Earlier in April, with a lot of doubt, I took this little boy to Vietnam.
A lot of comments and concerns about bringing a little kid to a destination that ….might require physical endurance, lack of suitable entertainment and maybe hygiene and well being.

I packed ….. 30kg worth of food, drinks and toys, enough to cater to this little boy’s need for the next 4 days , away from his comforts and safety pillow.

To the thump thumpp of my heart, our big goodie bag didnt reach Hanoi.
Oh god, my nescafe was also in that bag.
And my “thinking too much” brain (as my friend calls it) was thinking waaayyyyyy too much.

Anyway, we were whisked from the airport for a 3 hours journey further away from our big bag.

So, we went to Hualong Bay.
Currently in the World Heritage list as one of the beauties of the world.
Unspoilt, ancient, old world.

And on the cruise we went, early on the next morning.
Wooden ship? boat? what do you call it, I still havent figure it out till this moment.
Maybe about 50-60 of them at the jetty.

And this little boy got his groove :)

Yeayy yeayy yeayy I love it here.

Our cruise was only the shortest 4 hours.
Some we saw packed for a 2 nights, 3 nights , a week cruise and god knows where they went.
It was totally quiet.
Far away from school, far away from my car, far far away ….total serenity.
Only the driver and the cook to tell the story, if ever there’s one to tell.

We arrived on an island.
And was told to take a hike ….. up the steps into a cave.
That’s where i found i had a little problem with my ankle.
Managed to crawl out to the sunlight direction, onto the boat,errrrr ….. ship, and with a big relieve.
It was then ,time for lunch

Lunch was beautiful.
Nothing like what’s inside our missing bag.

It was a beautiful experience, and everytime I ask the kid how he felt, his answer was “Best !! Best!! Best!!!
I truly didnt expect this answer from him.
And he went back to school telling everybody how “Best” Vietnam is.
(He actually skipped school for this trip)


I am always running about, making sure EVERYBODY gets into their flight (terms and conditions applied) and into the RIGHT aircraft.
I love my job because I have a very BIG space to run about and I get to give a thumbs up to the pilots and engineers. I'm in the Ground Operations - Customer Services.

Besides running, I love the usual stuff - food, laughter, snoozing, diamonds, perfume, sports car .......... whatever you can think of.

Will be sharing with you as I go thru day by day here in AirAsia.

  • Phoek

    Did you take one day cruise to Halong bay?
    Can you elaborate about the trip? What tour agent? how much?

    I’ve booked AirAsia to Vietnam next year, and starting to plan my itinerary.

    thank’s alot.

  • Yap

    The ship/boat is called a junk.
    Should do at least 2day 1 night – stay onboard the junk. It’s a lovely experience. Was there in Mar 09 for the 3rd time. Did a 3days 2 night (1n onboard and 1n on Catba Island)Very relaxing and peaceful. Good for the stressed out mind and body.

  • Maria

    I truly agree with Ms Anonymous.
    The place is an antidote for stressed out mind , not that i was stress and needed to be there, but i felt pure peacefulness,especially when the JUNK stopped in the middle of the sea.

    You could actually rent out a whole JUNK for yourself, and choose your own package.Or, join with other people,like a tour cruise if you dont really mind mixing with strangers.

    How much charges depends on the type of cruise, and you could actually discuss with your hotel agent in Hanoi itself.

    All Hotels in Hanoi are ready to cater for the HaLong bay trip.

    Come to think of it, you could even celebrate birthday or other occasion in a new style on the ocean right!

    I had with me 10 other friends besides the little boy, and paid less then RM800 per head for the whole 4 days there(hotels, coach transfer,cruise)

    Hope that answers to your question Paulus!

  • Devi Da Lil Devil

    6 of us spent almost 6Days in hanoi..try trekking Sapa too..its the best thing ever for me!

    devi da’ Lil’ DeviL

  • Maria

    oooo …trekking is too tough for me!

  • Rubiah


    So touching…