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21 September 2010

Tweet your way to free summer holiday in Asia!

By Paulina

Some time ago there was a catchy add at AirAsia UK website – ‘Tweet your way to free summer holiday in Asia!’ I’d took a deeper look in it & found out that the grand prize is just stunning! Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia… What to have more for perfect holidays? It was so tempting that I coudn’t resist, I created Twitter account at once & just send few words about why I wanna win :) Not big effort huh? And guess what? I won it! The great prize! WOW I’m about to visit those marvelous states!
Mad shoping, effective packing, hectic correspondence with Uni, visiting all friends before departure, calming down worried family members… & I was ready to go. Long trip indeed – first I took plane from KRK to STN & then the proper flight STN – KUL.

The flight was more than pleasure – attentive stewardesses, Good food on board, and friendly pople around me :) Those 14 hours of flight passed like a eye-blink…

Thanks to ArAsia I’ve got chance to travel around SE Asia & Australia a little bit. Hopefully I’ll have a blast here :)