Its been really an unbelievable response to the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot?” competition. To those who missed on the earlier post which has been buried by the recent posts, click here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to all media and online friends that we have found along the way when we launched this competition. We did this because you thought you would be interested. We didin’t expect all of you to be as hyped as us. We’re really super excited with the blog entries that we have received and to the lucky ten, we wish we were you!

The Star showed us real love from the start when we announced.

Straits Times was quick to pick up on this as well.

We won’t forget who picked up on this on the online front early on and too. But what was shocking was when, this happened….

World news had something to say…

Blog Herald jumped on the bandwagon as well…

It really exploded when Reuters also had something to say…..

Its even on Malaysian Post, Jaringtv, and other regional sites. This is simply crazeee!!!!!! But you know what, you guys and gals are the real stars. We have to put this up front that only Malaysian citizens qualify to enter. To the rest of the world, we innovate and the rest imitate. We look to get this out to the world when we can. The competition is only open to Malaysians…for now……

Let the countdown begin.

  • Max

    Oh, what a pity!

    BTW, it’s a great undertaking, looking forward you make it available worldwide some time. Well… I envy malaysian citizens! =)

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    We just want to thank all those who have sent their queries but do not qualify due to nationality eligibility. We are truly sorry to have to turn you down and it pains us to say no to your dreams at the moment. For those all across the UK, US, Asia, we feel for you and we promise to think of something for you.

    For Malaysians, Max sums it best. You really do not know how lucky you are. AirAsia continues to expand when the world airlines begins to shrink and the window is open only to you. We are all lucky here in that sense. Have a good weekend all.

  • Michael

    Yes, this is an opportunity of a life time. I have always wanted to be a Ailine Pilot, nationality or region is of no concern. I enjoy traveling and meeting people and study other cultures. This will afford me of this tangeble opportunity and the human connection. I look forward to a more favourable decision.

    Thank you.

  • Adikk

    It’s on Yahoo!Singapore news highlights too!! Congratulations on making the world notice yet again…. and for someone who always read “expired news”, for once, i’m glad i knew about it before every other person who reads about it in the news. *heeee*

  • Adikk

    Oh.. and all the best to the aspiring pilots out there!! *smilez*

  • Taranjiv

    For those out there, good luck but I have only one thing to say i.e there are only 9 places left as I have been chosen…..yahooooooooooo!

  • Taranjiv

    i just got may first follow up call for cadet pilot…..hip hip HOOORAYYYYYY!

  • Kong Sun

    Izit true that there is only 9places left?

    Or it is for the cadet pilot scheme?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Not true for this competition. No one has been confirmed as one of the ten although we have a few shortlisted ones in mind.

  • Kong Sun

    Owh i see. Means Taranjiv was saying is that he has been shortlisted as the candidate for cadet pilot scheme and not for the competition right?

  • Kong Sun

    People who wrote creatively are having more higher chance or those who have videos and pictures with them are with higher chance??

    Will those without pictures nor videos stand a chance although they write creatively?

  • Kong Sun

    Will too long an essay be boring?

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    People who come up with a creative post is more likely to win regardless of what medium you use. Length again is not an issue as long as it is eye catching to us.

  • Kong Sun

    Well that’s great. Anyway i was thinking dunno whether the blog team can help me to answer this question anot.

    For those who apply for the cadet pilot scheme, if they are not shortlisted will they be notified?

  • Taranjiv

    hey guys, I was just joking. i don’t know what my status is but all i know is that I wish everybody good luck…..

  • A

    hi airasia team, will u like let us know if we have been shortlisted or something? how are we suppose to know if we are shortlisted? if the status is pending, does that mean we are shortlisted? pls let me know as i dont want to waste my time on this if i am rejected. and just of curiosity, does airasia offer aircraft maintanence courses, thanx.

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Posts that are shortlisted will be published from the 1st of April to the 15th of May. You will see these published posts and a note saying that the post has been shortlisted.