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Air Asia is giving out FREE TICKETS to TAIPEI!!I am so excited!!
I haven’t been to Taiwan and the moment I heard about the new destination that Air Asia is flying to, I quickly logged on to to check out the deal.
It was indeed a great deal…

However, as I have already planned for a trip to Bangkok in May (flying with Air Asia) I could not make the impulsive decision to fly to Taipei too (although it is very very tempting…)

So if i were to win tickets to Taipei, then that would be AWESOME!!!

I want to go to TAIPEI because…

I’ve heard so much about TAIPEI from my friends. And they all seem to enjoy their visits to TAIPEI.
Plus I’ve been watching a lot of travelling show on ASTRO and TAIPEI seem so nice…
There are so many interesting food to try… so many nice places to see…and not forgetting the great TAIPEI 101 !!!

And if I don’t sound eager enough…
I shall include the places that I am gonna visit when I am in TAIPEI… 🙂

If you have been to Taipei and not seen the Taipei 101… then probably… you’ve mixed up Taiping and Taipei
So one of my must see will be TAIPEI 101
Certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest building in October 2003, Taipei’s grandiose financial centre which stands at more than 1671 feet high is a place not to be missed.
This magestic tower is designed to resemble a towering pagoda. Taking the super-fast lifts to the top and seeing the city from more than 1671 feet will be a memorable experience.
I can imagine the joy and excitement in my lil sister’s (whom I’m planning to take along if I win) eyes when we are at the top.
She will definitely be busy snapping pictures…and we will be doing so much camwhoring 1671 feet above the city of TAIPEI..

Next, will be the SHILIN NIGHT MARKET I believe it is not named the biggest and best night market in TAIPEI for no apparent reason. This market with a great array of stalls will be haven for us (oh..girls). I can even picture the wonderful sight of the colourful stall lights which keeps the business going…and the night young. Not to forget..this will be the place for us to try out the interesting snacks that TAIPEI has to offer

Our trip will not be complete without a visit to the National Palace Museum.It is where all the history is preserved. A chance for us to soak up some Chinese culture and be awed by the vast collection of ancient artefacts and artwork. I am expecting to see artefacts and collection dating back to the times of the Chinese Civil War. I wonder if my great great great great great grandparents were one of the warriors??

Moving on…the next stop will be the Longshan Temple. A temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin), which has lived through several earthquakes, fires and World War II is still standing strong till today (of course, because the Taipei residents rebuild it each time) . Build in 1738 it still serves as a place of worship for the residents. This place is gonna be a great place for us to snap lotsa pics of the architecture and the gods.

And since my sis is an animal lover…we will not leave TAIPEI without visiting the zoo.
I wonder if TAIPEI ZOO and TAIPING ZOO is somehow related?? hehehe..
But one thing for sure… I will be meeting the local Taiwanese animals, like the flying fox, Asiatic Black Bear and the Chinese Pangolin in the TAIPEI ZOO. 🙂

Lastly..sis wants to visit XiMenDing. Honestly..i don’t know what that place is..but according to lil the drama, the actresses and actors always go she wants to go…
So, if i really win the tickets..i will find out and blog about XiMenDing when I get back 😛

The more I blog about Taipei, the more eager I want to go …
If I win the tickets to Taipei…I will definitely visit all the places I mentioned above and on top of that I will explore and find out more exciting places in TAIPEI!!!!



  1. Devi Da Lil Devil Reply

    i know u wont approved this comment.. but seriously…only chinese got to go to taipei..? sigh….

  2. AirAsia Blog Team
    AirAsia Blog Team Reply

    Hi Umadevi, we picked the best entries not choosing based on race. It is sorry that you would fele this way. We hope you understand that we picked the best blog entries not the best Chinese entrants. Have a nice day.

  3. Congratulation, Pao Pao!
    I thought it was me as my friend used to call me Bao Bao, LOL…
    And I’ve used one of the photo you used too…
    Quite dissapointed but AirAsia Blog Team has made the decision on you.

  4. Chee Keong Reply


    lets fly people…

    btw Blog Team, I still haven’t receive the e-mail regarding the info for the booking…(just letting you know and not rushing you guys)


    thanks ya..


  5. congratulation girl…

    AA makes everyone dream comes true.. 🙂

  6. Infact,I want to fly to KL from Taipei.
    Welcome to Taipei TAIWAN

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