Tony comes up to us today and says guess what guys, lets go web 2.0! We were shocked but at AirAsia we believe that the amazing happens. Where else in the world, would a CEO invest faith in social media to hire key personnel. Check out Tony has had his say. Will this be the door to your dream job? Write to him and let the man himself tell you what he thinks.

Key positions open for you are:-

1. Head of Ancillary Income
2. Executive Ancillary Income
3. Merchandiser
4. Graphic/Merchandising Designer

For more details, hear it from the man himself at his blog by clicking on the link above. Live your dreams with us at AirAsia!

  • Dinagaran

    key position no#4
    where can we youngsters channel our ideas on wut kind of merchandise we want should we just put a comment here or is there a place we can leave our suggestions =)

  • AirAsia Blog Team

    Feel free to drop your comments here Dinagaran

  • Dinagaran


    Can Air Asia produce the Authentic Collection of official on-field baseball caps which are worn by them players during the games and also worn by famous american rappers.

    The cap performance is enhanced through CoolBase technology featuring revolutionary wicking, superior drying, and shrink resistance. Designed with an embroidered raised (New York Yankees logo) which can be replaced with the Manchester United logo or the Williams F1 team racing or the Air Asia logo itself on the front and flocked 2009 patch with embroidery Air Asia logo on the rear. Interior includes branded taping and a moisture absorbing sweatband.

    The current adjustable caps are out of fashion….

    n match them caps with varsity jacket features a snap front button closure and engineered cotton ribbed stripes at collar, armholes, cuffs and bottom. Large embroidered graphic at reverse side (eg.Man Utd logo,F1 Williams logo,Air Asia logo). Satin stitched embroidered logo at chest, cap print lining and embroidered patches and stars. Slash pockets at hip….

    Mu in red and Williams F1 in blue….
    if we wear them its free branding for Air Asia….now thats cool peace out =)

  • Dinagaran

    oh yea and I also want Air Asia snow caps since u guys are already flyin to London but not to worry we cool fashionable Malaysians wear them no matter how hot the weather is…

    I want them in black with MU in front n embroided raised Air Asia logo in white at its rear ill b the first to purchase them no doubt about that….

  • Dinagaran

    well those r the clothes i wear when im out partyin….now back to business

    i want Air Asia cufflinks so when i wear my dress shirt, suit n tie it will look complete with a set of titanium, silver or gold cufflinks with the words of the Air Asia logo on it….

    the alphabet “i” in Air Asia should hav diamond studs on it…well it doesnt hav to be real diamonds replace them with imitation diamonds but it has to look good

  • Tan

    As you may have known air travel is one of the latest targets in climate change fight…and you also know that we (Malaysian) use up to 1000 (it could be more) plastic shopping bags per year.

    Why not AirAsia do a bit of your CSR by gently pushed your customers (travellers) to try use AirAsia branded reusable sacks for their grocery shopping. AirAsia ‘red alert’ logo is a strong message to the world about our environment.

    A sleek design and selling them cheaply for RM3 – 5 could generate great interest among your travellers. And the money collected from the sales of the reusable sacks can be reinvested in your CSR work especially projects related to environments, children’s education, climate etc.

    Can you imagine (I’m sure you can!), with millions of your customers per year – the money generated can be use to support the unfortunate children’s education in Sabah, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, preserving the environment and many more… (the list can go on and on…)

    After all, thanks to AirAsia – I manage to travel and view the world in different perspectives, travelling is not about just having fun, but it’s also to understand the culture, the preservation of heritage, history and environment!

    I believe AirAsia can carry a strong message and influence your travellers to do their bit in helping to preserve our environment for our children’s.