So this is the end of an absolutely amazing adventure that has lasted 10 days. Yesterday afternoon the 24 teams arrived in to Colombo and drove in convoy to the hotel – in the middle of peak hour traffic of course. There are no words to explain what a fantastic, extremely well organised event this has been.

Having completed nearly 1200 km’s in a rickshaw around Sri Lanka you can imagine that several body parts of ours are sore. A full Ayurvedic massage is on the wish list right now. The AirAsia Gypsy Queens ended up in 20th place (out of 24, as we were not really here to race but to enjoy the country) however, we are pleased to share the news that we received the ‘Go Green’ award for being the most eco friendly team on tour. Throughout the Lanka Challenge we have collected our garbage, avoided littering at all times and just in case you were wondering how much petrol the ‘More whoopee for your rupee’-mobile has used we can share with you that for LKR 5840 you can drive nearly 1200 kms. We are quite proud of this effort and have made our best to ‘take only photos and leave only foot prints’.

As our clutch hands’ are aching, and typing seems so hard, we will leave you with some of our most amazing photos to enjoy. In the next few days we hope to visit one of the factories constructing the Jaipur Limbs for our charity project thanks to our new found friends at Rotary Colombo City. We look forward to sharing this experience with you when we check in next.

In the meantime, thanks to all for your support and for following us during this life changing journey. There are so many stories to tell, and all we can say is come experience it for yourself. You will always be welcomed with a smile and people are extremely genuine and even though many are far less fortunate than us, their happiness is so evident.

Until next time, have as much fun as we are!!

AirAsia Gypsy Queens

The AirAsia Gypsy Queens were team number 1 – sadly we didn’t keep that position all the way through 🙂

We spent one night camping with the indigenous people of Sri Lanka – the Veddah’s in Dambana. Here are some of the local children with Abbie and Juan.

While in Kandy we visited the Elephant Orphanage – it was stunning. Em took the opportunity to complete one of the picture challenges and shot-put elephant dung… say no more, very proud moment 😛

If driving branded rickshaws around Sri Lanka is not enough I can tell you when 24 branded rickshaws line up and drive in convoy it is quite powerful

In Nuwra Eliya we went to Amalfi’s vegetarian curry house and had the most amazing lunch, including drinks it came in at under AUD2 (MYR6) per person. We washed our hands and dug into an amazing ghee with the locals. Sensational!

The Whoopee mobile has made a statement where ever we have been, be it because it always had a lady driver, the funky tunes that were pumping along with the spectacular branding this little tuk has been places we could only have dreamt of. Here it’s parked in a paddy field – yeah, there are a few around!

So, the only question is – who’s coming along next year??!! We want to hear from you…



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