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Yes!!! I wanna be a pilot as much as I want!!! I believe I can fly one day. This is the first thing that come into my mind when people ask me if I want to be a pilot. After hoping for 8 years now I want to turn the dream to become reality and my wish came true when I saw AirAsia is giving such an opportunity for passionate student like me, thus I am not going to let this chance of a lifetime slip through me.

First of all, I would like to thank the blogteam of AirAsia for making an effort to set up this opportunity for people like me who wants to be a pilot. On the 5th March 2009, I was reading TheStar and to my surprise I saw this page, “Blog and become a pilot.” I started to wonder since when pilots have the chance to become a blogger??? Upon further reading, I think that this is a chance for pilot wannabe like me to be one. I was very ecstatic at that particular moment. I rush to my computer to look out for more information about this contest. I could make my dream come true if I am one of the lucky participant to be selected by AirAsia. However, only 10 participants will be chosen. I believe that there is a lot more people out there that have an ambition similar to mine. Although it will be a very tough competition, I decided to write in giving a try. Who knows I might be one of the 10 lucky participants? I had been cracking my head on how to write an entry to be outstanding from the rest.

In the end, I am going to stick with a simple blog entry. My blog will be based on my honest opinion, reasons and what I love about being a pilot. Before I proceed further let me just simply introduce myself. My name is Weng Hooi, 24 years old ( I guess not too old to apply for this cadet programme), 178cm(not too tall nor too short, cukup-cukup makan la..), live in a place where famous with satay( satay town ^^ ), currently pursuing Finance With Multimedia in Multimedia University(the place where I earned my degree honour), a fan of basketball and also a player, and of course my favourite is playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. I believe most of you would probably feel ‘sienz’(boring lor) if I continue on with my grandmother story..haha…

Okay. This is my second attempt. A week had passed, there was already more than 10 candidates being shortlisted. To be frank, if you ask me what is my feeling right now, I would tell you nervous and disappointed. Having a sleepless night, nightmare and rushing for assignments almost made me fall of sick. I want it so badly. After reading the candidates’ blogs I am really amazed by their piece of work. I could not wait anymore just by sitting down in front of my computer hopefully my blog will be published one day. Waiting = Killing. This is very true. Thus I decided to do something rather than sitting here wait for a miracle. Honestly speaking, I have no difference with other wannabe pilots who had tried to send out my resume to various airlines company, AirAsia, MAS, SIA, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways but eventually ended up with disappointment. But I still believe that I can make it and I need to be positive at this moment although it is recession now. The game has not ended yet as long as there is still one day or even one minute left I also want to try. Nothing is impossible if there is a will, there is a way for me to spread my wings one day As the saying goes, “If you think you can, you can.” Yes, I can!!!

Well, looking through the past my SPM results are not good enough which I think so to meet the minimum requirement for pilot’s entry. Thus I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it back then. That was way back in 2002 when AirAsia is just established. After having my dream crushed at that particular moment, I decided to further on my studies with STPM. STPM was way harder than SPM, and I went through hell trying to do well in it. Once again I tried my luck applying to AirAsia once I got my STPM results. Unfortunately, I did not get any replies yet again. Thus I decided to actually let go of dream career and proceed to pursue my second career choice, by taking a finance degree in MMU. Other than maintaining good results with my degree, I still keep updating myself with the latest happening about the airline company because deep down in my heart I still wish I am able to pursue a pilot course.

I must be frank that what I am currently studying is nothing near to what a pilot should be learning. A lot of people have been asking “Why I want to be a P-I-L-O-T?” To me, the answer is only one word, passion, passion, and still passion. It’s the same for people who want to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. They all have passion to be what they want to be. Why? Why? Why? I asked myself a lot of times. Maybe this simple question would be the hardest question for me to answer rather than doing a complicated finance or mathematical question. I have always wanted to be a pilot since I was young but then I just don’t have the chance previously. To steer a plane to fly all over the world, the feeling is just fantastic. Previously, I don’t have the chance to fly because I couldn’t afford to pay for the expensive ticket but now thanks to AirAsia, as its tag sounds ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’ this is not a dream anymore.

This is my first time 16Dec2008 at LCC Terminal before boarding

I remembered the first time I flew was on 16 Dec 2008 from LCCT to Singapore and the memory is still fresh in my mind. I was very excited at first because I never have this experience before in my life especially when the airplane accelerates so fast and I wondered if I will hit the ceiling when the airplane is take-off. haha…sounds silly rite? I will never forget the experience because that feeling is just too fantastic and I have no doubts in choosing this path as my future career path. I wanted to give others the same feeling that I had when I first flown. Of course not really want them to hit the wall. To me being a good pilot is not only contributing my service to the society or for the high income but I do understand that by flying passengers safely to reach the destination will give them a memorable and enjoyable experience for their first flight in their life. This is why I want to be a pilot so much. Think back about the first time that you fly? Perhaps, this is not important but for other people who have not flown before they would probably want to know how fantastic the feeling is.

I believe many people would say this field is very dangerous. For an example, FedEx crash in Tokyo, Hudson River airplane crash and other plane crash news. This does not alter me from leaving this field. I truly believe that every PILOT is very professional whenever on duty. For instance, pilot Chesley Sullenberger is one of my heroes. I admire his brilliant and bravery in handling such a critical moment during the Hudson River airplane crash incident. I would say he is very responsible in his job because during the incident he was the one who ensure that everybody had left before himself and this is what every pilot should have in themselves.

A few days ago, my campus was organizing the world’s longest lan party competition for all the gamers to compete each other to win some fabulous prizes. I was so excited when I saw a big simulator coach in front of me. Without hesitating I straight away jumped into the cockpit and asked the duty staff’s to restart the game. I was so happy and exciting although it was not the real simulator cabin but I can felt the satisfaction of being a pilot. I really hope that one day I could go inside the real simulator cabin and fly the real airplane in the future.

Hi!!! This is me in the cockpit ^_^
A few years have passed and I am about to graduate from my finance degree. Many people ask me why I wouldn’t further on my studies into the science field since I did physics and chemistry in STPM and SPM. Well, one of the most obvious reason was engineering courses cause tons of money and I don’t think my family would be able to support me financially. I knew that there is no shortcut to be successful in life, thus I took a course related to my second career choice as a backup plan. And now since I am about to graduate and AirAsia offering 10 lucky people to be a pilot, I can see that my dream is within reach again. I can always imagine the satisfaction in myself for people to call me Mr. Pilot, putting up the pilot uniform, walking towards the deck to steer an airplane and looking at the happy passengers face when they reach their destination.

This is me in the future^^
Before I end my word, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and all my friends for their kindness and support towards helping me. I really appreciate them because without their support and motivation I would not keep my spirit high. Not to forget, thanks to everyone who spent their time reading my contribution on “Why I wanna be a pilot?” I sincerely hope that my piece of work could grant me a golden opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream as a pilot. Lastly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude on everyone in AirAsia who is responsible for choosing the 10 lucky participants. Hopefully I am one of the short-listed participants thus I can thank each and everyone of you personally.

Once a Pilot, Always a Pilot.


  • Siu Ming

    hey bro..congrats!
    all the best and i truly hope we will all be working as a pilot in the near future..good luck!

  • Ng

    another lucky one, congrats…

  • Low

    lolz, u really replaced the space wit %20 and it worked! *.gif files don’t really work here i guess, not without clicking.

    anyway, congrats! you’re just a year younger than me hehe.

  • Wai Weng

    Congratulation~! You can have a good sleep tonight :)

  • Chee Keong

    not just a good sleep..
    but even laughing in the dreams..

  • Weng Hooi

    Thanks everyone for the wishes and sorry for the late reply because I just came back from campus.Anyway, thanks again to AirAsia blogteam especially Derek’s for throwing me this good news in the early morning when I was on my way to class. Thank you very very much.I’m very happy and never expected I’m number 18…hehe..Sorry Kong Sun’s ya I took your number alr..hehe…18 in cantonese means ‘yat fatt yat fatt’ means everyday rich….wakaka…sounds good rite?hehe…Anyhow, I can concentrate for the rest of my assignments and final.hehe..Cheers everybody..^^

  • Weng Hooi

    hahah.true chee keong..Now I really relieved alot..But still got assignments and final to focus. Anyway,hopefully we all can together go through until the last stage la..Cheers^^

  • Chee Keong

    hopefully we can..
    may the best wins, and be a great pilot in the future…


  • Junel Chen

    Congrats…Hope you are one of the ten lucky want…

  • Kong Sun

    Hi Weng Hooi firstly congratulation to you.

    Secondly happy for you to get my favourite number. hahaha…

  • Wan Siong

    Weng Hooi,
    Congrats to you!
    And let the waiting game begin once again!

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Weng Hooi

    haha..Thanks for all the wishes again.Anyway, kong sun hope u don’t mind la cause i took your fav number…^^hehe…yea..Benjamin,this game just started only so we need to hold our breath until the last min. We already done whatever we can. The rest is just leave it to AirAsia to choose the top 10 lo..I believe chance only give to people who always be prepared and nothing is impossible..^^

    Weng Hooi

  • Yue Sze

    It is good to have dream in ur life..dreams make ur life colorful, motivate worry..ur dreams will come true..believe urself…keep it up..