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27 November 2008

UPDATE: Disruption of AirAsia Flights due to Bangkok Airport Closure

By AirAsia

Due to continued uncertainties at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport, kindly note that the following flights for Friday 28 November 2008, have been cancelled. For the latest updates, please go to airasia.com.

Our regrets over the inconvenience caused.

AK Flights

AK738/739 Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur
AK880/881 Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur
AK882/883 Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur

FD Flights

FD3021/3020 Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok
FD3023/3022 Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok
FD3131/3130 Bangkok-Hat Yai-Bangkok
FD3133/3132 Bangkok-Hat Yai-Bangkok
FD3141/3140 Bangkok-Hat Yai-Bangkok
FD3151/3150 Bangkok-Narathiwat-Bangkok
FD3163/3162 Bangkok-Krabi-Bangkok
FD3183/3182 Bangkok-Surat Thani-Bangkok
FD3232/3233 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
FD3234/3235 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
FD3238/3239 Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok
FD3250/3251 Bangkok-Chiang Rai-Bangkok
FD3254/3255 Bangkok-Chiang Rai-Bangkok
FD3320/3321 Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani-Bangkok
FD3360/3361 Bangkok-Surat Thani-Bangkok
FD3501/3502 Bangkok-Singapore-Bangkok
FD3503/3504 Bangkok-Singapore-Bangkok
FD3033/3524/3525/3032 Bangkok-Phuket-Singapore-Phuket-Bangkok
FD3543/3542 Bangkok-Penang-Bangkok
FD3571/3572 Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok
FD3600/3601 Bangkok-Macau-Bangkok
FD3602/3603 Bangkok-Macau-Bangkok
FD3671/3672 Bangkok-Jakarta-Bangkok
FD3700/3701 Bangkok-Hanoi-Bangkok
FD3702/3703 Bangkok-Hanoi-Bangkok
FD3770/3771 Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok