Note from AirAsia Blog Team: This is the second post on the Hot Air Balloon Festival but this version is from our own staff and hence two views of this great event. We hope you enjoy the videos!

Every February, Clark hosts the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. This year the event was held last February 12-15, as they say, It’s a weekend of everything that flies. There are various activities to enjoy for the whole day from paragliding performances, skydiving exhibitions and other flying demonstrations. It starts as early as 5:30 am for the aerial stunts ’till 7:00 pm for the night glow.

I wanted to attend the event but the dates doesn’t coincide with my schedule. Last Saturday, a couple of friends went there. So, right after work, I decided to join my friends even if I’d be there for barely an hour.

This is my first time to watch this event. Though, i have limited time, i had fun. I was able to watch the night glow. Balloons of all shapes and sizes are lighted at the same time to illuminate the surrounding. My favorite was Tigger-shaped balloon, one can also see elephant shaped balloons, coke, and other more exciting designs. There are also fireworks display and band show.

These are the things that I have been missing out. So, next time be sure to include this event in your itinerary. See you soon!


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  • Mimi

    Hi Gail,

    I’ve been trying to get on a hot air balloon ride and skydiving too but each time I was not successful due to the change in weather. It happened twice in Australia and once in London, maybe I should go to Clark.

  • Gail

    Hello Mimi,

    that’s a good idea! I also want to try to get on a hot air balloon too. We could try next year! See you in Clark.

  • Soon

    hi gail, kumusta? are you based in clark? i just flew clark to KUL in Aug 09. Just wondering, is airasia popular in pampanga? i lived in abu dhabi and airasia will fly into abu dhabi to KUL in Nov 09. are you market the flights to abu dhabi among kabayans in pampanga? so many pampanga folks in UAE.


    Soon Lee