Dear readers, I’m back from Phuket after a 4D3N vacation under AirAsia’s GoPackage! The next business trip will be on the end of October to South Brisbane, Australia and I will be using AirAsia’s service, too.

First of all before I do single posting on every single places I went, the below is the general review on the overall trip to Phuket, Thailand. This might (or not) be a good piece of reference to those who wish to visit Phuket anytime soon, or near future.

For my trip to Phuket Thailand, we purchased the GoPackage with at about RM400+ including a 4 days 3 nights stay at Coconut Club Resort including a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket Island. We bought this package at about 5-6 months before the trip ensuring we got this good deal.

1. Mode of Transportation – To go Phuket, of course you need a plane. During your visit at Phuket Island, the cheapest mode of transportation are the tuktuks for short distance (It can be up to about 20Baht/RM2 for a distance of about 5km) , or opt for a van if it’s longer distance (It can be about 200Baht/RM20 for a one-day trip). Please remember to compare prices before you make any decision, there are lots of taxi services at Phuket Island just out of your door-steps.

2. Accommodation – At Phuket Island, if you have a good budget, consider staying at Bangla Road (Happening during night time). Otherwise, there are lots of low budget hotel/inn to be rented upon your arrival. You do not need to do any reservation during low period as there are too many of the hotels at Phuket Island. If it’s a peak period, please play safe, do reservation before going. The hotel rates can be at about RM50-80 per night for a low budget hotels.

3. Food – If you love seafood, go for some seafood stalls instead of seafood restaurant. They have the same type of fresh seafood but different ambiance. Why pay more for the ambiance as you can enjoy the same seafood? Some seafood in Phuket is expensive, so remember to do comparison too!

4. Travel & Leisure – Compare and buy a ticket at any Travel Agencies for FANTASEA show at Phuket if you never visit them before! It’s a recommended place to go. Not forgetting the round island trip to Phi-Phi Island or Khai Island. These 3 places will cost you about RM310.00.

5. Nightlife – If you’d like to have some beer at cheap prices, opt for 7-11 instead of pubs. A bottle of SINGHA cost about RM5.50 at a 7-11 and it costs about RM16.00 at a pub.

Personal Expenditures (Detailed budgeting for my 4D3D Trip as below)

8.8.2008 ; Friday (RM368.00 in total)

1. Bus from KL Sentral to LCCT (Return Trip) = RM14.00
2. McDonalds at LCCT = RM15.00
3. Hotel Transfer from Phuket Int’l Airport = RM14.00
4. Phuket FANTASEA & Island Tour = RM310.00
5. Lunch at Stall outside the Hotel (Noodle & Singha Beer) = RM15.00

9.8.2008 ; Saturday (RM84.00 in total)

1. Island Tour = Paid yesterday
2. Seafood Dinner at Stall = RM25.00
3. Massage = RM25.00
4. Singha Beer = RM3.00
5. Cocktail at Banana Club = RM25.00
6. Snacks = RM6.00

10.8.2008 ; Sunday (RM283.00 in total)

1. Van Transport for Day Trip in Town (Shared amongst 8 friends) = RM25.00
2. Lunch = RM50.00
3. Canon Lithium Battery (After a round of comparison, it’s cheaper by RM150.00) = RM100.00
4. Massage (2 hours)= RM70.00
5. Dinner = RM28.00
6. Singha Beer = RM10.00

11.8.2008 ; Monday (RM27.50 in total)

1. Transport to Airport (Shared amongst 8 friends) = RM10.00
2. Medicine (Too much of heat and got diarrhea, and fever) = RM6.50
3. Mineral Water at Airport = RM3.00
4. Hot Chocolate at Airport = RM8.00

That’s the summary of my trip to Phuket!


  • Amirul

    Holy BBQ Smokes that’s it I’m going to Phuket my next leave!!! =D

    Thank you so much for this awesome guide.

  • Shih Ween

    coool awesome!!

  • Venice

    Aiyah, why didn’t you go to ChiangMai leh? Hehe…then I can get a guide for my upcoming tour there, too.
    Anyway, I’m glad you had a good trip! Will wait for your Down Under post then!

  • Chin Siong

    I was at Phuket from 28 Aug – 1 Sept 2008. I would recommend self-travel. Not nessesary to book hotel before travel. Everywhere also have high-low budget hotels. But pls booked early for high season period. 5 days was enough for me at Phuket & Phi-Phi Island! Perhaps a week or more would be much statisfy.

    To do-
    • Rent a car to explore phuket it’s recommended.
    • Phi-Phi Island. (Must-GO!)
    • Phang Nga Tour. (Visit James Bond Island)
    • Body Massage-RM20, cheapest u can get at Phi-Phi.

  • Yok Bee

    I am flying to Phuket via AirAsia flight this Jan 22 for 2 nights’ stay with my friend. Hearing so much of this fantastic resort everywhere, hope we can have as much fun there and experience! Any more guides b4 we leave, anyone? Tks.

  • Supreeda

    Hi Yok bee ..I am Thai and I ‘ve been in Phuket several times .. for what you talked about resort in Phuket . There are so many kind and different cost of resort it’s depend on your budget and your style don’t just think only Patong beach . try to stay at Rawai or Kata . my recommend is don’t for get to take a boat to other Island outside Phuket such as Raja Island or Kai Island . Anyway enjoy your trip !! we always welcome for anyone who choose Thailand to experinced Amazing time

  • Amirah Kausar

    Beng Han, when i read your post 16 months back, i never imagined dat one day i will also be there .. and now im re-reading your post, just to get some tips out of it .. u were saying accommodation is never a problem during low season .. does dat mean it is safe to just go there without even making any reservation at all and yet able to get a reasonably cheap rate ? and how about halal food [u have any idea?] ?

  • Anis

    Good that the trip was fun…I had a very good experience when I lodged at cheap Phuket hotels which was very homely and the people running them were so friendly and helpful.

  • Kwong Yan

    Still remember the dinner and show at Phuket FANTASEA – awesome!!!! The way those transport guys arrange your transport from and back to your hotel is excellent and super efficient.