Note from Blog Team:Benjamin, you asked for this from the corporate blogger and he said yes. We’re using this as a teaser before number 35. We ourselves do not know when we will publish the next one. But hopefully this will provide some light reading beforehand.

Hello world!
Let me introduce myself..
My name is Benjamin Siew Wan Siong, or better known as Candidate Number 5 in the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot” competition.
And the other person next to me here is Low Yi Yang, or better known as Candidate Number 3.

I’m 22 years old.
Yang is 25 years young;

I’m working as a trainee aircraft maintenance engineer.
Yang is working as an “Oreo-chemical” engineer;
I love exploring the internet and travelling as a hobby.
Yang loves drawing and break dancing as a hobby;

I’m vegetables lover.
Yang is a profound carnivore.

I and Yang did not know each other prior to the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot” competition, organized by AirAsia.
From the above “prescription”, it sounded like a recipe for disaster if we were to be put together.

Believe it or not,
I and Yang only got acquainted after both of us got short-listed as one of the few potential candidates to compete in the then final 10 spots for the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot” competition.
In all rights, we are competitors.
And in any competition, competitors usually try to put each other down in order to emerge as the winner.
But surprisingly, that wasn’t the case for me and Yang.
We were like buddies for decades when we first came in contact with each other.

We got so comfortable with each other to the extend of even organizing a trip to Kuching, Sarawak for all the short-listed candidates. Yang even trusted me and bank in money to my bank account to book for his flight and hotel(I was thinking either I’m a very trustworthy person or Yang is a very generous person! Hahaha!). Although none of the other candidates join us for the trip, I wouldn’t consider the trip as a total failure.
We still went ahead with the Kuching trip and treated the trip as a “celebration” for being the finalist after AirAsia’s Blog Team (You know who!) announced that all 35 short-listed candidates will be in for a life changing interview this coming June.
For all those people who missed out on our little adventure, here are a few photos for you to ogle at.

Kuching’s only public transport. The SAMPAN… Just Kidding.

Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak! It’s so damn developed that the traffic there is some time more worse than Kuala Lumpur.

Me and Yang chilling at “Bing!”. One of the best franchised cafe there! Can beat the living daylight out of Starbucks and Coffee Bean combined, anytime!

For those people who still thinks Sarawakian still lives on trees, yeah they still do. Except they are made out of bricks and has an elevator!

Yang, don’t simply touch other people’s pussycat.

Me and Yang with FO Jasper on AK 5219 cockpit. (Look ma, we three have no necks!)

So yeah, although we touched down around midnight, and both of us have to work the next day, we undeniably had a great deal of fun for the weekend. The flights were affordable, food there was cheap and tasty and Kuching was a great place to unwind. Kuching could very well be a weekend destination instead of a what used to be an out-of-reach holiday destination, made possible by AirAsia.

So to put things in perspective, all these would not have happened if wouldn’t because of a great company with great employees as their asset.
I wouldn’t have met a great buddy.
I wouldn’t have a shot at living my dream career as a pilot.
I wouldn’t have a channel to voice my happiness here at this blog.
Millions of thanks to those who made this world a smaller place to live in.



  1. Petha Prakash Reply

    hey guys..guess u ppl had a lot of fun leaving me behind! hehehe…so when will be the next trip eh?? God willing ill be 35th candidate and ill join u guys for the next adventure!

  2. Wow man..It looks fun^^..Anyway,I was thinking in joining for the trip.But, I’m having alot lots of damn assignments and continuously weekly test so I couldn’t join you guys.Anyhow,glad to see both of you the pictures that post in here.haha…Great post..^^

    Weng Hooi (no.18)

  3. Mohd Danial Reply

    🙂 what a great way to chill out.. last time i went to Kuching was like 10 years ago.. more like ‘stopping by’ at Kuching, before proceeding to the Mulu Caves.. a lovely place.. c u guys soon in June..

  4. that must be a nce trip….
    i never been kuching before but it’s seem likea great place to go.
    Looking for low fare again! Haha…

  5. You should let me know before you come. I can be your temporary tour guide.

  6. I hope everyone will go on a daily basis in the near future with us =)
    ( This can be our 1st Talyor Swift, but no love involved ;p )

  7. Wan Siong Reply

    Thanks for posting out little journey here, blog team!
    You’re the greatest!

    Sim Por,
    Damn you should have contacted us earlier.. But nevermind. I’m pretty sure we have many more future trips together.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  8. Ben, Oh my dear friend BEN.

    I bet you must have been VERY tired “WORKING” the next day huh!?

    What not wif your extremely early

    Awwwwwhhhhh… pity u.


    If you do become a pilot (which I have full faith and pray you will) never forget the “DEEDS” others have done upon you ok!?


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