After a couple of weeks in India I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of communicating with locals without speaking. Essentially you’re good to go in India with three gestures

1. Wobble your head right to left and smile to mean ‘no’
2. Wobble your head right to left and smile to mean ‘yes’
3. Wobble your head right to left and smile to mean ‘thank you’

Another neat one we discovered was to hold out your hand to street beggars in mimicry when they come asking for change. Somehow it disorients them. Oh and don’t forget to wobble your head right to left when doing that. You may look a little clumsy and awkward at first but the wobble is so contagious it’ll soon become second nature.

As I tried to keep my head wobble as unexaggerated and authentic as possible I chuckled at the thought that somewhere in these tall buildings of the Bangalore skyline young Indians were being trained to mimic accents of other countries in order to authenticate the customer experience.

From the backwaters of Kerala we’ve arrived at the back-offices of Bangalore. The pace of life picks up once you set foot in the capital of Kanartaka. This is after all India’s third largest city and its fastest-growing thanks to the booming tech industries. BPO and software companies are the biggest employers in Bangalore. Many of the India’s wealthy cluster here.

Bangalore’s lesser known sobriquet is “Garden City”. Being a hub for India’s wealthy surely fired up its real estate sector but fortunately this hasn’t obliterated its green spaces. Two well-maintained landmark parks are worth a visit, weather permitting. Lalbagh is the botanical garden planted by Hyder Ali, the 18th century rule of Mysore and Cubbon Park is a construction of the British in 1884. Temperatures were too high and the air too still for a long stroll so we scurried over to a pub – the other biggest draw in Bangalore.

Desperate to cool off, I order a lager from the tap, wobbling my head with delight when the bartender placed the pint before me.

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  • Geetha

    I am proud to step foot in Bangalore, a large and growing metropolis. Besides being recognized for the well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India, thsi city houses numerous software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organisations. Also know as the Silicon Valley of India due to its position as the nation’s leading IT exporter, Bangalore is my India. What’s your India?