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Dear AirAsia,
About 3.5 months ago, I received a mysterious email. It was from someone special from my very distant past.

“hi dennis,

how are you? it’s me, wendy wong. the girl who rode your bike and crashed bout 16 yrs ago??? remember???

anyway, i just wanna say hello…and hope that we can keep in touch.

have a good day! :)


My reply:
“Hi Wendy,

Ta for writing to me. In Facebook, I added you yesterday.

You surely know for 100% I’d definitely remember~ the good-luck troll you gave me is still with me too.
It’s so weird while happy to hear from you.

Right now I am in Auckland house-sitting for my friend for 2 weeks until 3rd Sept. Then I’d be in Sydney for 2 weeks. Usually I am in Thailand.


We emailed, talked, chatted, MSN-ed, Skype-ed, called and planned to meet up in November in Bangkok. There was some changes with her work plans and thus was able to meet me when I am on my way back to Bangkok on 29 Sept – after my Australia/New Zealand trips. Which I had bought mainly on AirAsiaX, except for the connections between Perth and Melbourne, and to New Zealand. I love New Zealand, Unfortunately the hassle with booking on other commercial airlines was showing. One flight from Sydney to Melbourne was delayed for 3 hours. I almost missed my Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur midnight D7 flight. Because of that, and my usual preference for AirAsia, I wrote to AirAsiaX CEO, Mr. Azran Osman-Rani to request that New Zealand (either Auckland or Christchurch) be made as one of AirAsiaX’s new destination.

Finally I was back in Malaysia. And was able to talk to her on the phone. Oh, why am I talking to her on the phone? I could meet her – isn’t she Malaysian too? Yes she is. I must have forgotten to write this. Her job is a Flight Attendant for a Gulf nation airline. Therefore, she wasn’t in Malaysia – but in Dubai most of the time.

She sent me her September roster. London, Mauritius, Tripoli, Singapore, Brisbane. Very interesting and exotic places indeed. To up the ante, I sent her my “roster”. Which was actually my own flight schedule that I usually booked months ahead – because that’s how AirAsia’s Zero Fares, Promotions and Best Fares are given out. The customer should booked 6 or 8 months in advance to get the lowest prices. Believe me, I paid 32 RM to Bali from KL. Yes, one way.

My roster showed I was going to Thailand on the 29th September. Her leave is the whole month of October. She took an unpaid one-month leave. The earliest she could board a flight to meet me is 2nd October.

Basically, 29th September (KUL-BKK) is a very important flight for me, right? I’d have barely a few days to prepare to meet her again in real life – after over 16 years of being apart.

The good-luck troll she gave me. It’s still with me for 16 years.

I live in Melaka. To get to the LCCT, I had to take a Melaka-KL Transnasional Bus to Puduraya. Then board another bus to the LCCT. On 29th September. I did all that early in the morning and arrived 2.5 hours ahead for check-in.

Everything was going so fine, I was even logging onto the Free Wifi Internet that is provided inside the LCCT to check any updated Facebook messages from Wendy. Even chatted to her on MSN Messenger for a few minutes. Everything was perfect. I am going to met my dream girl once again.

We basically hit the “PAUSED” button for 16 years. Amazing. Now I can meet her. And finally able to hold her hands. Able to hear her say, the magic words that goes something like “…. the happiest girl in the whole wide world” AND kiss her gentle on her right cheek. That scene played in my mind a zillion times when I was 17 years ago, in my little Smallville called Muar.

The love scroll I gave her for her birthday. There are 6 sections of poetry on it.

Flashback 16 years ago: We were at this place by the riverfront called simply “Tanjung” (“cape” in English). And she was happy I made some nice poetry and art for her birthday. My simple yet anxious thoughts at that time was “ok I should just peck her on her cheek” when I am ready because it was a nice romantic day. Then she said “you made me feel like the h-a-p-p-i-e-s-t girl in this w-h-o-l-e wide w-o-r-l-d”. I was so touched, anxious, shy at the same time. I paused. Paused. PAUSED. P-A-U-S-E-D.

She said: “Ok let’s go home now. Please send me home”.

We didn’t see each other again. She didn’t wanted to see me. Why? Yes why. I don’t know. SO I asked myself. Was I too shy? Was I too timid? Was I dumb? Maybe girls like stronger guys. Maybe I wasn’t that confident nor handsome, or funny. Or muscular. Pimples? Oily skin? Maybe I didn’t take care of her? Gave her some nicer gifts rather than handmade things. Basically I must have been a disaster to a girl. “I’m All Out Of Love” – I’m so lost without you.

Flash forward to 29th September 2009. Back outside Gate 12 of the LCCT. Then I realise, eh. Where is my passport? Where… WHERE? It’s not here in my laptop bag! WHERE IS MY PASSPORT. HELP! I need somebody! PASSPORT!!! No Passport means I won’t be able to board that final bridging flight to see Wendy. I ran around in circles. Looking up and down. High and low. Underneath the chairs. The toilet. Duty free shops. Asked an AirAsia Officer – his name is Bala. He told me to calm down. And went on the search with me as well. Asking the cleaners. Radioing other stations. Other staff.

Is this: alas? No no. Please no. I begged myself. I gather my thoughts for a few micro-seconds. If really it was stolen. FINE. I will go back to Melaka. Make a NEW Passport. Then book next day’s (pricier) flight – 1st October to Bangkok. Consoling myself: Isn’t it now, Malaysia Immigration will issue a passport within a day, or perhaps even faster, within the morning we are at the office? Great. I calmed myself. But the worst case is still open to eat me. What if, no I can’t get it?

This was my birthday gift 16 years ago from Wendy.

Finally Bala said, why don’t you go to the Autogate Officer to check if you “might” have left your passport in the dock? I said, ok sure. But so unlike me. I am always 1000% careful with keys, wallet, and obviously my precious PASSPORT.

I went there. The female officer – smiled. “Oh it’s you!” Immediately my heartbeat returned! After a quick processing in the office with a senior officer, and signing it off from their hands, I ran and ran as fast as I could to the customs checkpoint and to the gates – giving my deepest thanks to Bala via another female staff (since Bala was someplace else) and into my aircraft – flight FD3576 bound for Bangkok, Thailand.

And here today: Wendy and I are back together again. After 16 years. After almost losing my passport. After millions of mileage for her (proudly she’s a First Class Cabin Crew). And (only) PERHAPS one hundred thousand mileage for me (mainly on AirAsia to Bangkok, Bali, Perth, Hanoi, Melbourne). We’ve seen the world literally, looking for love, finding love, and realise finally where true love has always been. Waiting. That simple first love. Was always there.. waiting.

Me and Wendy together … on flight AK750 KUL-BKK on 20th October 2009.

“For those of you who are in love, out of love, waiting for love, begging for love, want to reconnect with your love… the question is …. HAVE YOU FLOWN AIRASIA???????!!!!” *WINK* *Muar!*

PS: All the above story (stories) are real. My emails, call log, text messages, Mr Bala, my request to Mr Azran.
Thanks to Air Supply: For supplying half of all the sad love songs that I listen through the years, pining, waiting for love. And thanks to Air Supply again for supplying half of all the happy love songs that I dedicate to the love of my life, Wendy Wong.
Thanks to Mr Bala for being really helpful and calm when assisting me.

PPS: The song “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” was sung by me in my high school Talent Search 1993, dedicating it to her.. and best of it was, I won the first prize.


  • Gerald

    That’s a great story ‘engagingly’ told!

  • Ashish

    Thats nice reconnecting story in real life.
    Thanks for sharing and wish best for future togetherness.

  • Renuka

    Nice story. Btw, When the winner will be announced? Anxious to know :)

  • Dennis

    Thanks Gerald, Ashish and Renuka.

    There’s another one bit I had omitted because of the maximum number of photos rule (only 6 photos allowed). If you read from the first email, it was about a bike accident. I still have that scar on my little finger of my right hand to show it, and reminded me of everything.

    Then again, there are countless things, events or situations we both have connected with, shared, being in tandem with – I am hoping I can write a book about it all.

  • Linda

    This is so romantic…u shud really write a book about both of u and give it to Wendy… :)

  • Saw

    It’s a very nice story…enjoy reading it =)
    Means the end both of you couple again?
    anyway..all the best…

  • Dennis

    Thanks Linda – I am certainly planning to do that. Perhaps AirAsia will be the book publisher and sell the book too. Besides the above, there are several other events that are linked to AirAsia. It is this unbelievable.

    Hi Saw – yes, now we’re together. And the flight journey had just taken off again.

    PS: Have any of you watched “When Harry Met Sally” the movie starring Meg Ryan?