The very first time I got into this job which was about 4 years ago, honestly, i pretty much ‘hated’ it. Whats with tight schedules, minimum rest hours, delays, passengers’ complaints and the lists just went on and on and on in my head.. and oh, how could i forget getting up as early as 2 a.m to stand helplessly in front of the mirror to do my hair and make up? sounds crazy? welcome all, to this fantastic career of mine..

To me it’s all hard work and though at times it sounds and yeah..might look glamorous ( no doubt it is!!), in heaps of ways, it is also physically challenging. Before getting the ‘licence to fly’, one must go through 3 months of intensive training which covers all the important aspects of flying such as Safety, Emergency and Procedures, First Aid, Inflight Services and also Cabin Familirizations. There will also be a series of exams to go on with and once graduated, supernumerary or obvesrvation flights will be assigned just to get you prepared for what actually this great career have to offer.

The primary and overriding responsibilities of a flight attendant is to ensure passengers’ safety, which explains the high passing mark ( 90% ) on all exams. Might sound stressful but hey at 35, 000 feet above sea level, you have to accept the fact that any emergencies happened, the flight attendants will be the only one responsible to rescue any individuals under their care. In other words, the passengers’ lives DEFINATELY lies in our hands.

Being a flight attendant at times, you have to sacrifice your personal life as well. How many times did i missed my loved ones’ birthdays, weddings and so forth? Countless. How many times do i have to put on a genuine smile eventhough my mind is not really up to it? We were all trained to behave professionally even at the worst of times. Sometimes, you will be shouted and screamed at by the passengers as if everything wrong in this universe lies in your hands.. Sounds tough? But hey, put it this way.. nothing comes easy. If you really love and value your job, in time you will get through it. This is one of the best job in the world with the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier 2009.. your hard work and dedication is definately paid off. Satisfaction guaranteed. Great, fun and caring working environment, I almost feel at home each time I am on duty!!! What else can i say? I am definately here to stay.

So..phheww..think you are up for the challenge? Come and join us and see for yourself. And it will be one of your life’s greatest experience. See all the happy faces attached? Those smiles are real. Take my word for it.


  • A

    sob.. sob… soo sad.. i am emotional now..

  • Haslinda

    I can understand the passenger’s complaints since I’m in customer service line as well :)

    Nothing beats the friendliness & the smiles of Air Asia’s cabin crew 😀 We appreciate it a lot 😀

  • Low

    my passion to be a pilot just went up a notch =p

  • Yvonne


    part of my job is to welcome and do briefing for the new FA. I am very honored to be able to talk to them on their very first day.. seeing them full with enthusiasm, energy and passion is the best thing ever.

    the moment you mention that you are working for airline, most often than not, everyone will assume that you are either (female) ~ ground service staffs or flight attendant ~ this show that Fligh attendant plays a very important role in whichever airline they serves.. nobody know about us ~ corporate culture? whats dat? ~ FA is the front liners of the airline and yes.. it is not easy to look pretty all the time! ~ tho you guys looks pretty effortlessly 😀

    No, Flight Attendant job is NOT for SISSY! keep up the good job! we are very proud of u.

  • Kong Sun

    yeah true also flight attendant’s job is never easy. My aunt was a flight attendant too last time. I can still remember everytime when she is back she would bring me an aircraft model from the plane she flew.

  • Juiza

    Today’s just another tiring day.. has anyone ever ‘walked’ from one country to another? We Airasians certainly does to ensure that the company’s promise is being delivered to each and everyone of you. This Red Uniform had certainly done a great deal than it was intentionally for. For me, it gives me strength to face every single obstacle life has in store for me. Given a chance to be a frontliner to this great airline? its certainly is unbelievable. And no people, although it may seems.. but this is not just another ordinary airline. We all work hard, of course to achieve all of our dreams. But end of the day, this is also the company which has been with me through every heartbreak ( and break-ups.. YES!!REALLY!!) ). Humanity and love is being enforced every single day. This is the company which will always give second chances to those who deserve it. To my fellow Airasians.. cherish and wear the red skirt with pride ( not too short though.. we don’t want to be another topic in the parliament..oooppsss..), be thankful of where we are. I have seen it all, from a tiny hole in MTB to an extravagant RED FORT, from rented offices ( or was it just rooms..) in Kelana Jaya to world standard AirAsia Academy. The most impossible dreams had been shared and lived through this four walls. We are so full of great surprises.
    Thanx so much for the compliments and oh by the way, we cabin crew do have our ‘down’ times when we tend to forget to smile..please feel free to remind us how much we mean to all of you and i guarantee a genuine smile will shine through again..:) keep up the support.
    To Low, can’t wait to fly with you!:) a bright future awaits you..
    Last but not least, to Yvonne. You Corp Culture play a major role in making us look good ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yes.. this greates career is not certainly for sissy. Truly agree with you there because after all.. we are the one who will face the public after every sinlge changes made by the company. Be it on excess baggage, express boarding or the newly introduced Hot Seats. Thanks for such a recognition. We are One Airasia after all..

  • Dinagaran

    hi Yvonne long time no c….anyway ground staff are the front liners of the airline & no doubt everyone plays an important role i take my hats off to the guest services of KUL they play an extremely important role and no one does a better job than them….if the FA’s are putting on their make up at 2 in the morning they are at work putting on their very best smile n service…..truely amazing =)

  • Noor Hayyi Haqq

    One can only fake a smile only if one is a
    witch. The fact that you can raise a
    s smile whenever the situation warrants it,shows that you possess an inner beauty just like a gift. A smile is curative, make one at ease when faced with a stressful scene, not uncommon at airports.
    So carry on your job with bigger smiles..

  • Yee

    Hi Juiza,
    Your hard work was much appreciated. To me, flying as cabin crew never been easy. You are very important to each of us as in fulfilling our needs and calm us down during any emergency. Therefore, as a passenger, I would like to thank you for your services and cheer a lots to you.

  • Chee Keong

    The industry is not only about the pilot and cabin crew, and everyone else..

    I’ll really have to say a big THANK YOU to all the FA’s that assisted me when i was on board..
    the smiles really just wipes your worry away..
    great job ladies and gentlemens…



  • Juiza

    Thanks for all the truly inspiring comments.. I am hmmm.. touched. I completely agree that here in Airasia, every single person plays an important rule to ensure that the public is happy with what we have to offer. My salutes to Ground Staff for doing such a fantastic job be it in crowd control ( its certainly not easy to make hundreds, or even thousands of paxs to listen to your announcements and instructions ), the ever hot looking Ramp Guys for helping us to carry the very much heavy loads every single day, to my beloved Technical Crew, pilots and engineers for ensuring ours and the paxs’ safety day by day without fail, the In Flight catering teams, well there’s certainly too many to mention but hey, we won’t take off without all your great help. This is One Airasia.. we are all one big happy family.. have i mentioned that i feel at home each time i am on duty? i certainly did and hereby i want to say it again.

  • Dinagaran

    lol yes Juliza now ur sayin it….to take ur time of to type this i take my hats of to u too….everyone plays an important role to keep Air Asia flying but dont forget even if ur plane is grounded the guest services are incharge again =)

  • Abdul Salam

    Hi Juiza…good comments and for your information, i am one of the flight attendant with Air Asia too. To share with you guys, the life flight attendant lead is often described as glamorous and to some extend it is. We do visit different countries every day and can meet over 450 passengers in a day, each one different. Business folk, holiday makers, city breakers, children and babies each one different needs and a different story to tell. As flight attendant we have to be friendly individuals with time for every passenger. Ensuring that they receive the best customer service possible. Thankfully our safety knowledge is rarely put to the test for real but every day, before each flight our safety and first aid knowledge is checked and each flight attendant is responsible for maintaining their own knowledge to ensure that they are capable of dealing with any situation should it occur. At Air Asia, we’re always on the look out for people with a real flair for face. To face customer service, good judgement and the drive to deliver an enchanting experience to our customers. We’ll be responsible for the safety and comfort of hundreds of our passengers. So as well as bringing us our professionalism and passion, we’ll need to be able to deliver the exceptional service that makes each individual feel so special.

  • Juiza

    Seeing our guests anticipating at boarding halls, waiting anxiously for the boarding to be commenced and guessing among each other which one will be their plane for the day always brings a smile to my face. Okay. That might sound tacky but hey.. thats just one of the reason of why i love this greatest career so much. And when the delay announcement comes on blaring over the loud speaker.. oohhhh… but hey, MY DEAREST GUESTS, don’t worry. We Airasians vow to stick with you through thick and thin. Sometimes we can’t take chances when it comes to safety, weather conditions, traffics ( thanks to us, 25 minutes turnaround- the world’s fastest now KLIA is one of the busiest airport..:) ). After all, your safety IS our primary concern here.
    To DINAGARAN, oh yeah.. u guys rock, big time. Its certainly not easy to come up with a ermm.. well.. soothing announcement for guests in an event of aircraft being grounded and to face one question after another. Being mentally tough is pretty much required. High fives to all of you..
    To SALAM, we have been through it all. Through the worst and best days of this beloved company of ours. Our low cost, no frills concept are definately not low class. We are all getting there. We are providing the best service and not only meet but always, always try to exceed the guests’ expectations in every possible way. They say most cabin crew are good actors and actresses but hey i don’t think so. Trust me, your sincerity shows. And thats how the public will perceive you. So don that gorgeous uniform of yours with pride each day, people. Don’t have to learn how to smile, because when you love what you are doing, the whole world will smile with you..

  • Zulkipli

    hi ju,
    secara peribadinya,zul berpendapat,kerjaya sebagai FA ni bukannya mudah seperti mana yang digembar gemburkan oleh segelintir masyarakat yang meletakkan kerjaya ini sebagai sesuatu yang mudah..
    Mungkin secara mata kasarnya penumpang hanya melihat tugas sebagai FA hanya melayan dan menghidangkan makanan dan minuman,tetapi hakikatnya,sekira terjadinya sebarang kecemasan ketika di udara,orang yang akan membantu penumpang yang ada pada penerbangan tersebut adalah FA yang bertugas..
    Betul kata ju,tanggung jawab kesemua penumpang yang berada dalam kapal terbang terletak pada tangan F.A..
    Mungkin segelintir masyarakat memandang rendah tugas FA ini kerana mungkin mereka hanya beranggapan bahawa tugas FA ini hanya melayan penumpang di dalam pesawat sedangkan jika berlaku kecemasan ketika udara,orang yang paling penting sekali didalam pesawat adalah FA itu sendiri..
    Dengan latihan yang terperinci semasa khursus yang dijalankan,sudah pasti FA yang bertugas akan membantu dan memastikan keadaan penumpang yang berada pada penerbangan tersebut dalam keadaan yang selamat dan dalam masa yang sama,turut menenangkan penumpang itu sendiri….
    Sememangnya,ianya satu tugas yang mencabar dan mungkin,sekiranya saya diberikan peluang untuk menjadi FA suatu hari nanti,sudah pasti saya akan lakukan dengan baik dan cuba mengatasi segala cabaran yang datang…


  • Juiza

    To Zul, thats what we are looking for. One enthusiastic chap.. Don’t ever give up. TONY: Believe in the impossible. Thanx so much for your support and hope to fly with you soon..:)

  • Amirul Hakimi

    macam mane nak apply keje kat syarikat air asia ni?
    da sape-sape leh tolong ajar x?

  • Hasan

    it is excellent low cost airline