Swimming With A Black Tip Shark

My permit only allowed me to dive 3 times in Sipadan and by the time, we were finished , it was already 4pm. Back on mainland, with no time to spare, I hopped on to the resort’s river cruise. The river cruise featured probocis monkeys, giant fruit bats, mangrove beauty and a heavenly view.

Such colors!!

River cruise

The next day, with my flight at 9pm, I decided to rent a car to do the following :
Madai Falls (Kunak)
Madai Caves (Kunak)
Eat wild deer meat (Kunak)
Tawau Hills Falls (Tawau)
Bukit Gelas Falls (Tawau)
Eat glorious seafood (Tawau)

The moment I started the engine of the rented Kancil, I floored it. Tick tock tick tock mind you. Driving 120km in a Kancil made the front portion and dash board shake, rattle and roll. After driving like Evel Knievel for almost an hour, I reached my first destination- – Madai Falls. Nothing can prepare you for the waterfall’s aura because the moment I laid my eyes on the waterfall, I was enchanted. With the height of a 5 storey building and green moss growing behind it, you can’t help but fall in love with this easily accessible waterfall.

Madai Falls

5 Storey high

Madai Falls
Later on, I drove to nearby Madai Caves. My main aim to Madai Caves was to take a picture of my biblical shaft. Unfortunately, I came at the wrong time but nevertheless, I enjoyed the enormous archeological cave.
Madai Caves

I can achieve all these because of two words – Air Asia…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To read more of my adventures, go to http://yateoh.blogspot.com


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