This is a story of a girl and a boy. After being fast friends for a few years, the girl and the boy decided to take their relationship one step further at the end of 2007. Both were thrilled as they experienced the first flushes of new love in full bloom. They had a whirlwind romance for a year, having their relationship further solidified with each passing day. Nevertheless, the girl and the boy were filled with trepidation as each day brought them closer to the day where the boy had to leave to UK for 3 years to continue his studies. Come Sept 08, the boy left the girl and his home behind. With one last brief kiss on the lips, the boy was gone.

It was hard being apart and without each other’s physical presence, they could only fall back on spoken and written words to keep their love burning. As they slowly adjusted to their long distance relationship, they begin to dream of the day when the girl could visit UK and they could be reunited again. But it was only a dream, as the cost of a plane ticket to UK was not within both their budget. Thus, when a certain airline (the one splashed with colours red and white) announced a certain flight to Stansted, London, with tickets priced at a very affordable amount, both were beyond ecstatic! The girl quickly clicked to purchase a ticket to London for 3 weeks in summer ’09. With the purchase done, both were even more excited as they eagerly planned their reunion.

After waiting for what seemed like eternity, the summer of ’09 finally arrived and the girl took her first solo flight out of the country with pure joy in her heart. After 9 long months of being apart, the boy and the girl met for the first time in the airport, both a little shy and awkward at first. But as they travelled their way through London, Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, and Edinburgh, both were as much in love with the other as they were before. Although it was difficult to say goodbye after 3 beautiful weeks together, they parted with the promise of having the girl fly to UK again in the summer ’10 (of course only made possible by the airline mentioned above).

The second period of waiting flew by much faster and both looked forward to be reunited in the summer of ’10. The time came when the girl again took that same flight to London she did a year ago, this time feeling more calm although still every bit as surreal. At long last, they were together again, starting their second Eurotrip by first exploring the historical city of Athens before enjoying the most romantic island of Santorini where the boy actually proposed to the girl on a most perfect sunset cruise! They then ended the trip with a few glorious days in the very picturesque town of St Ives, Cornwall and Bath.
With the end of another wonderful 3 weeks together, the girl is now back at home and the boy in UK for his last year of studies. Both waiting with hope in their hearts, anticipating the day where they no longer have to be apart and soon be called husband and wife.
I am the girl and this is the boy. We are so grateful to Airasia for playing such a prominent role in our romance, thanks in part to you, we now have a happy ending to our love story! We look forward to booking our honeymoon flights via Airasia next year:)


  • Koh

    What a beautiful love story, thanks much for sharing. May your future together be filled with as much excitement, romance and joy as your courtship! Congratulations!!

  • Azleen

    Such a touching story. Enjoyed reading it!