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16 December 2010

Dhaka – Shopping, Food and Friendship


By Safina

My destination this time round for a weekend getaway is Dhaka. Yes! and if we are talking on the phone or having a face to face conversation, I definitely would need to repeat myself to the other party, that I was going to DHAKA, Bangladesh.

It is amazing to see how people react when they find out that I would be going there – for my HOLIDAYS. My fellow instructors, who have always envied me traveling on my own all the time, and who have always asked whether they could tag along on my future trip, declined when I asked some of them to join me.

My close friends, said, why Dhaka? Isn’t there any other place or any other country that you can visit?

My colleagues from the check-in counters until the boarding gate and right up to the aircrafts, kept asking me the same question, ” Are you sure you are going on this flight?” and the next was , “you do know that this flight is to Dhaka, right?”

And the best part, the Captain saw me and said, ” Hey!! I can’t believe that you are going to Dhaka for holidays! 2 words for you – GOOD LUCK!”


It is amazing to see how people react when they see me or found out that I’m heading there for a weekend getaway.

My first impression? The airport looks like as if we were landing in Stanstead instead!! All foggy and misty!! I was told that it is the end of Autumn and start of winter and it will get even worst than this at times! The temperature could go down until 10C at times. Hey!!! It is much, much colder than Malaysia and that’s good!!

Honestly, Dhaka is a busy city full of cars and people.At the highways, it looks a little bit like Jakarta during bad traffic (eg. people sell stuffs from cars to cars). Because of the vehicle and in some area,where they make bricks, it makes the environment worst. Dusty.

The people are friendly . I was told that they just love Malaysian girls. They would grab every opportunity to ask a girl, “Are you from Malaysia?” and if the answer is yes, the next question would be, ” Saya kahwin sama awak?” (which means, can I marry you?)
Lucky me, since I don’t look Malaysian, I don’t get all these questions. They just look at me as if I came from Mars!!

Another thing, is their hospitality. It is awesome. I’ve been to a few countries and places, and have friends everywhere, but I dare to say the Bangladeshis are really friendly and warm. They really do what they say!

I also managed to meet up with a new friend whom I got to know from Koolred. We went out for a drink and ended up sharing a lot of interesting similar travel stories and we had good laughs. Amazing indeed.

He said, quite a number of people he knows return to Dhaka because of friendship. They ended up having really good friends. Well, I do believe him . That is part of the reason why I would like to go back.

Another thing I discovered about Dhaka is their food. They have good briyanis -and my favourite would be mutton. The spices is lovely and the softness of the rice is just perfect that you could just eat it on its own, without any gravy. Oh…I’m feeling hungry now :-)

Oh…I almost forgotten about something. Shopping. If you know where to shop, you can find really cheap stuffs. It is a MUST to visit Aarong, a department store which has a few branches, which sells their local handicrafts and clothes at a very low price!!!

I regretted that I only went for a 3 days 2 nights. I should have planned for a longer holiday. Well, I’m definitely going to visit Bangladesh again, and next time I am making plans to visit Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar. I know it would be a totally different experience.
And I can’t wait to visit my friends again!

p/s: Did I mention that some of the men in Dhaka look like italian? :-)