The Indian tourism board’s tagline, Incredible India inspires a litany of alliterations.

I can’t help coming up with my own: interesting India, intriguing India, intoxicating India, indomitable india; irresistible India. This is not merely empty play on words. India is indeed all that (somebody stop me, please).

Today we discovered the less wondrous part. Johnny, my now de facto travel buddy, has come down with a bout of nausea and vomiting after the lassi from lunch: inedible, indigestible India.

Thing is, if you’re spending this much time in a country where basic sanitation seems more luxury than necessity you ought to be prepared to run into… well the runs. As a friend who spent nine years here warned me, “No one escapes food poisoning in India!” *Gulp*

You’d be doing yourself a favour if you included in your India Survival Kit — apart from an open mind and an indifferent attitude towards dirt and grime — some oral rehydration salts, imodium, charcoal pills and for the traditionalist, perhaps some ‘poh chai’ pills.

Fortunately the bug seems mild enough to not threaten happy days in Trivandrum, our next stop.

Trivandrum or more politically correct, Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala, one of two states in India with a communist government. No, the irony in the Kerala tourism board’s adoption of the phrase “God’s Own Country” did not escape us… nor did the very prominent temples, churches, mosques and synagogues. Marxism and religion have found a comfortable compromise here.

Socialism has done the state good. One fact I always knew about Kerala even before I arrived was that its high literacy rate trumps that of some of the world’s richest countries.

To be honest there isn’t a whole lot to do in Trivandrum itself although we did give the temple-church circuit a go. My top pick would be the Puthe Maliga Palace Museum which was formerly the residence of the Rajas of Travancore.

It is the yoga ashrams and beaches outside the city that are bigger draws in Trivandrum. Chilling out on Kovalam beach after a therapeutic Ayurvedic massage is going to be a princely indulgence but thankfully, they come at proletariat prices.

Meanwhile, stomach ache or not, we’re off to savour some delicious Keralan cuisine. What’s travel insurance for if you can’t risk it a little?

For more pictures of Trivandrum, head on over to

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  1. Mohd Hafiz Reply

    A stunning landscape that this place has is something to check on. Located in Kerala,Trivandrum promise everyone something different to see, something new to learn and something fun to do. Owwhh..I cant wait to visit this destination especially to taste how spicy are the foods and can they really make my tummy rumble. I guess, this is my India..How about you..?? What’s your India..??

  2. Numerous times, I have heard on the beauty of Kerala. But the six photos of Trivandrum here definitely does not satisfy my passion to visit the city. Did I hear someone talk about the Kerala cuisine? A must try! Trivandrum is definitely one of my India. What’s your India?

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