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20 September 2008

A Special Visit


By Safina

One of the ‘syllabus’ under our Flight Attendant Training Program is to bring them for a One Day Visit to a home for the disable people. The visit is to expose them on how to communicate ,getting to know them better and and understand their strength and weaknesses. This later, will assist the Flight Attendants in their daily flying duties.

We choose Rumah Amal Cheshire in Selayang for these visits because the community is small (we could easily mingle with everybody there!) and it has a good mixture of all race and religion. It truly represents the communities in Malaysia.

Before heading there, the Trainees will be briefed on a little bit of ‘Rules & Regulations’ during the visit. Words that should and shouldn’t be used, things that they shouldn’t do, etc. However, the most important thing is everybody is advised to have LOTS of FUN!

Last Wednesday, was our 4th visit there. We could see the residents smiled widely upon our arrival. Even though they have not met this batch of Flight Attendants, for them, that’s not an issue. Its the RED T-shirt that matters. The residents have accepted us as part of their family members. They always look forward to our visit because for some of them, we are the only ‘family’ members who regularly visit them.

And it broke our hearts to see their sad faces when we had to say goodbye at the end of the visit.

Look at them smiling in the pics below:

Oh ya! They are organising an ‘Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel-A-Thon With The Disabled’ event this coming 9th Nov. Do drop by and meet them personally if you are interested. You can also visit their website for more details.

And…if anybody is in need of a wheelchair or knows anybody who needs one and can’t afford it, please contact them too. They strongly believe in giving back to the society and have a few to be given to the others who really need it.

  • Hemala

    I think it’s great that your programmes include visits to these homes. They all look very very happy to see you all.

  • Almond

    Thanks for doing the adverts part on charity walk. Your team have definitely shown us that you care about giving back to the society. Keep it up!

  • Lee

    I hope AirAsia could start a charity fund to help those communities. I will be first person to contribute AACF . Please email me or call me …..