Alan Ho, who traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching won RM10,000. Its that simple. Truly, in AirAsia, not only everyone can fly. Everyone can also win fly and win moolah.

Alan may seem your ordinary joe but wait until he starts flashing 10,000 in cash just for flying with us

Alan, a frequent flyer on AirAsia and confesses to being a fan of the airline for years frequents Bangkok and Phuket as holiday hotspots driven by the taste of good food. He has also been on AirAsia flights to Bali, Macau and wherever else AirAsia brings him closer to dive spots.

Like Alan, you too could be the next to win RM10,000. The Fly and Win contest is valid for all AirAsia guests residing in Malaysia and Singapore who book seats at or between 6 and 26 April 2009 for travel between 5 May 2009 and 31 July 2010. They stand a chance to win a RM10,000 or S$5,000 cash prize during weekly draws on April 13, 20 and 27. The bookings must be for travel originating from any destination in Malaysia or Singapore and payments must be made in Malaysian ringgit or Singapore dollars.

Alan displaying the 10,000 dollar smile

Will Alan go laughing all the way to the bank to time deposit his entire prize? We don’t think so! He says he has been thinking of bringing his family to Manado for a diving excursion, a favorite hobby he will not have to forego this year even with the current economic situation.

The immediate offshoot of the announcement of his win?

“I get calls from everyone asking me for a lunch treat! I’m happy to oblige,” he says.

  • Mahdi

    Hi Alan,
    I tell u a secret, try to dive in Sabang Pulau Weh, a northern tip island in Sumatra, just 50 minutes sail with express ferry from Banda Aceh, and Airasia fly daily to Banda Aceh. many dive shop can taking you to the best diving spot in the island of paradise.
    reveal something extra ordinary in Sabang and bring back a famous Kue Pia Kacang as Oleh-oleh to ur hometown.
    just googling for the info and bon voyage…