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21 May 2010

Tuning KL

By Charlotte

Tune Hotel is owned by the same owner as Air Asia and Skybus. They were built just recently I think and I have booked my stay in both KL Downtown as well as in LCCT via online using my credit card for as cheap as around 500-1000 pesos per night depending on how early you booked and if there’s a promotion going on. It’s a no-frill customizable hotel so you have the option to order aircon service for 12 or 24 hours, towels and toiletries. Since I’m used to the hot weather, I ordered 12 hour usage of aircon only and 2 towels. I didn’t really have any great expectations just as long as my room has private hot shower so I was shocked to find just how beautiful and clean my room was. I kept thinking that I was lost because it can’t be this cheap at all. I was so happy that I just sat on my beautiful bed mindlessly staring at the hibiscus flower decoration which my CS guest said is the national flower of Malaysia. Then after a while, I finally got a grip on myself and explored the hotel. I saw a laundry machine and iron with ironing board at KL Downtown Tune Hotel but I don’t know if they are for free at all because I was hand washing my dirty clothes to save money. Besides, I was intimidated by the washing machine because it was bigger than me. The hotel also has 7 Eleven shop and free internet near the lobby.

My flight back to Philippines departs at around 7 AM and since I didn’t want to wake up early dawn for the one-hour bus ride to the airport, I spent my last night at Tune Hotel in LCCT instead. As usual, my room was so beautiful and clean. I really love their firm bed, their nice bathroom, hibiscus flower decoration and their signature color of red and white. It has no washing machine though but still has 7 Eleven shop, free internet, a coffee shop and a small restaurant with menu that even includes Adobo, one of Philippine’s favorite dish, at surprisingly cheap prices ranging from 8-13 ringgit. Distance to the airport is a mere 5-10 minutes walk but since I was still feeling a bit grumpy from my sleep, I took their shuttle bus for only 1 ringgit. All in all, I’m very happy with Tune Hotels and I wish they will build one in every Air Asia’s flight destinations.

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  • Gemma Lalaine

    I enjoy together with my family during our vacation this April flying to your convenient and pleasant airlines. Because of your low fare i already and friendly staff I booked again to your airlines for next vacation.