I was filled with glee to learn from the cabbie that Andhra Pradesh serves up some of the spiciest food in India. Some people do acrobatics with their tongues, suck milk from straws through their nostrils or contort themselves into a duffer bag.

Me, I gobble down fiery hot chillies as a bragging right. I once chomped down two scotch bonnets in under a minute. OK it’s far from world record standard but still freakish enough to shock friends.

After travelling almost 500km northeast from Bangalore to Hyderabad, capital of AP, we were famished so we raced to find food.

In this city you can’t escape the ubiquitous dish that is Hyderabadi ‘dum’ briyani, so-called to describe its method of slow cooking on coals. The Hyderabadi version is hailed as the mother of all briyanis, world famous and an integral part of Hyderabadi cuisine. I took in these facts credulously from the owner of a restaurant we picked randomly from a street overpopulated with briyani specialists, all claiming to have won an award or other.

Absolutely delicious and spicy, Hyderabadi briyani is also a legacy of the Mughal rulers who reigned over the Indian subcontinent from the mid-16th century until the 19th century. The opulent Nizams – royal representatives of the Mughal Emporers – had a penchant for the arts, literature, grandiose architecture and rich food.

With seven generations of obscenely wealthy Nizams ruling South India from Hyderabad for 200 years, you can imagine the sort of impression they left on the city. The last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan who was a direct descendant of a Mughal governor was, at his height of rule, named by Time magazine as the richest man in the world. He minted his own coins and ran his own private railway system.

As an aid to the digestion from the heaviness of a briyani meal, a tour of the Charminar mosque is highly recommended. The “Four Minarets” is an imposing monument and splendid display of Indo-Islamic architecture, constructed by Hyderabad’s founder, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 to mark the end of a scourge.

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  • Ashish

    As expected, here is blog on Hyd biryani and that too from Air Asia team.
    Good one.
    Now, expecting Hyd Biryani on Air Asia’s in flight menu.