If you’ve not heard this yet, AirAsia is simply number one. At the recent SKYTRAX World Airline Awards ceremony held in Hamburg, Germany on 1st April 2009, AirAsia was announced as the best global low cost carrier. This accolade would not have been possible without all AirAsians, our all stars on the ground, in the air, in the offices and of course our guests. We accept this honour with great pride admist all the other established names in the industry.

Tony ‘breaking’ the news to the staff

With the dramatic growth of the low cost airlines globally in the last few years, what AirAsia and the rest of low cost airlines have proved is that low cost no longer equates to low quality and the competition has never been more aggresive with the advent of the economic crisis.

What made it truly rewarding was that this concept that is being well recognised by AirAsia is achieving such recognition from their passengers. Rather than the winner being selected by the industry or any self-interested committee, the actual passengers who flew the respective airlines had their say to make this award even more meaningful which means the world to us.

We’re here because of you

This honour is simply the icing on the cake after a great 2008. We would not have reached this major milestone without all of you. Thanks to all and watch this space as AirAsia continues to make history both in the air and also on the world stage.

  • Meng


  • Hwai Bin

    Congratulations to all at Air Asia! This is a great achievement since the LCC category is hotly contested. Don’t rest on your laurels, though – keep improving and strive to be the best airline in the world!

    We are proud to have a Malaysian brand competing and beating the rest of the world!

  • Kong Sun

    Congratulation AirAsia, you’ve done it again

  • Panner

    Congratz all AIRASIANS….Anyway this is someting we’re expected…

  • Hare

    AirAsia, you have proven time and again that you are on top of the others… Congrats.

  • Syahrin

    To Air Asia team

    Congrats on the win and for making Malaysians proud! hope this can be maintained in the future

  • Wan Siong

    Congrats to everyone in AirAsia. The award says everything about the hard work you put in.

  • Mohd Danial

    Wow.. Many congrats to team Air Asia.. U guys are world class leaders!! Excellent stuff!!

  • Foong

    Congradulations!!! As a Malaysian, I’m so proud of Air Asia!!! Yeah!!!

  • Lisa

    Kudos to Air Asia and thanks for the regular updates. Keep it up! You deserve the award!

  • Dominic

    We can only get better with the support of everyone, from the Air Asia team, to our beloved guests who fly with us day in day out, so part of the team for this award is YOU who have flown us, and voted for us! A big TQ!

    We can only strive to grow bigger, and better, with the continuos support from everyone, so, as usual, write to us, help us achieve that dream of World Best!

  • Rozianah

    Congratulation Air Asia…as Malaysian I’m really proud of ur success despite a lot of -ve complaints from all over the sources U guys keep on improving n getting better…..I’m really a big fan of Air Asia if not because of Air Asia I don’t think I can afford to go to Bali, Jakarta, Sabah etc….with my strict budget. 10Q and congratulation once again.