The plane landed as scheduled and it was simply a momeorable moment that is simply fantabulous. Early pics on the touchdown for you to enjoy. We are equally sorry we were not there but proud to be part of the team that made this happen. Join us in this great celebration.

The Xcalibur given a water canon salute

Captain Chin displaying the Malaysian pride of the Jalur Gemilang and the Union Jack on touchdown

His Excellency, the Duke of York, HRH Prince Andrew and Tony looking around Xcalibur

More pics from the parties in the sky soon. Watch this space.


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  • Hoang Fei

    Hello there,

    Just my biggest wonder but dont know where to throw the question; Are we going to have LCCT in Kuching? When?
    Thanks & cheers!


  • Sze Chin

    it is a moment to celebrate as yesterday my friends who also taking this flight calling me at the mid of the night (msia time) and shouting to me “Hey!!We are here!!! We are in Stansted London already and we enjoy ourself so so so much as time pass so fast without our notice. We love AirAsia and we are proud to be the first group to landing in to London with AA”.

    Sad thing is i can’t join them. Perhaps hoping AA is making the flight to LA or somewhere in USA so at the time it is my turn to shout to them “Hey I’m in LA now!!! I make a history too” :p

    p/s : Desmond and Joey and friends, wish you all having perfect time in London and don’t forget my “fruit-hand” – buah tangan. wakakakka XD

  • Claudio

    I’ll take the london-kuala lumpur this saturday!!!!
    I love AirAsia