Note from Blog Team:You wanted a morning call Number 33? Well, we’ll give it to you. Congrats Ching Yee. We hope you will go the distance. Feeling the heat people? Two more spots to go. We just love the pressure. To those like Jasper, we do read everything even your first blog post. Unread is because its not been published yet not because it was neglected. We have mentioned this many times that no post or comment goes unread. 7 days to go and 2 more candidates to choose from. We love this.

Okay, I know I am very late…..very very late and there is a very high possibility that my post will not even be read by AirAsia blog team. Two hours ago, I was lying on my bed trying my best to keep my eyelids shut and three minutes later I was now in front of the PC. Okay, so I can’t sleep. Why? My mind just keeps wandering off by itself. Thanks to AirAsia “So you wanna be a pilot” blog competition. It’d been haunting me for countless night. I couldn’t count how many sleepless nights I had been through since the day I knew about this competition and also how many times I stared blankly at the screen rewriting and erasing this blog post of mine. This is why I’m so late.

Well, I had been struggling with the decision weather to send or not send this post because I knew that there are tons of peoples out there who have more qualification then I do. Anyway, enough with the bragging and let me begin my story.

First of all, I must admit that I do not have a very strong background in this field or a high school degree if compared to the others shortlisted candidates but that doesn’t mean that my passion to be successful in the aviation field as a pilot is weaker than anyone of them. I had been reading every single post of the shortlisted candidates and I have to say I envy them all because even during their childhood, they already have theirs own ambition for their future career.

To be honest, my dream of becoming a pilot only began to flourish after I joined the workforce and realizing for the very first time in my life that it is not as easy as its seem like to become a successful person in life. I came from a small kampong where majority of the peoples here are still very narrow-minded and think that education is not important. As long as you got your butt out of Form 5, you are considering being good enough and no longer needs to further your study anymore.

Growing up in this kampong, I follow the way like most of the kids did.

First things you do after school,
throw your bag into the house.

Second things you do,
take off your shoes and put on a slipper.

Last things you do,
run up the hills.


The things you never do,

When I was still a kid, I love to play around and probably won’t be home on time if my dad dint brought out his “rotan” to chase me back. This explained why I excel in sport especially 100m short runs.

I go to school like every other kids does but instead of studying harder at school I went the opposite way and ended up flunking every single test of mine. I grew up into a naughty kid and the advice my dad had told me is let slip from the memory.

Sleeping in class while the teacher is teaching and escaping from school are something I did best that time, not forgetting my bloody red results(all red color hahaha). I only started to change when one day i slept in my history class and suddenly the principal came(not good), saw me sleeping and without hesitation poured the whole bottle of water down my face just to wake me up. I woke up immediately and was then brought to the principal office for a good lecture. The next few hours, I became the center of attraction because of the big paper hanging down my neck with the written message by that monster. “Saya pelajar malas.”

Well, since that day onward, i started focus more on my study just to prove him wrong. Now come to think of it, I really should thank him for what he had done to me. If it is not because of this monster, I’ll won’t be able to fulfill the basic requirements for becoming a pilot.

Anyway, I still cannot forgive him for embarrassing me in front of the whole school. Because bashing people up is forbidden so I joined the softball club and played the role of a pitcher. (btw, i’m not a violent person)

So, after my SPM exam I was one of the lucky one to be chosen to join the National Service. At my time in the camp, I was highly active and i took part in many activities. I was then selected by the trainees and become the platoon leader of my team.

That’s me….

My responsibilities included leading my fellow platoon members and to stay 100% alert to ensure that someone is not lost somewhere or gone somewhere else. As a team leader, I had learned to become someone more responsible and analytical because of all the decisions I had to make when dealing with problems I had never encounter before. Beside that, discipline is something they strengthen very much in the camp and because of this reason I had grew to become a more obedient and self-disciplined person in life. I had also learned to work with peoples as a team because most of the times we are asked to complete tasks involving a large sum of peoples and good teamwork.

After the National Service, I gained my result and entered form 6.

Sadly, not long after that a bad news befell my mum. She was diagnosed with leucopenia which accordingly to the doctor might lead to serious cases like cancer. She fired her boss and stayed at home to rest then. So, with only my dad working, his salary is not enough to cover the expenses for a family of 6. I have no choice but to sacrifice my revision times and started working part time to help cover the household expenses. It is a long long story and finally I make the decision to quit my form 6 and joined the workforce. I was 18 years old that time.

With nothing and as a freshly graduate, I moved out to town and started working as a sales assistance at one of the shoe store in a shopping mall. I worked from 9am in the morning to 10pm in the night. Whenever I have a day off, I’ll work for Hotlink as a promoter. Handling out flyers and trying to get peoples to buy my plans. I worked hard but I barely earn Rm650 a month. It is not enough to save even a penny from it. My entire salary was spent on the household expenses and also for my mother treatment.

I know this is all grandmother story and it is boring but please do read on.

So, what peoples always said of “studying hard for a better future”, I think it should be corrected to “work hard to earn more for the sake of having a future”. With nothing it is really hard for a SPM holder to have a good start. My dream to fly began to blossom when one day I was surfing the internet and I came across with this

Okay, so this is what got me hooked in the first place because during that time in my life, financial issue is the major priority of mine. After seeing this, I goes wa~~~wa~~~wa~~~~Wa~~~and immediately went to do more research on this job.

My jaw dropped open in disbelief when I saw the news about this Thai AirAsia Female Pilot.

So, female pilot does existed in this world.

I then came across this forum “flydamnit” and met a lot of young inspire pilot wannabe there. Okay it is not really met, just knew that these peoples are somewhere in this earth breathing the same airs and sharing the same dream as I did. Reading theirs stories, I quickly learned that becoming a pilot is not as easy as I though it was.

It’s a long journey requires continues learning and a great pool of knowledge to be in this professional field(and also lot of money). It is very challenging. Responsibility and dedication to the job is what matter the most. Mistake is not tolerated. You make a mistake and you are out. Most importantly, the chances of becoming one are very thin.

After spending months doing researching, my interests toward piloting become deeper and deeper. Funny how thing turn out sometimes but I swear that high pay is no longer the main concern to me anymore.

I want to become a pilot because I can see myself having a future in it. First of all, it brings me one step closer to become someone successful in life. To me pilot is someone very successful in life and I adore them. In my opinion, when someone is successful, they gave inspiration to the younger generation. Who agree with me now that pilot is someone who inspires peoples around them?

Yes, I want to become a pilot and bring inspiration to the younger generation. It will be a great pleasure to have someone looking at you as a role model. Well, is not that i want to become a super hero or what but I’m having this thought in my mind mainly because I came from the kampung where there is no standing appealing shinning role model to look at as an example to the young’s. It will be a great honour for me to shows to peoples that if you think you can, YOU CAN! No matter where you are from, no matter who you are and how things just not turning out the way you wanted it to be. There is still chances if you keep your dream alive.

What I’m doing now is not what I’d expected. I had never expected myself to end up as a sales assistance or promoter. I didn’t blame my parents for not being able to support my study. They already did their best and is all up to me now to change my own destiny.

So, did I apply for the cadet pilot sponsorship programme?

Of course I did……..and after months of waiting i got an email reply from Captain Subramaniam. I didn’t get through but I told myself that it is a good experience and I just have to try harder the next time. Failure once doesn’t mean failure forever right…?

Yes, you may say that my passion toward piloting is not as high as the other candidates because i just want to be someone who is successful in life and get the rid out of my current situation. Oh yeah! It is true and i am not afraid to admit it. Who don’t want a chance in life to change their destiny and who don’t want to be successful in life?

I dont care the way you judge me but like i mentioned just now i did have a heart for piloting. I must say that i am not someone who can use all the bombastic word to express my feeling and putting it all out in words form. I also know that i will not be able to convince AirAsia blog team that i deserve a place in the last 3 slots if i do not try to at least tell them what i feel inside.

But all i can say is i felt the same way as all the aspiring pilot wannabe did. I shared the same dream as they are and would definately try my very best to get to the point i wanna be at. If i were to be given this golden opportunity, i’ll definately strived my very best to be the best of the best. It is my deepest commitmment coming right out of my heart.

So, here something that i had done so far to bring myself one step closer to my goal.

I start to read more articles related to the aviation field in order to gain more knowledge about aircraft and so on.

Oh, this is a magazine called “Airways” which I had bought for Rm2 at a pasar malam. It is sold at a cheaper prices despite the fact that it is already expired. Yet, you still can get a lot of useful information from it. It is something i looked forwad to now.

I also travel more by flight. (Thanks to AirAsia!!!) This last 2 years, i had been saving up money to travel around Malaysia. So far i had been to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Singapore, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Melaka, and soon Langkawi. I always fly with AirAsia Airbus A320. I travel a lot whenever i had the free times simply because i likes aircraft. Being in the airplane, you get to hear the sound of the engins so loud that it gives me the adrenaline rush and i did agree with what Henry had said in his blog post(sorry i’m borrowing without asking)

I purposely opt for the seat further then the middle seat so that I can have a good view on the wing. Whenever the plane is banking either to the right or left, I managed to glimpse on the movement of aileron which reflected back the lessons I learned in the game. The moment I love the most is during the approaching phase where I can observe the flap of the wing being extended out and immediately you will feel the transition speed to slower. When the landing gear started to drop, I can hear the sound too. At that time, I will start imagining that the captain must be now trimming and aligning the airplane and slowly controlling the throttle to descend towards the runway

Anyway, the best part i love in an airplane is when the captain annouched “Take off” and the feeling of the airplane being lifted up into the air. It is something i couldn’t describe and it never failed to drives my spirit up throughout the whole journey to the destination.

This is taken at Johor airport.

And this on flight.

I also picked up a new language which i think might be useful to me someday. So, i had enrolled myself for Japanese Language courses and had successfully completed level 1. Ahahahaha~~~~!!! I’m so happy.

And most importantly I always keep a positive mind believing in myself that I will one day spread my wings and soar high up to the sky.

So you wanna become a pilot?

Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!

Because I want to be like him………….

Erm….spot what the different with this pilot?

I will definitely love to pursue a successful career as a pilot in the aviation industry and make my parents proud. I hope that AirAsia will give me a chance to change my destiny and bring me one step closer upon reaching for the skies.

Becoming a pilot….i could! So please airasia wake me up with your morning call and tell me the good news.



  1. Congrats Ching Yee (My bro would be be Yi Ching =)
    You still have your hands n legs even though your mom is sick. Don’t let something like that make u fail. My mom has cancer as well, but life’s like that. I’m sure you’re happy enough by the shortlist. Congrats again!

  2. Wow Ching Yee, you are the lucky 33. Congrats. Your post is nice and real.

  3. Yes, I 100% agree with you that pilot does inspired me to be a successful person. A pilot itself is a successful person. Congrats Ching Yee! you have the same as last name as my friend but different surname. Good luck!!

  4. Chee Keong Reply


    the heat is on!!!!!!!!



  5. Jong Reply

    This is the best mother day present!!!

    Thank you AirAsia!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and thank for reading my blog.


  6. Congratulation!
    Every time I read sincere and real piece of work, it touches my heart easily. Well done, and I really like your sharing. You have many positive points that we can learn ^^.

  7. Jong,
    Damn girl..
    I never knew so many Malaysian girls want to be pilots.
    Respects for you guys.
    Anyway, congrats to you at pulling through at the 11th hour!
    Nice job..

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  8. Mohd Muhaimin Reply

    CONGRATS.. my mom use to have cancer too.. but just be strong okay.. you can do this..

  9. Congratulations, finally you have made it. Ya, pilot inspires me, that is why I wanna to be a pilot too.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Enjoy it with your family.

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