It’s time to pack and travel again, to keep you ready and travel-literated, here is some words that do not exist but handy to know.

n. the same piece of luggage you check in together with the rest but always come out last from the baggage claim area

n. a cronic condition of wobbly knees caused by waiting in long queues at the immigration counter

The-Carry On
n. the jackets and shopping bags used to “reserve” a prime seat on the aircraft cabin

n. someone who pushes the airport trolley unmercifully onto your feet and walks off without batting a lash

The most important word that you should know and I nearly forgot to mention is borrowed from my favourite Disney movie, hakuna matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days! Go wild and have an adventure of your life!

Any other jargons I have missed, share with me and lets have a laugh!! 😀

PS: no feet were harmed in the making of this post…



  1. How bout
    Kiasu-isis: The first person to stand up (before the plane has come to a halt) resulting in a dynamo effect of people standing up and waiting by the aisle to leave the plane.

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