I’m new to the AirAsia family and naturally, friends and family are still curious about life here. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions the same questions, over and over again. Regardless of the race, age and gender of the enquirer, these questions keep coming back, much like persistent mosquitoes at dusk!

After 4 months of parrot-ing my responses, I figured I’d compile a top 10 list and get those curious minds to refer to the blog instead. :)

10: Can you get me free flights?
Sign up for the AirAsia’s newsletter –RedAlert and you’ll get them quite easily. (said with the biggest smile I can muster)

9: Where is your office?
In the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Sepang.

8: Where in LCCT?
When you’re standing at the check-in counter, look up and you’ll see a row of windows. That’s where the office is, on the second floor of LCCT (usually at this point, eyes widen and the enquirer goes…’There is a second floor?’)

7: How do you get there?
I take the bus from KLSentral and pay a discounted fee off the regular RM 8.

6: What time do you wake up?
*&^!@#!! early!!

5: Do you get free flights?
Yes and I’m not sharing unless you’re nice.

4: What do you eat in LCCT?
Lounge food. There is a lounge in the office and there’s nothing better than having warm and delicious fried meehoon in the morning with a hot cup of Nescafe. Aaaaah! Otherwise there’s McDonald’s, Asian Kitchen and the Food Garden.

3: Do you have to wear red all the time?
No, any colour of the rainbow is fine, so as long it’s not all on one outfit.

2: Is your office really made of zinc?
(In my mind) Yes, and when it rains we sing and dance to the loud tapping of raindrops. Sigh… (What I actually said) It’s just like any other building but oh, we have runway lights on our floors!

1: Have you met Tony Fernandes?
Yes, it’s not easy to NOT meet him in AirAsia.

Wonder if anyone else out there has questions about what it’s like here in LCCT?


  • Nickee

    love this!
    I get asked number 10 and number 1 often too! plus they wanna know if our CEO is really friendly.
    I wanna add a question;
    why our flights always delay? :(

    hv a great day :)


  • Ahilan

    Actually, its unfair to say that our office is in the LCCT when we are actually all over the south-east asia globe 😛

  • Ahmad Faizul

    Yes we are everywhere Ahilan, but my office is at the LCCT and so is Yvonne’s. But Shan’s office is in Kuching and Wilfred’s office is in the LCCT in Kota Kinabalu, Kenneth’s in Penang and lovely Habsah’s in Langkawi and so it goes….most importantly, we’re all ALLSTARS!!

  • Bhuvaneshwari

    The most frequent or popular question I get if ‘How do I book AirAsia tickets?’ followed by ‘ How much is your ticket to ……….’ ( as thought I have all the ticket database and price list my pocket and I carry them everywhere). Initially I will tell all these people that I will check and get back to them the next day ( usually I go through all the trouble to check the rate just to get and answer from them that they were just wanted to know)
    Finally I came up with a solution to this problem.. Now I just answer all this question with one sentence.. ‘PLEASE LOG INTO http://www.airasia.com’. End of my problem.

  • Venice

    It’s ok, Bhuva…even my mom (and the rest of the world) still thinks that I have the online flt system downloaded and running in my head at all times…

  • James Lim

    It’s great that AirAsia has set-up a blog for all its users to give feedback. I think it is a great idea and if I’m not wrong, I think this is the first budget airline in the Asia-Pacific region to set-up a blog.

    I hope with the set-up of this blog, AirAsia service would improve tremedously.

  • Harvey

    Yeah.. Yvonne Ang, i guess all passenger notice all flight attendants work like bees. As for LCCT knowing that there’s expansion going on, do you think they will add more lifts for people who have dealings with AA and need 2go to 2nd floor at LCCT? I always encounter heavy traffic(lifts), don’t u agree?

  • Yvonne

    Hey Harvey! I’m very much a stairs girl… :) I have no idea if MAB will be adding lifts or other amenities in the near future(cos AirAsia doesn’t own the airport)

  • Nazurah

    i want to know about the pilot life. do they have a time to chatting or writing the blog? i really interest in the pilot

  • Yvonne

    Then you must tune into Thiru Jr Karasu’s postings! So far he’s put up ‘Flight FAQs‘ and ‘The Arabian Camel Vs. Airbus A320‘ Good reads.. :)

  • Gary

    I am an Air Asia Regular but being an old Farang is not easy. Not speaking Thai, I booked direct phone from Pattaya to fly to Phnom Penh last week. The operator spoke English like I speak Thai and we booked the wrong destination. I ended up paying double for my flight. Not easy for an elder on limited income. I wish Air Asia would show me some mercy. Yes, it has happened before. My hearing is lousy. Come on Air Asia, show a little tenderness here………
    Gary H.
    Pattaya Thailand