I am actually a fan of the internet and blogging has become my daily ritual. Each day, I would browse at least ten to twenty blogs to find out the latest buzz in the blogging world. I am really in love with the concept of a blog and truly admire the changes it had gone through in time. What started as a personal diary online, today is a place where people share knowledge and expand their social network. It is also slowly becoming a tool for major companies to keep in touch with the public.

I must say that I have looked at many corporate blogs prior to this red beauty, and have to totally agree that it is truly worth the wait. Many high flying aviation companies around the world have started their blogs much earlier but I guess yours would be the icing to the cake. I am sure that the much white in the blog represents the beautiful smiles of the air stewardess as one approaches the entrance of your planes. As for the red, without doubt represents the color of the heart of all AirAsians that truly care for their guests.

Being a blogger myself, I must say that I haven’t come across a blog that allows users to write a post on it. The introduction of this brave feature would certainly set new blogging standards and wave a new trend in the blogging world. I find it really exciting seeing the number of comments and also public posts.

I am sure now that it is not where you start before the race, but where you finish at the end of it that matters. AirAsians, great job and welcome to the world of blogging.


  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Thank you Matthew for your kind words.
    We look forward to more guests sharing their stories on this blog!

  • Tony

    Hi this is Tony Fernandes,

    Thanks for your comments which inspired me to write something. I am glad you have noticed how transparent we are . Would like to congratulate my team lead by MIMI PHUA for doing such an excellent job. Thanks Matthew!

    Kind regards,

  • Norazlin

    Hi Tony, my name is Andrew Susay and we have used air AirAsia twice thus far.

    I must say that it’s quite difficult to board due to the free seating policy. We have used the express board service but it’s still daunting as we have two kids. I think you guys should give priority to passengers with kids first as it would really help a lot. (Providing the service is not offered yet)

    I hope this new flight service to Melbourne will be a family friendly one as my mum lives there and as such we do quite a few trips every 2 years or so. Having said that, we will still fly AirAsia to Melbourne from now onwards as the airport is just a stone throw away from where my mum lives which is in Werribee.

  • Boon Tee

    The free seating policy should be reviewed – passengers hogging seats for pals etc..
    Why don’t you consider that seat numbers be allocated upon check-in – similar to what the Aussie budget airlines do. This would also ensure that your passengers arrive early in order to secure a good seat, thus AA can take off earlier if all turnup on time.