Dear AirAsia Guests,

I notice that lately we have received numerous complaints on our Call Centre response time. This is due to the huge success of AirAsia X, especially with the Perth and Melbourne route announcements. These new, exciting long-haul routes have resulted in longer talk-time between callers and our agents and subsequently caused our lines to be congested.

We did not anticipate this sudden surge in calls volume. However our Call Centre team headed by Sri Velayuthan has now identified and worked with our IT department to upgrade the Call Centre facility.

By Nov 6, our Call Centre will have enough agents and sufficient IT infrastructure to deal with the influx. By this, we aim to improve our Call Centre performance to 90% i.e. a drop call rate of 10% only. By January, we’ll be moving to a high-tech Call Centre to cater to more calls.

We sincerely apologise for the frustrations caused by our Call Centre congestion but this is only due to our overwhelming business expansion. We have always been mindful in increasing cost as it will certainly lead to increasing fares. As the People’s Airline, this is the last thing we want to happen.

We acknowledge that technology will cost us more but at the same time we are committed to giving you excellent service.

On another note, I have been working very hard with the team at AirAsia to look at reducing our fuel surcharge and you should look forward to the good news in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, if you have any problems or enquiries, do not hesitate to email
Sri Velayuthan at or Hani Nurlena at Having a combined experience of 15 years in customer service between them, they will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,
Tony Fernandes


  • Mohamed Ghouse

    Dato Tony

    You simply amaze me for your innovative thinking and problem solving techniques..

    You are a true hero for making air travel affordable to the man on the streets….

  • James Lim

    “We Aim to Improve”

    You should start with price transparency. Stop the misleading advertisement of using the word “FREE”.

    Nothing is free!

  • Tang

    curently call centre number is start with Selangor code (03) which people call from Selangor charge in local rate.

    For other state, it consider ourstation charge (by fixed line).

    When we call to Customer Care, normally should wait until 5-10 minutes to talk with the agent.

    I suggest the number change to 1800 (Tol Free) or 1300 (Local rate) which reduce caller cost.

  • Soon Kok

    5-10 min? I recalled back my memory once i have to wait more than 15 min just to let the operator pick up my call due to some online transaction problem.

    The sad news is, i can’t even contact whatever number Air Asia displayed on the website, instead just hold my mobile phone and listen to those “FREE…LOW FARE…then SORRY…” AA advertisements again and again!

    If you ask me to vote what is the worst (OK, be optimistic — which has space to be improved)about Air Asia, i will go for AA call centre! We even have the rumour among friends that, if you got problem during online reservation process, thinking of calling centre? Just forget about it..unless you are ready to test your patience!

    Thank you Dato Tony, for understanding the customers’ feeling ya! Salute!

  • Princess

    I have tried calling once, after office hour and they picked up the call after 3 -4 mins, so it was okay. My tip: Try calling after office hour or on weekend since they open 8-9pm. Anyway, an upgrade is greatly appreciated!

  • Riki

    Yeah. AirAsia always bring surprise and better choice to consumer. Although I am a deep believer of “Nothing is Free”, but choice is always in consumer hand. Malaysian consumer is getting smarter in making comparison. No matter what terminology are use, “Free Seats”, “Zero Fare” or “Low Fare”; I always do full package comparison for my DIY trip. Great to heard about call center expansion in this cost cutting age. Hope they can give us surprise soon!

  • Shi Hong

    I hope that AirAsia will provide us toll free number very soon.

  • Robinder Singh

    their call centre is a joke at times. I called the premier one and did not manage to get thru even after calling for 3 hours!!