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Boy oh boy, what a fantastic day. 5th July 2009 will be etched in my life as momentous day as I’ve achieved a personal goal which is to run a full marathon. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and when AirAsiaX decided to sponsor the Gold Coast Run and bring a team there, without slightest hesitation I signed up for the full marathon.
The day was blessed with fine weather – cool temperature, and brilliant sunshine. In hindsight, I thought, marathon is sort of journey, a reflection of one’s life – you swing high and you swing low. It’s also a self discovery of sort – overcoming the pain, cramps, lethargy and still carrying on despite the odds. That’s what makes marathon a great event.
All my life I’ve loved sports and I have been playing football up till now, but marathon is something else. In football you have 11 teammates you rely on and should you stumble other players in the team will assist you throughout the match. In a marathon it is about your mental grit, perseverance and I guess survival. The biggest opponent is yourself!

To take part in 42km run, one should train hard for it. A lot of preparation such as driving your car that far (LCCT – Putrajaya?) and get a feel how much pain you have to endure. Jokes aside, you got to have several serious run (10K, half marathon) under your belt before stepping up to the big event.

Whilst running, in my IPOD I had Bruce Springsteen song ringing in my ear and one of his music that rhymes with occasion is “born to run”. Songs kept me going and some of them are U2s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” (in search of that finish line). Coldplay’s lyric “fix you” – is such a motivating song that will keep you plugging away.

“But if you never try you’ll never know, just what you’re worth, lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you”

As a first timer, it’s quite intimidating to be in a crowd of over 4000 runners from all over the world. After 35KM, it got a bit embarrassing; there was this pint size lady who must be over 60 years old ran pass by me with ease, and made me look like old jalopy. (Maybe I am..hehehehehe), I started hallucinating and the race did not make sense to me, I had multiple cramps all over my leg and I was wondering to myself “what the heck am I doing out here”. Fortunately I got back my wits back and with the spectators cheering you on, I managed to push myself the last few kilometers and cross the line.

I’m now primed to go the next level now, new challenges. A couple more of the marathons maybe who knows triathlon is beckoning. Nothing ventured nothing gained!



  1. Sharifah Zati Reply

    hi im new here..i just want to know the effectiveness of this blog in sharing could u plz asnwer me..because i think u r the 1 to asnwer is important for my research tq

  2. Juswil Reply

    Hi Sharifah, How may I help you in your research? If you ask me this blog is how I express myself within the context of my working and social life in AirAsia. Let me know if you need more info for your project.

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