Bali..who would not love this magnificent Island of The Gods, alternatively known by travellers.
After reading various travel articles and hearing all sorts of wonderful experiences from friends who had travelled to Bali, I told myself that I would not want to miss something worth visiting in my entire life.

So my wife and I decided to travel and experience Bali “The Paradise” for the first time. We were lucky enough to book the RM9.00 promotion flight sometime in February 09 offered by AirAsia and travelled on the 10 May to 13 May 09. The flight took us almost 3 hours to reach Bali and during the flight our hearts pounded with pure excitement of something undiscovered before.

We reached Bali around 2.45pm and the weather was ultra-fine until late in the afternoon, when it rained cats & dogs for almost 20 minutes. Anyway, we enjoyed our quiet stay in our hotel room in Kuta planning the next day trip based on the brochures and flyers collected at Ngurah Rai airport. We also enjoyed the stroll along Poppy’s Lane searching for goodies at night eventhough it was drizzling.

Sunrise the next morning, we had the chance to stroll along Kuta beach, also known as ‘Surfers Paradise’, for a photo session and the view was significantly beautiful.

As time and weather were our greatest enemies, we had to skip the Barong and Keris dances, and headed straight to Kintamani to witness one of the most spectacular volcanic sites on earth.
We were lost in words and most of the time my SLR did most of the action.

Next stop was the temples of Tirta Empul and followed by Tanah Lot. We arrived just on time for the sunset at Tanah Lot but luck was not on our side as it rained lightly and the sun was covered by clouds. We made a deal with the driver cum tour guide to drive us here the next morning as we were extremely dissapointed with the view. Compassionately, Wayan,the tour guide drove us back to Tanah Lot the next morning. Words can’t describe how beautiful the view was.

After spending almost 2 hours at Tanah Lot appreciating the view and witnessing a procession, Wayan took us North, to the temple of Bedugul and to the greenest place on earth, rice terraces of Jatiluwih. Again, we were made speechless by the power of nature.

Taman Ayun was the last stop on the third day and we managed to capture a few amazing sights there. On last day before departing back to KL, we managed to work out on our bargaining skills at Kuta Art Market and we were extremely delighted with the lowest price offered by the vendor for the souvenirs.

To sum up, we just hate Bali. We hate Bali for being so enchantingly beautiful. And we hate ourselves for organizing such a short trip and for not exploring the other half of Bali. To us Bali is a total paradise and we would love to come back here again someday….

AirAsia’s courtesy of offering low fare flights is very much lauded and it benefits the low income group of people like us. AirAsia, you are the best.


  • Mohd Hafiz

    I’ve cheated when you said you hate Bali..haha..Good title anyway..

  • Haslinda

    Awesome title 😀
    I’ve been twice & looking forward to go there again next year ;D

  • David

    Thanks 4 the Great Pictures though….. love the greenery and reflect the true beauty of nature!! and makes me wana go Bali again…..

  • Mohd Hafiz

    Are you using DSLR to take the photos..?? Very nice pictures..

  • Din Effendi

    Anonymous 1 – gotcha…:D
    Haslinda – You should by whatever means
    David – Heap of thanks for the compliments. I don’t know whether are you the same David who posted the sunset photos of Bali a few months back. If yes, your photo shots are stunning.
    Anonymous2 – Appreciate your compliments. Yes, in fact, I took almost 2,500 slides using the DSLR.

  • Kwong Yan

    Great write up Din – BTW which hotel did you stay in Kuta? It would also be great if you have Wayan contact. Perhaps we should also start a list of good tour guides from all the round and share on this blog.

  • Din Effendi

    Anonymous4 – Cheers. We stayed at Aneka Hotel as we have read great reviews from the tripadvisor website. We booked the room via Go!Holiday. The hotel is just next to Mercure and is approximately 150m away from Kuta Beach.
    Wayan can be contacted at 085238407820.

  • Din Effendi

    For more of my travel blogs visit me at

    Have fun and cheers.

  • Azlizam

    I’ve been twice and looking forward to go there again and again !! I Love Bali !!