considered by AirAsia.

  • Angga Kencana

    Pls add more routes and destinations from Jakarta as it has least routes among other main country hubs (KUL and BKK)…

    Pls open this route:

    Jakarta – Lombok (it’s potential!, Lombok is the second Bali!)
    Jakarta – Makassar (reactivate pls)
    Jakarta – Manado (other tourist destination, why don’t open this route??)

    Jakarta – Perth
    Jakarta – Melbourne (Huge amount of Indo students there!)
    Jakarta – Sydney
    Jakarta – Bangkok (added frequency pls)
    Jakarta – Phuket (when when when?)
    Jakarta – Macau
    Jakarta – Hong Kong

  • Peraymah

    Please fly from KL to Cape Town South Africa…. Such a beautiful country and must watch boat festival and will be great since world cup is around the corner….

  • Alexandra D

    Toronto, Canada :)

  • Siew Fong

    Kaoshiong (Taiwan) &…

    NEW ZEALAND plsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willy

    It’s been a while since Air Asia open the route of KL – Solo.
    How about SIN – Solo in 2010?

  • Mandeep

    Air Asia should fly to Amritsar as soon as possible. Imagine the total strength of number of all Punjabi’s from Australia, malayasia, Thialand, Singapore. There wont be a free seat on this route, I live in canberra but willing to fly to Melbourne and then to Amritsar via KL, it is still much cheaper and convinient option.
    Earlier this year Singpore Airlines cancelled their amritsar flight at height of GFC and their main reasoning was no able to fill up Business class whereas they were always full on econonmy …guess what Low cost airline can fill this huge void …
    Look forward to fly to amritsar soon with you guys…

  • Linda

    Does Air Asia have plans to fly to Mombai [Bombay] any time soon?

  • Nur Luqman

    Kuala Lumpur-Sana’a(Yemen) pls…….

    Plenty of yemeni student study in Malaysia.So it will be a very good route.Currently, very few airlines offer route from Kuala Lumpur to Yemen and it quite expensive.If air asia consider route to Sana’a(Yemen),everybody can fly to Sana’a cheaper…Yemen is very nice and beautiful country…

  • Anthony

    Another vote for Jakarta – Perth.

    It was a topic for discussion amongst the Indonesians in that city I spoke to. With a lot of students and Indonesian expats in Perth, it could make sense. At the moment only Jetstar fly the route 3 times a week, and the fares are usually high. The other airlines including Garuda are all going to Bali now. Doing the transit in Bali is a real nuisance too.

    How about it?

  • Robert

    Please add Sydney to your list of destinations. I fly Air Asia regularly when in Asia but I really can’t understand how you can really ignore Sydney as a port given its population and the number of Asians who live in this city. I hope this may become a reality in 2010

  • Alice

    New Zealand, please!

  • Davindar

    If possible by CNY 2010. If not Singapore, at least from KL first. I can assure you it will be full house.

  • Enawati

    Jeddah, New York, Madrid, Tokyo, NZ and Seoul

  • Ravichandran

    1. Flights to MADURAI(IXM)from Penang will be good, since most of the Indian population in Malaysia are from the cities/villages around Madurai.

    2.Flights to CHENNAI(MAA)from Penang will also be good.

  • Alokemay

    Is the fare advertised by Airasia is inclusive of all Government taxes? From Kolkata to Kualumpur how much will be the actual fare as on date?

  • Alokemay

    Kolkata to Bangkok daily flight is needed.

  • Stephen

    Christchurch please!!

  • Rahmah

    still waiting for Sydney…….is that true….middle of this year?????

  • Sy Ying

    USA :new york,carlifornia, Boston
    Germany: munich, frankfurt

  • Russell

    Melbourne to Bali (direct) and Melbourne to Bangkok (direct) would be great. This is a huge market.

  • Nghiem

    Please soon have first fly of VietJet Air Asia please…
    Really want to take fry direct from Hanoi
    HAN to Singapore and Hong Kong…
    Kul to Inchenon and
    Kul to Rome
    Kul to Moscow

  • Anthony

    Airasia indonesia needs to service the east of Australia to connect with the existing airasia network. Just look at the sucess of Perth. It airasia x cannot get in to sydney do it by stealth. People will not mind transiting via bali

  • Marcus

    Sydney is a MUST for Airasia, and there is no reason for MAS or the Malaysian Government to further delay giving the approval. If they really want to protect KL Sydney route exclusively for MAS, they should have stopped Jetstar from flying this route 2 years ago.

  • Ahmad Azamiruddin

    I have doubt, why can’t you fly directly where do u want to go, why need goverment approval? u are private company not like MH, just fly there, who cares, AK have the money to pay.

    What i need the most is a direct connection between domestic airports, like AOR-KBR, KBR-JHB, AOR-JHB, PEN-JHB, IPH-JHB, AOR-BKI, KCH-PEN, etc.

  • Muhammad

    any city in Pakistan, this is huge unexplored market in terms of tourism and also for ppl who are working in Malaysia. There are many flights from KL to Pakistan weekly like MAS, PIA, ThaiAir and many indirect flights aswell. I guess Airasia management should serioursly work on this. I am in KL and if I had Airasia routes to Pakistan I would fly everything month to Pakistan to meet family. There are so many who just plan to travel but can’t travel frequenlty due to sky high air fares.

  • Farah Liyana

    I think Air Asia’s next route should be going to New Zealand, for New Zealand is one of the beautiful countries in the world, full of nature and amazing tourist attraction!

    If Air Asia has fulfilled its goals to be able flying to London, why not New Zealand as well? :)

  • Alexander


    Airasia X already flies to Australian Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth. Why not to add Cairns?

    Yeah, I mean CAIRNS – the most famous destination in Australia for ecotourists, backpackers, honeymooners. And it is indeed THE most beatiful part of Australia with two UNESCO nature heritage sites in one place – the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

    Cairns has all modern facilities for tourists including a brand new airport. And it is much closer to KL than all other Australian cities you already fly to.

    CAIRNS!!! CAIRNS!!! CAIRNS!!! :))))

  • Zeeshan

    Please add Pakistan cities there are lot of Pakistani students and workers in Malaysia who want to go back regularly to their country but cannot due to high prices of other airlines if airasia goes to Pakistan i will surely be going back every 6 months please add cities like Karachi and Lahore.

  • Husna

    NEW ZEALAND FOR SURE! Love the place!
    MALDIVES! great place for honeymoon, i bet many newly wed wanna go there!
    and FIJI & Honolulu! great place for diving!!

  • Kevin Tang

    Paris please!!
    and other destinations are Auckland, Tokyo, Milan, Prague, Cairo, Johannesburg, Moscow.

  • Rozila

    I hope that Air Asia will fly to Kathmandu very soon as next year is Nepal Tourism Year.

  • Nurul

    New Zealand!


  • Martin

    Definitely New Zealand.
    We would use AA a lot more but the cost of the fare to get to Australia to connect makes it hard.
    I see your looking at Christchurch but have you thought of Hamilton or Palmerston North? They’re both low cost airports with international runways.

    One other thing – to make it cheaper for us travellers – could you look at connecting flight times? Because we have to stop over in each city between flights, with accommodation costs, it’s almost as cheap to fly with the standard cost airlines who give free accommodation.
    Just a thought.

  • Hendra

    Well, New Zealand, especially Christchurch International Airport (Chch), could be a nice-proposed next AirAsia X from KL. As I know, that Chch Airport mostly serve international flights from/to Aussie’s major cities. If not mistaken, now only SQ (fr/to Singapore) and Emirates (code shares?) fly to Chch. In the past ( 2000 ), Korean Airlines also flied to Chch.

    Please consider that KL – Chch will be a new-attractive & highly demanded route since NZ’s South Island is one of popular tourist destinations in southern hemisphere.

    Another suggestion is KL – Osaka (either Kansai or Osaka International Airport) although KL – Haneda seems gonna be realised as soon.

    Many thanks for considering. I am waiting for your next new fight routes.


  • Mei Fun

    I hope that Airasia will fly to
    Japan, New Zealand, Northern Europe, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

  • Natesan

    Air Asia must operate flight to Madurai International Airport.

    South Indians are awaiting this services from World Best Budget Airline Air Asia.

    It would be nice if Air Asia operates flights to this destinations from madurai.

    Madurai – Singapore
    Madurai – Penang
    Madurai – KL

    !!! Welcome Air Asia to Madurai (Temple City) !!!

    Natesan Nagarajan – Singapore

  • Daniel


    ^^ Please~

  • Mohamad

    Bravo and thanks a lot to Air Asia for make it to Air Asia is growing to cover most part of the major world’s continents..after looking at the wish lists of others above, most of their wishes already materialized..anyway my wish is still to Turkey ..why not to Istanbul? It has an LCC airport too..Sabiha Gökçen International airport..really hope my wish will come true 😉 Thanks to Air really has made everyone can really fly xtra miles :))

  • Yuana

    ISTANBUL please!!!

  • Evgeny

    i have very important question for me!
    will you flight to South America? i am realy need this destination!!!

  • Evgeny

    when you will fly to South America ??

  • Pl V Suppaiah

    I am always a AA supporters. My wish is AA should go to MADURAI (city of temple). This route will be successful same as Tiruchirapalli. Please consider.

  • Zeynep Nisan

    Istanbul and Moscow please.