Its been a long one and a half months, three months if you include conceptualisation of the “So You Wanna be a Pilot?” competition. I remember being in front of my desk just thinking about the novelty of the entire idea that somehow, the blog could create an avenue for pilot aspirants to live their dreams and how cool would that idea appear to be to the world. I decided to run with it and see how far I can take this. It went back and forth as I visited the pilots, asked for this to happen and voila, here we are three months down the road. This is not about me but about the hundreds who have poured out their hearts on this blog.

The 35 candidates that were picked, each had their own tale that captivated me at one point or another. I wish I could have allowed more but this would not be the case. I wish for as Petha had asked that everyone be given a shot. We read each blog post and each comment, word by word. We are truly sorry that we could not do more. But this is not an eulogy or condolence. I do not pity those who did not make the final 35. I started this competition with hope. That with hope, it inspires those who wish to be pilots. Secondly, the world. That inspite of all the negativity around us, we can make a positive difference.

Rahamat, sorry we could not make your birthday a good one. To Cinta Theresa, we wish we could turn back time. To the rest, we know you and your posts have told us stories that will stay with us and keep us focused on what the blog means and symbolises. This is a celebration not only for the 35 but for all of us. That as people, our dreams seperate us from the others. Keep this thought, that this competition awoke many dreams, might realise some, but most importantly made a difference. Until the next innovation from us,

Believe the unbelievable
Dare to dream
Never take no for an answer

We salute those who dare to dream. This is not the end but a beginning for all. Thank you for the moments and the sharing of your life with us. That will remain long after the posts have been pushed down and the words no longer matter. For a moment, your dreams were heard and we say, you all deserve to dream and have every right to pursue it. Ships are safe in harbours but that is not why ships are built. Have a nice day.

  • Princeton

    Bravo!!! Gosh that was a heart stopper but loved that so much! Derek, and the Blog Team, Thank you for changing my life. I may have not made it to 35 but I know I’m on my way to be a pilot and because of So You Wanna Be A Pilot I believe I am even more prepared for the Career right from the interview to the selection and to the service that is required of me. Still looking forward to meet you guy and one day fly you to your destinations.
    From the Aspiring Captain,
    Princeton Pillay,
    signing off.

  • Kycen

    Geez…I didn’t make it…
    When is the next intake?
    I’ll never give up…

  • Low

    Alpha would just be the beginning. Bravo for all incoming challenges. See ya soon Mr Corporate Blogger.

  • Fiona

    If there is one thing I hate it’s being told I can’t do something or a no shoved in my face.

    Today, that no was shoved into my face but I am determined to see me fly. This post cushioned the fall for me.

    Every word in this post was penned as though you delved into my heart and found what crushed it.

    To the 35, (though you may not read this) Kudos to you all

    To those in the same boat as me let’s keep our dreams in sight and NEVER falter.

    To the blog team, go get some well deserved rest knowing that you made our dreams appear much closer even if it was for a moment.

    Here is what i tweeted right before you guys announced the last slot.

    Can d unbelievable turn in2 a reality?Can a child’s dream come true? Can dreams of mere men take flight?Can my dreams transpire in2 reality?

  • Sin

    Yea, really happy for AirAsia, because having AMAZING crew and staffs certainly are the greatest assets to FLY high in future. Mr.Derek and team, sincere thanks and well done. *Salute*. Same as us, we read every single posts.Constructive and yet polite.We know!
    For your countless efforts, I promise, will be AirAsia Next Top Pilot…^^

  • Kong Sun

    Thanks Mr.Derek for organizing this competition.

  • Wan Siong

    An epilogue done right.
    This competition meant something to everybody. And hope it’ll just be a starting point for us to prosper in million other ways we could imagine.
    Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

    Benjamin Siew Wan Siong

  • Yee

    Big thank you to blog team for tough time selecting all candidates. And thank you for moving us a step closer towards our dream… For those who are not selected, don’t give up easily and keep the desire burning, and for those who selected, this is only the beginning and there are more challenge coming to us in the near future. So, let us work hand by hand and together achieve our dreams… Cheer to all.

  • Dinagaran

    we are all winners in our own way…
    to all selected congratulations may the best man/woman win =)

    Dear Air Asia Blog Team,

    Would there be a wild card? =)
    Although I am not selected may be you may want to put my blog up as there are more ways than one to be a pilot n with Air Asia drems do become reality


  • Abdul Agis

    Thank you very much again AirAsia for making the impossible possible to happen…This one is for you…Cheers!

  • Yee Chun

    I am the loser in this session for the “So you wanna be a pilot”. Yet, I have no choice but declared that I have to given up for this… :'(

    Anyway, I am looking forward for the next session for all these… This is because I am the Tony that will looking for great opportunities from time to time…

    Thank you for enhanced my first experience in this program!


  • Kycen

    Just wanna ask, will AirAsia still take into consideration those who summited applications for the cadet pilot recruitment?(the one just before this blog contest)

  • Mus

    Air Asia is the best
    The firsttime by plane ..I fly with airasia.
    I prayed so that airasia stayed good and fortunate


  • Mohd Danial


    “Ships are safe in harbours but that is not why ships are built”… Yeah.. I like that..

    Thanx Derek.. Thanx Air Asia.. :)

    To the 35’s.. The journey has only begun.. Good luck to all..

    and To the Others out there.. It’s not the end of the world yet.. therefore, giving up is definitely not an option.. Just go for it! n don’t ever look back.. :)


  • Mohamad

    nicely done.. thanks air asia and all the blog team for giving us this chance even though we didnt make it but it open our eyes.

  • Chee Keong


    personally, receiving the NO from the authority sucks very much..
    everybody wants their dream to come true..
    no one wants to lose, to fail and not being about to achieve their dreams..
    however, a NO is nothing..
    not even a thousands of NO..
    why let one people let you down and make you give up your dream, hope and goal??

    to the rest of the bloggers/candidates that sent in their blogs but not shortlisted, i would like to tell you guys that you’ve been great, and never give up your dream k..

    Air Asia has shown us that nothing is impossible..Female pilots, Blog to be a pilot and all that..


  • Jasper

    Oustanding method. Thank you, Mr. Derek & AirAsia for your inovation & initiative. Good Luck & All The Best to all those achieved their dreams. May we continue fighting for our dreams. I bet we do!

  • Hare

    Thanks Derek for all the affords.
    This is not the end, as another beginning waits upon. Bravo to all.

  • Lee

    excited !!! Thank you blog team for giving such a chance !!! I really look forward to the interview !!!! Thank you so much and good luck to all other short-listed candidates too !!!