Dear readers…

Often, I get the sudden flash of “Ah, I should blog about this” or “Gosh, I’d have to write about this” when on duty on board. But alas, I am blessed too with a short-term memory (everything is a blessing, who am I to complain??).

Just the other day, a gentleman started to chat while waiting for the door to open after our landing. He told me that his wife asked him a question which he decided to ask me instead.

“Why do you all flight attendants sit with your hands beneath your thighs during take-off and landing?”

After explaning, he laughed and said, “Oh, I told my wife maybe you were all trying to hold your skirts down!”

That short funny conversation has sparked my interest…

Now I am curious to know…
1) WERE THERE ANY QUESTIONS YOU WANTED TO ASK A FLIGHT ATTENDANT (but never really did come around to actually asking)
2) WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE QUESTION TO ASK A FLIGHT ATTENDANT (as a conversation opening, or maybe pick-up lines??)

I’ll be glad to pass these questions around to be answered by fellow flight attendants or even my flight attendant Manager.

Thanks for your time!


My office in AirAsia is none other than our fuel-efficient, brand new, young and modern A320! (And the term prefered is Flight Attendant, not Cabin Crew, thank you!)

I get to meet different people from different countries, lifestyles, religions and occupations everyday. And the stories they shared with me often falls victim to the topic of my blogs!

With this blog, I can say goodbye to the free Coca-colas I get from my friends in exchange for flight stories...oh well!

  • Mohd Hafiz

    May i know the basic salary for flight much after plus other allowance..?? Really want to ask them .. :-)

  • Kong Sun

    For example a guy who is just 163cm would like to apply to be an air steward but the requirement stated to be 165cm. Can he still apply?

  • Venice

    Dear Anon… that would be a commonly sensitive question, don’t you think? I think it’s unfair for me to answer that. Let’s just say that we are paid healthy and if not more, we’re paid on-par with the industry.

    Hello, Kong Sun.
    I remembered helping out in the recruitment a few time and meeting the height is the first part. I personally think that non-compliance to the pre-set requirement could reflect either the non-comprehension of the recruitment ad, or just plain to try your luck.But that is just my huble opinion.

    Do let me check on that and get back to you.

  • Kong Sun

    Owh thank you
    cuz my ambition is to become a pilot. If i am unable to go throught all the stages then I will have to choose to be a flight attendant then from there i fund myself to study pilot.

    I do hope that at 163cm i can apply. =)

  • Kong Sun

    Well why have the make to be at 170cm to be an air steward? Isnt that too tall d? Haix cant even apply

    The difference from the height or the guy from the female is too far apart already. The female wan is 157cm and guys wan is 170cm.

  • Jo-ann

    So, what is the answer to the flight attendants sitting with their hands beneath their thighs?

  • Chanbong

    Sorry but I have a question.
    I think that you are flight attendant.
    I can’t find email adress to send airasia company. Please let me know it.
    My mail adress is