Yes! We did it. After a few request to the Airport Management, Tommy & Kimmy finally able to fulfill their dream to shoot their pre-wedding portrait in LCCT. Kimmy was our ex colleague who had worked in the Finance Dept of AirAsia. She brought a few friends along to add some AirAsia flavor. While posing Kimmy with a bunch of passengers boarding the aircraft, I can sense that many eyes were staring at Kimmy enviously, wishing they will have such an opportunity. I’m happy for her.
The series took about 8 hrs around the tarmac, Tony’s office, Finance Dept, beside the runway, and around AirAsia office. Thanks all for making this happen!
For all of you that would like to find out more, please email to me at or add me in facebook. ^^ Cheers.


  • Jong

    Lovely~~~ ^_^

  • Venice

    OMG… Dennis… I sorely envy you! Haha.. but great job lah!

  • Yap

    Hihi thanks Venice.


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