To those of who have heard, we’re doing away with fuel surcharge! And with that, we will be the first airline in the world leading the charge! At a time when everyone remains puzzled over why airlines have not begun to reduce fuel surcharges in line with the decline of global fuel prices, AirAsia has spoken: No more fuel surcharge!

The Blog Team is excited that this could mean all of us travel more together. Through these few months, your stories with us have been nothing short of inspirational. Truly everyone can fly and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures, misfits and most of all, great experiences with us!

To commemorate this special announcement, AirAsia is launching a regional campaign giving away 500,000 free seats to celebrate its continual market leadership in Asia! Check out more details on AirAsia’s “No More Fuel Surcharge” initiative here.

  • Muhd Azizu

    Terima kasih Air Asia semestinya pilihan penerbangan saya yang utama. Saya juga gembira dengan pengumuman penghapusan FUEL SURCHARGE. Namun saya selaku penumpang air asia yang 2 minggu sekali berulang dari Kuala Terengganu ke Kuala Lumpur saya amat perihatin tentang harga promosi yang di tawarkan. Saya akan membuat penempahan online tiket sekurang-kurangnya sebulan atau dua bulan sebelum perjalanan.

    Sebelum ini tambang tiket dari Kuala Terengganu ke Kuala Lumpur yang biasa saya beli adalah berharga RM15 (not include tax) paling murah .. Tetapi apabila FUEL SURCHARGE di hapuskan, tambang tiket telah di tetapkan pada harga RM35 (not include tax) yang termurah pada jadual penerbangan akan datang.. So apabila di jumlahkan kadar tambang termurah ini dengan tax sebenarnya jumlah nya adalah lebih kurang sama dengan kadar harga sebelum penghapusan FUEL SURCHARGE..

    Jadi bagi saya penghapusan FUEL SURCHARGE ini hanya memberi impak yang terlalu kecil apabila tambang tiket pula telah dinaikkan..

    Harap pihak air asia maklum.. Semoga slogan Everyone Can Fly betul2 di hayati and dilaksanakan..

  • Boon Seong

    Hey….Firstly, i have to salute AirAsia for the affordable fares. Now many people can fly. But,i’m sure we will be more happy if AirAsia ‘Numbered’ the seats. So that you don’t get to see passengers fighting to get in front of the queue and running to get into the aircraft first. I have seen foreign tourist laughing at them. If seats are orderly numbered,i’m very sure you see passengers are more civilised

  • Alisa Jastina

    yes, you’r rite Boon Seong. and thank you air asia to make things possible. I’m going to KL again next year (Oct 2009). Hehe…Even its long time to wait, but hey.. From KCH-KL-KCH only at RM60++. Really cheap. Thank you very much Air Asia! So that I can spend more in SHOPPING..