It’s been almost a month since the launch of the AirAsia Blog and we continue to receive posts from our happy and not-so-happy guests on a range of issues. Besides topics on routes, we seem to attract many posts on the Low Cost Carrier Terminal . Ah yes, the main airport gateway into and out of the country if you’re flying AirAsia.

Some of the ‘interesting’ posts about LCCT have touched on its overcrowding to its lack of quality facilities and the messy toilets. AirAsia wants to see a better LCCT as much as all of you. So we wish to hear from our readers. What is it about LCCT that’s not up to standard? What can be done to improve?

With your feedback, we hope to work together with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), the body which manages, operates and maintains the airport, toward a better LCCT. Tell us now.


  1. Edmund Tze Kan Reply

    Lost luggage due to “uncheck” system at the departure gate of the arrival area.
    Have experienced that. Luckily, after much effort through the lost and found counter and traceable contact plus many phone calls. As there is only 1 almost similar luggage left on the belt. Got my own luggage back as I have to exchange the luggage with the lady who took mine instead. (Note: my luggage was sent to Kuching, as my family just got back from Guangzhuo, having a later flight out back home-Kuching, as usual using AirAsia). Understand that it is MAHB reponsibility to check at the departure gate.

  2. Mulyadir Fitri Reply

    I have only one, I guess. Why can’t the LCCT provide the luggage drop-off counter for web-check-in? I’m a regular user of that service at other airports, and it would certainly be a much more pleasant experience using the LCCT if we don’t have to queue to check in our luggage.

  3. I would suggest LCCT provide more chairs for passenger that have to wait for longer hours at the airport due to various reason. Besides that, air-conditioning is indeed needed for LCCT. I wish both of the request will be consider seriously. THANKS! 🙂

  4. Chang Pong Reply

    I hear rumours that LCCT will be shifted to a location nearer to KLIA because the present one is unable to cater to the overwhelming number of passengers.
    I, for one, would hope this happens. There should be a light rail link between the LCCT and KLIA for better passenger connectivity.

    If the idea of a new LCCT near KLIA does come up, I also hope that the current KLIA Express train will run to LCCT from KL Sentral. If the new LCCT are just rumours, then please have a rail link to the the current LCCT terminal from KL Sentral.

  5. If it’s not for the cheap fares, LCCT is the last place I would want to be in. Enduring the wait with foreign workers together with AK ground staff whom I must say prefer to be just walking around to look important is just not what I want to go through. Thank god MH has their own concept of budget travel.

    The facilities are minimal and so is the hospitality of the AK staff.

    Why not expand their retail area and have a recreation area (massage centre, internet cafe, pay-per use lounge, etc). Atleast if you have to endure long delays, it’s not so unpleasant.

    It’s totally possible to incorporate facilities at KLIA into LCCT. It doesn’t have to be minimal cause the passenger traffic will help boost retail sales and not to mention the amount of money you’ll make from parking alone.

    Please make it a pleasant experience for us air travelers.

  6. i will suggest that the malaysia airport bhd will upgrade the current LCCT to the better level and standard. To achieve the higher standard and quality of the airport, its better to provide more chairs to the passengers in the airport. If im not mistaken, the chairs are only available at the arrival halls. due to this reason, it will bring many inconvenience to the passengers whose stay in the LCCT. besides that, the LCCT is too small, its not fit with the huge number of passengers. The crowded atmosphere made the passengers felt not comfortable. Futhermore, the check-in system in the LCCT is not systematic. The crews are too slow when serving the check-in passenger while the queue is very long. so, for me, its better to combine the LCCT and KLIA in the same airport, coz the main terminal of KLIA have a complete facilities and high efficient and effective system. if the AIRASIA still interested to have their own airport like LCCT, i will suggest that the airport building should be larger which can affort the huge number of passengers in conjunction with the facilities and technology like KLIA.

  7. Anthony Dylan Reply

    I think LCCT should have a FREE SHUTTLE TO AND FROM KLIA!!!! Just like in Singapore! It is so difficult and expensive to get to and from KLIA whether to catch a flight or even the ERL. The cheapest is that old bus airport liner which is not meant for luggage and steps are so high unlike the correct vehicle for such shuttles….and we need to pay RM1.50!!!

  8. I strongly agree that a link of underground LRT or tunnel-road between LCCT and Main Terminal Building…
    It’s really time spending going around the airport’s runway to reach the main terminal, and be concern of fuel usage for only a stone’s throw displacement..

  9. Hi Mulyadir Fitri,

    The current layout of the LCCT doesn’t allow us to offer a baggage drop counter at the moment. However, the good news is we’re planning to have it as soon as the expansion works of the LCCT is completed. So guests like yourself who have checked-in on the web, kiosks and mobile phones(coming soon!) can check-in on their own and drop off their bags without the hassle of the long queues at the airport. So be on the lookout for it yeah?

    Douglas Yeo
    Ground Operations

  10. Can we add more things at the international departure gate area?

    The cafe in the waiting area can only cater to approximately 20 people. And the coffee is just some 3 in 1 Nescafe. Can we have some local teh tarik/kopi provided? And the convenient store is not much better than a kampung kedai runcit. The only better outlet is the duty free.

    I suggest can we look at Singapore Budget Terminal (Ya, sometimes Tiger is cheaper than AirAsia…) to have a nice low-cost dining area? Pricing at around the level of Food Garden @ LCCT?

  11. i think more comfortable chairs and space for ppl to wait for boarding..more boarding gates so that we dont have to walk soooo far..

    Also while boarding there’s no line or ‘fences’ many of them try to cut queue in the middle which is so irritating..should allocate ‘longer’ space to queue..

    the whole place is just too crowded..aircon were not good enough during noon

  12. Muhammad Ghaznawi Reply

    i agreed about the chair. lcct should provide more chairs for convenience while waiting for flights. some people have to stay all night before their flight on the next day. power points should be added too, it’s hard to recharge laptop battery while using wireless.

  13. My suggest are as follow :
    1) Please link KLIA to LCCT with rail .
    2) Parking fees for overnight can be
    reduce to RM 20 / day
    3) Smoking area @ departure hall
    4) Ready 20 to 30 computer @ each departure hall for passenger to log on internet. ( with low fare )
    5) Better aircon ( its very warm on the afternoon )
    6) some of your Ground staff service and attitute has to improve .
    7) more duty free shop outlet
    8) more food stall or better ( @ garden the food there is not so great & the area smelly and price should be reduce )
    9) more immigration counter for Malaysia Int. Arrival hall.
    10)waiting for check-in baggage upon arrival ( int. Domestic ) is very long ( atleast 30 to 45 minuts )
    11) Install ceiling or wall fan@ sitting area ( outside departture hall )
    12) more big tree at car park are

  14. MAHB should build the planned new LCCT sooner..I don’t see a point of spending more taxpayers money into the ‘warehouse’

  15. LCCT definitely needs some improvements!

    1. As LCCT offers low-budget travelling option, they should increase the number of moderate restaurants and cafes as they currently have very limited choice; especially the reasonably-priced ones. Mc Donald’s looks be the only choice around and is always crowded due to this hence their service is alway compromised!

    2. Duty-free selection is also much limited at LCCT.

  16. Michelle-ann Reply

    Some additional dining choices LCCT passengers will enjoy when the new Tune – LCCT Transit becomes operational in February 2009 include:

    – Passage Thru Asia (Asian cuisine)
    – 1901 Hot Dog outlet
    – Gloria Jeans cafe outlet

    This will be in addition to other facilities including a 7-Eleven convenience store, magazine store, transporter services, internet room and coin-operated laundry services available to hotel guests.

    In addition to the extremely affordable overnight rates offered for stays in the 222-room hotel, Tune – LCCT Transit will also be offering 3-hour ‘Refresher’ package rates for passengers needing a quick nap and shower before continuing their journeys.

    Bookings for Tune – LCCT Transit are expected to open in December 2008 for stays commencing February 2009. Log onto to and subscribe to the e-newsletter ‘Check Out When to Tune In’ to be among the first to be alerted on pre-launch promotions.

  17. The airport is in a chaos with a lot of passengers as well as their families and friends. Queuing up for the luggage scanning and check-in before the custom clearance is a hassle. The queue is not in order and no proper line has been set-up with barrier. The whole scenario is very much similar like a wet market.

    However, I would like to give a compliment to your cabin crews. They are very professional and helpful. I notice that they attend to every needs of each and every passengers on board. Their attitude is comparable with the bigger airline. I’m quite surprise of this good service by them after the bad experience I have had before boarding.

  18. I just hope that MAHB set a wireless spot at Food Garden. There has plenty of switch, but NO internet >

  19. Michelle-ann Reply

    Latest update on Tune – LCCT Transit: bookings now open for stays beginning April 1 – 31 October 2009 (just in time for F1 season !!!!).

    As of this posting you can still get pre-launch room rates from as low as RM3/night…book now at

  20. The baggage collection seems to have improved judging by my last trip through LCCT (or maybe it was just a quiet time of the day). However I have one great tip which will save delays in the check in line and save some passengers time and money. Remember not all passengers have the ability to weigh their baggage before getting to the airport.

    If LCCT could install a large weighing machine at the entry doors or lobby ie similar to Singapore’s budget terminal.

    That way fliers could weigh their bags before having to go through security XRAY. Then waiting in a check in line only to find they are over weight. They then go into a panic mode at the thought of large excess fees. Waste time repacking or throwing out items to make their limit, or minimise excess baggage. Then repeating the process twice. Still guessing what their final check in weight will be.

    They then place the blame for the bad experience on the airline, destroying all the good PR you have worked so hard to achieve.

  21. Teng Benng Reply

    Really bugging us – my family and me,

    1) The road that let us moving our luggage is not absolute slanted and not flat.

    2) How come that is only taxis counter inside the arrival hall.

    3) Where do we wait the Tune hotel van?

    4) Do you see how we have to wait for a taxis?

    5) Do you ever carry a few big luggage around and look for a taxis? Furthermore, the road and corridor is not flat. We are not asking for nice and beautiful corridor, but a flat corridor in the building and outside the building.

    6) Is LCCT is an international airport? If one year has 10 million passengers, we are paying RM10 each trip. Do you count the revenue that you generate?

    If MAHB cannot manage the airport, I think it is better to move away!

    Thank you.

  22. As retired Canadians that frequently use Air Asia in Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, LCCT is a huge “downer”. It is supposedly the flagship hub for Air Asia. It offers better pricing and number of flights as a hub than Bangkok. For this reason we are forced to fly from Chiang Mai to KL to go to Bali, instead of from Bangkok. So why price to attract so many flyers when the terminal reminds us of Pudaraya bus station? a sardine can. One cannot deny that these are two great success stories in KL. Witness how their cups runneth over.

    For now, find a couple of other hubs by discounting flights till some modern day thinker can match Air Asia’s ambition and turn LCCT into at least a second world terminal that it deserves to be. Then we will not have to sit on the floor waiting to get a seat and a meal at a resto.
    We were there in Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov and will be back in Mar ’10. May be the checkin counters should open 5 hours before flights to relieve the luggage lugging around that wear down us and the LCCT floors, washrooms and eateries.

  23. I’m probably going to be the odd one out here, but I don’t mind the LCCT as a terminal. I think some people have to realise they are travelling low cost, through a low cost terminal, so if everything I see here on people’s list of wishes is done, then I bet their next complaint will be that it isn’t low cost anymore.

    If you want perfection, fly first class with a flag carrier & at the airport you can use their chairman’s lounge. If you want low cost, accept there are a few minor inconveniences that go with it. If you don’t like waiting at the LCCT, get a room at the Tune hotel across the road.

    The suggestions of a faster shuttle to KLIA are good suggestions. Can you run a special shuttle bus airside across the tarmac like some airports do? That should cut the time in half.

    I thought LCCT & AirAsia were great when I was there Oct-2009 for the MotoGP. I’ve already booked to transit through KL May-2010, & I’m about to book to KL for MotoGP next year as soon as the race calendar is finalised.

    Keep up the good work AirAsia!

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