When a colleague approached me to help take pictures of the re-launch event of KL-Tianjin route, I must say I was a bit apprehensive. Those who know me, knows that I cringe at the socializing with people I don’t know. And event photography has never been something that I enjoy doing. BUT! The task that came with the perks of being up close and personal with Rachel Liang and a return trip to Beijing was too hard to say ‘No’ to 😀

For those of you who don’t know who Rachel Liang is, she is a Taiwanese Singer who took part in the talent show “Super Star Avenue” (超级星光大道). When I first heard her 2nd album titled ‘Love, there has been’ (爱,一直存在) I was hooked. I particularly love 哭過就好 and 滿滿. In fact, she reminded me of another Taiwanese singer that I really liked in the early 90s called Stella Chang 张清芳. With a very demure and angelic voice that makes you feel very at ease.

This 22 year old girl has definitely come a long way since her earlier days as a participant in “Super Star Avenue” contest. I did a search in YouTube for her performance and was awed by her determination and superb performance. She definitely captured the essence of the AirAsia spirit – Young, fun, dare to dream and never take no for an answer. Which is why we have chosen her as ‘Friends of AirAsia’ (亚太圆梦大使 ).

Rachel and her crew arrived at our office at around 5.30am. The minute she walked into the conference room, she was greeted by her screaming fans from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It’s not hard to understand why she is loved by her fans. Such a friendly and lovable character!

Welcome to the AirAsia family Rachel!

Rachel signing her buntings :p She was fun to photograph; she is a natural and very photogenic too!

Sorry Rachel, you can’t bring the plane home hehe!

With our lovely cabin crew, Rachel’s fans from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, who flew with us from Kuala Lumpur to Tianjin (Beijing)!

After the award presentation, and a breakfast session with her fans, we took off to Tianjin (Beijing)!

Here’s more shots of Rachel here

to be continued…


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  1. just aax can open korean route and Super Junior and be AAX friends too. Wondering how will the plane look like with the 13 faces of Super Junior printed on the plane. hahahaha…. looking forward and waiting… 🙂

    AA & AAX please get more idol to be friends. Local artist also not bad. 🙂

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